Here Is Where: Discovering America's Great Forgotten History

Here Is Where: Discovering America's Great Forgotten History

by Andrew Carroll


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Here Is Where chronicles Andrew Carroll’s eye-opening – and at times hilarious — journey across America to find and explore unmarked historic sites where extraordinary moments occurred and remarkable individuals once lived. Sparking the idea for this book was Carroll’s visit to the spot where Abraham Lincoln’s son was saved by the brother of Lincoln’s assassin. Carroll wondered, How many other unmarked places are there where intriguing events have unfolded and that we walk past every day, not realizing their significance? To answer that question, Carroll ultimately trekked to every region of the country — by car, train, plane, helicopter, bus, bike, and kayak and on foot. Among the things he learned:
*Where in North America the oldest sample of human DNA was discovered
* Where America’s deadliest maritime disaster took place, a calamity worse than the fate of the Titanic
*Which virtually unknown American scientist saved hundreds of millions of lives
*Which famous Prohibition agent was the brother of a notorious gangster
*How a 14-year-old farm boy’s brainstorm led to the creation of television
Featured prominently in Here Is Where are an abundance of firsts (from the first use of modern anesthesia to the first cremation to the first murder conviction based on forensic evidence); outrages (from riots to massacres to forced sterilizations); and breakthroughs (from the invention, inside a prison, of a revolutionary weapon; to the recovery, deep in the Alaskan tundra, of a super-virus; to the building of the rocket that made possible space travel). Here Is Where is thoroughly entertaining, but it’s also a profound reminder that the places we pass by often harbor amazing secrets and that there are countless other astonishing stories still out there, waiting to be found. 

Look for Andrew's new book, My Fellow Soldiers

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ISBN-13: 9780307463982
Publisher: Crown/Archetype
Publication date: 05/06/2014
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 512
Sales rank: 377,318
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About the Author

ANDREW CARROLL is best known for creating the Legacy Project, which archives wartime correspondence, and War Letters, which sold more than 300,000 copies and inspired an acclaimed PBS documentary.  Other New York Times bestsellers include Letters of a Nation and Behind the Lines. Carroll’s Operation Homecoming inspired an Emmy-winning documentary.  He lives in Washington, D.C. Look for Andrew's new book, My Fellow Soldiers

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Excerpted from "Here Is Where"
by .
Copyright © 2014 Andrew Carroll.
Excerpted by permission of Crown/Archetype.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

I Where to Begin: Starting Points 13

II The World Before Us: Coming to, Exploring, and Conserving America 65

III This Land is My Land: The Dark Side of Expansion and Growth 115

IV Landmark Cases: Crimes and Lawsuits That Changed the Nation 161

V Sparks: Inventions and Technological Advancements 211

VI Bitter Pills and Miracle Cures: Medical Pioneers and Discoveries 265

VII Burial Plots: Forgotten Graves, Cemeteries, and Stories About the Dead 337

VIII All is Not Lost: Finding and Preserving History 407

Acknowledgments and Sources 459

Index 487

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"Andrew Carroll has always been a top-notch editor. I had no idea he was as fine a storyteller.  Great storytelling can be wonderfully addictive. Here Is Where captured me completely — I couldn't put it down."
—Jeff Shaara, New York Times bestselling author of Gods and Generals, Last Full Measure and Blaze of Glory
Here is Where is remarkable for the painstaking research on display and its yield of rescued-from-obscurity stories. Many of the true incidents Andrew Carroll has uncovered aren’t just surprising but powerful.  Others are simply laugh-out-loud funny, but all are described with considerable skill.  America has always had among its citizenry a number of individuals whose legacy is immense but unappreciated, and Carroll has truly done them justice.”
—Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of Gates of Fire, Tides of War and Killing Rommel
"Impressive...Carroll has discovered a way of doing history that, once you
see it, seems so obvious, indeed right under your nose or feet.  But to the best of my knowledge, no one has done this before."
—Joseph J. Ellis, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Revolutionary Summer and Founding Brothers
“Both a fascinating excavation of under-appreciated events and agents and a compelling analysis of what binds us together, Here Is Where makes for rich and vivid readingIt seems to me that Andrew Carroll has become the Charles Kuralt of American history.”
—Les Standiford, author of Desperate Sons and Last Train to Paradise
“Writing with a historian’s insight and the skill of a master storyteller, Andy Carroll reminds us to look for the fascinating bits of history that lie just behind the curtains of our modern surroundings. Here is Where is a captivating, thoroughly enjoyable journey across the country with a friend who knows all the cool places to stop and have a look.”
—Gregory A. Freeman, The Last Mission of the Wham Bam Boys and The Forgotten 500
"In Here Is Where, one of our best historian-sleuths, Andrew Carroll, has given us a fresh and irresistible approach to experiencing history. Until someone invents a time machine, it's the next best thing to being there—and he's such a vivid, engaging writer that it's probably more fun."
—James Donovan, author of A Terrible Glory and The Blood of Heroes 
 "Andrew Carroll takes the reader on a fascinating journey of discovery to uncover the forgotten history that lies hidden around us. This is a terrific book: refreshingly original, fast-paced, entertaining, and always insightful. It’s full of fun and interesting stories that bring the past to life and remind us that we are surrounded by the artifacts of history."
 —Steven M. Gillon, Scholar-in-Residence at The History Channel and author of Ten Days That Unexpectedly Changed America

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Here Is Where: Discovering America's Great Forgotten History 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Almost everybody knows the famous historical facts, this book ties you into the history that happened, and in my opinion, should be remembered but SOME people would like to conviently like to forget. For history buffs and people who are interested in little known facts this book is a must read! I have often seen abandoned buildings and wondered what the people who lived there where like. This book is like that. The author points out interesting historical tidbits that some people don't even know were right in front of them. This book should everybody talking because every town has its own stories and history. If its not told, look what some great things could be lost in history.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I got this book from the library and am buying it for multiple friends and family as a holiday gift. It's not your typical dry historical tome; the writing is engaging and you can't wait to read the next chapter to find out where the author went next in his travels. Makes you want to undertake a similar journey, to discover the little-known facts about US history, while at the same time you hope the author publishes a next edition. If you like to learn and especially to learn about the obscure and the serendipitous, you'll love this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great history book, written with humor and interesting facts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
book4children More than 1 year ago
This book is brilliant. It's a combination of the first hand account of the author's travels and the forgotten history he dug up. At first, I wasn't very fond of the travelogue parts, but as I continued to read, I grew to like the author's journey as much as the historical stories he discovered . He found some fascinating information that made me wonder how such events have been forgotten. While he doesn't come across as preachy, Carroll does include his opinion and bits of insight on some things. He mentions how it's important for us to remember our history, even the bad things so that we don't make the same mistakes repeatedly. Carroll's accounts are touching, educational, and insightful. He unearthed the history of our country that has sat on the sidelines. This isn't a history of presidents, tyrants, or the wealthy. It's a history of scandal, innovation, tragedy, triumph, and events that have shaped this nation into what it is today. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to learn more about American history. Content: Some violence and mild language. Source: I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All of Lilian Jackson Braun's "The Cat Who..." books are great light summer reading. I have enjoyed them as I am reading them in the order they were written - 20 years ago.