Hear in the Now Frontier

Hear in the Now Frontier

by Queensrÿche


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This disc opens with screaming guitars that lead listeners to expect another strong Queensrÿche release. In fact, the opening cut, "Sign of the Times," feels a bit like the fine Rÿche rarity "Last Time in Paris," found only on The Adventures of Ford Fairlane soundtrack LP. However, as it carries on, it becomes clear that, like this album as a whole, the song has a tendency to lose its way, and consistency suffers as a result. There are definitely strong points present on Hear in the Now Frontier, but in general it is portions of songs that stand out rather than entire pieces. "Cuckoo's Nest," a hard-rocking piece, is an exception to that rule, though, being one of the most consistent compositions on display here. On the plus side, the album seems a bit harder edged than its predecessor, Promised Land, and that is definitely good for the older fans of the band.

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Release Date: 03/25/1997
Label: Capitol
UPC: 0724385614149
catalogNumber: 56141

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Hear in the Now Frontier 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Face it folks. As a follow-up to their 1995 "Promised Land" (a wonderful set of songs ranging from rockers to solo piano pieces, centered on the theme of mental madness) this collection of Queensryche songs just doesn't measure up. In fact, it falls so far down the well that one hopes even to see a trace of it again. No chance however as we now have the "Remastered version" with bonus tracks. No one can cover for a singer with the talent and vocal range of Geoff Tate...so why have one of the guitarists (DeGarmo) SINGING SOLO on many of the songs? It's inconceivable that they would do that. Does a hockey team go on the ice without the goalie? Only when they are in dire straits and there is no excuse for that here. It's thankful that they didn't give Tate a pair of drumsticks and sit him in front of the drums and move Scott (the drummer) to lead guitar! Let the singer sing! Let the players play! Do your job! It was widely speculated at the time that Geoff lost a bet with DeGamo and as a result he got to sing his songs on the album. But that is only part of the problem. For example hearing Geoff sing the opening line "Hey! You Cuckoo!" from the song "Cuckoo's Nest" is just not right. Lyrics on "Some People Fly", "Saved", and "Hit the Black" are sub-par for a band of this talent. The whole Lp is a mess. The only bright spots here are "Sign of the Times" which follows a familiar theme explored on their LP "Operation: Mindcrime" and song "Empire" from the LP of the same name. You've heard it before from these guys and done better. The song "You" is worth the listen and even catchy. Something that can't be said for the rest of these songs. To sum : "Hear In the Now Frontier" is like pulling a used Kleenex from your pants pocket that you thought had money in it. It's messy, not what you expected, and totally useless
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hear In The Now Frontier is Queensryche at thier absolute best. It's too bad that there was little airplay for the singles chosen from this album. It is defenately one of thier strongest albums to date.