Healthy Eating for Diabetes

Healthy Eating for Diabetes


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Diabetes is traditionally associated with a restricted diet, where sugar is banned and meals are confined to uninteresting, but nutritious foods. In fact, the truth is that by observing a few simple rules such as incorporating low glycemic index foods and eating a balanced diet, it is easy to live with diabetes and still enjoy good food.

Healthy Eating for Diabetes offers 100 delicious recipes created by Antony Worrall Thompson, who has been diagnosed with Syndrome X, a condition that can lead to diabetes. And while each dish has been carefully monitored by diabetes dietitian Azmina Govindji, these recipes are so enticing that they could easily be mistaken for standard recipes. And that is the point of this book. Antony Worrall Thompson has used all his culinary skills to create taste and texture using the healthiest ingredients and cooking methods to ensure that you can change your diet without giving up on flavor. There are rich soups, flavorsome vegetables, succulent meat dishes, and, of course, divine desserts. Antony and Azmina also explain how to adapt recipes so they use less sugar and fat - for example, using the natural sweetness of fresh or dried fruit instead of sugar - so that you still can enjoy your favorite dishes.

Azmina Govindji explains how to manage your diabetes by improving your lifestyle and discusses the principles behind healthy eating and weight management. She explains the glycemic index (GI) of food and how to use it to control your blood glucose (sugar) levels as well as how this means you can enjoy sweet foods. She also gives advice on how to maintain healthy eating habits in the long-term, cooking for a family, shopping for food, and eating out.

Whether you have diabetes or live with someone who does, this is a book for food lovers who know that healthy food should also mean delicious food.

Antony Worrall Thompson is one of the UK's best-loved chefs and, as the co-presenter of BBC's Food and Drink and a chef on BBC2's Ready, Steady, Cook, and Saturday Kitchen, also one of the most recognized. Antony Worrall Thompson studied hotel and catering management at Westminster College, England. Within a month of starting work as a sous chef at Brinkley's Restaurant in London, he was made head chef. He went on to open his own restaurants, winning many accolades including the Mouton Rothschild Menu Competition and the chef's oscar, the Meilleur Ouvrier de Grande Bretagne. Most recently he revamped his restaurant in Notting Hill, London, formerly known as Wiz and now called Notting Grill. Passionate about organic farming, he also grows fruit and vegetables at his home on the banks of the Thames.

Azmina Govindji B.Sc. R.D. is a consultant nutritionist and registered dietitian and has written nine books. She was Chief Dietitian to Diabetes UK for eight years, where she acted as a National Consultant on diet and diabetes, and is currently Chairperson of the British Dietetic Association (B.D.A.) Public Relations Committee and acts as a national B.D.A. media spokesperson. She works with the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as the media.

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