Hated You Then (Book One: Love Hurts Duet)

Hated You Then (Book One: Love Hurts Duet)

by M. Robinson

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From Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author M. Robinson. A coming of age, enemies to lovers, contemporary romance filled with angst and all the feels.

I couldn't remember a time before her... Harley Jameson.

Before she owned me.

Hated me.

Needed me.

Before I hated her...

Things were simple.

We had an understanding.

Bully. Fight. Hate. It's what we did.

Mind. Body. Soul. It's how we loved.

I thought nothing would ever change that, until everything did.

She was mine.

Always had been.

Always would be.

Nothing altered that.

Not how much I hated her.

Not how much she hated me.

Especially, not how much I hated...

That I LOVED her.

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Publisher: M. Robinson
Publication date: 09/17/2019
Series: Book One: Love Hurts Duet
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Hated You Then (Book One: Love Hurts Duet) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Lisa-Lou 23 days ago
Hated You Then by M. Robinson is the first book in her Love Hurts duet. A story of a young boy and girl whose lives have been intertwined since birth - who have consistently and constantly clashed against each other at almost every turn. With a few respites in the process when tragedy strikes, but the bond that has grown between these two is strong despite their surface animosity. They both hate each other so much but it is such a fine line with them between that hate, that denial and the love you can see between the lines. Ending in a cliffhanger and told in dual POV this book was a little painful and a little sad. Being the first book, we don't yet get their happily ever after and I felt a tad emotionally drained after reading this. I will definitely be reading book two, Love You Now, due out November 12, 2019. Enjoy!
Anonymous 3 months ago
can't stand cliffhangers but it was a great book.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 3 months ago
4.25 stars—HATED YOU THEN is the first instalment in M. Robinson’s adult, contemporary, coming of age LOVE HURTS DUET focusing on Harley Jameson and Jackson Pierce-the next generation in the author’s Good Ol’ Boys series, and a prequel of sorts that runs parallel to the Pierced Hearts Duet. You do not have to have read the previous series/duets but for some HATED YOU THEN reveals some missing information. Told from dual first person perspectives (Harley and Jackson) covering approximately nine years in the life HATED YOU THEN is a retrospective of events in the life of Harley Jameson and Jackson Pierce. From the age of six to fifteen , Harley Jameson had a love hate-relationship with Jackson Pierce, the young boy who lived to torment and tease our story line heroine but Jackson’s life was slowly being destroyed as events at home were spiraling out of control. What ensues is the back and forth, acrimonious and tempestuous relationship between Jackson and Harley, as our duo struggle with family, friendships, school and growing up. From the outset, the relationship between Jackson and Harley is caustic and petulant. Immature and emotional outbursts are rife with nine years of continuous verbal and physical assaults. Harley gives as good as she gets, whenever Jackson spews vitriol and cutting insults. Their parents’ best friend relationship constantly places Jackson and Harley into one another’s orbits that exacerbates their already contemptuous relationship. Told from the perspective of young children and teens, the story line manifests in an adult voice. The language, text and comprehension is that of a mature man and woman including preteen boys obsessed with the sexuality of the female form. Over sexualization of children and pre-adolescents may be disturbing for some readers. HATED YOU THEN is an emotional and heartbreaking story of family, friendship, loss and grief. M. Robinson pulls the reader into an angst filled tale of mutual attraction and antagonism; hostility and love between two people whose lives will be changed over night.
The_Staircase_Reader 3 months ago
OMG!!! I have been waiting for Hated You Then since I first caught a glimpse of Harley and Jackson’s drama in the Pierced Hearts duet!!! Now that it’s in my hands and I’ve finished reading it…. I don’t know what I’m going to do with that ending!!! M. Robinson pulled the freaking rug out from under me and left my flat on my ass… Monica… You’ve got some explaining to do!! I was an instant fan of M. Robinson’s since the moment I finished Complicate Me (The Good Ol’ Boys #1) so imagine my excitement when I found out that Monica was taking us back to Oak Island! I can’t even tell you how loud I cheered when I found out Harley and Jackson where going to get a duet! Harley and Jackson’s relationship is exactly how I envisioned it…. A COMPLETE DISASTER!! These two are fire and gasoline. You combine the two and you’ll get an immediate explosion. But through it all, I loved their endless banter and pranks. I loved the fact that Harley was such a badass. Even as a child there was no messing with this little one. Creed definitely had a hand at raising a VERY independent and FEISTY AS HECK little girl. There is always one question M. Robinson always asks after she releases a new novel. ...BUT DID YOU CRY?... I can finally say, I did NOT cry!!! There were times when I was on the verge of tears but I kept it reeled in! FINALLY! I do have to say, there were moments where I felt Jackson’s pain immensely. If you haven’t read The Pierced Hearts Duet, I’m going to make this as spoiler free as possible. But there were times where Jackson’s ‘family situation’ hit really close to home with me. I’ve watched an unbreakable family shatter after tragedy. Getting a glimpse into Jackson’s thoughts while he went through all he did was heartbreaking. Many times I was on the verge of tears, but they never left my eyes because I had a mission to accomplish, and dammit, I was hell bent on seeing it through! I cannot wait for the older years of Harley and Jackson. Given the way Hated You Then ended, I’m thinking the drama is going to be escalated between these two!!! I cannot wait to see if these two can make it for the long haul! I never wanted to read a book more than I want to read Love You Now at this moment!!!
Anonymous 3 months ago
As always M. Robinson never fails to deliver a good story, that gets you so wrapped up in it you cannot put it down. Chapters 13 and 14 had me freaking sobbing, my heart was in pieces. The second part cannot come out soon enough... and I really need it!!!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Queen of Angst strikes again!! Prepare for another book hangover!! So what to say about this book? 1) This one had a true Good Ol’ Boys feel, for sure! 2) Although you don’t have to - you will get more out of this book if you’ve read the ones from Good Ol’ Boys on - I’ve only read some of those and at times - I was a little lost trying to remember how everyone fit in together. 3) Jackson and Harley will make you laugh at their goofy one-upmanship hate fest - my goodness - those two were outrageous. 4) This book will break your heart as it does the characters’. 5) You will want to throttle someone by the end of the book - I am still reeling from how things shook down days later. 6) You will not be able to wait for Book 2 - that one CANNOT happen soon enough. The opposite of love isn’t hate, so you know these two are destined to be together. But whether or not they figure that out - remains to be seen. Man - this was a tough one to wrap my head around and as is the trademark of an M. Robinson book - my head is still reeling around the chain of events. It reminds me so much of a certain couple of hers - that tore me apart and was my first read of hers. If you want a book that will give you the feels and a book hangover - look no further. I voluntarily requested and read an advance reader copy.
JackiesBookWorld 3 months ago
Rating: 4.5/5 This is my first time reading anything from the author and it definitely won’t be the last. Hated You Then is the first book in the Love Hurts Duet, in which we get to see how two kids’ hate for one another ends up turning into love. Their families might not be blood related, but they have always been close. Yet, Harley and Jackson have hated each other since birth. Having to see each other constantly growing up definitely didn’t help as their constant banter turned physical and Harley has the bruises to prove it. Neither one wants to give up and they tease each other to no end. While Jackson grows up being the popular kid at school, Harley is constantly plotting what to do to him next. It was hilarious to see the two challenged each other. But just like that everything changes for Jackson as a tragedy hits him and that will ultimately change the course of his life forever. But what seems to be constant in his life is Harley and even though they’ve fought all this time, she is there for him when he needed someone the most. It is through the years that they slowly start to see each other in a new light, yet neither one wants to admit their true feelings for each other. It’s a turn of events that neither one expected to change their relationship forever. I truly enjoyed reading the book, it gives us such a great insight into their earlier years without rushing the story. It is also told in dual POV, which it’s great seeing their own story separately. Harley was such a great character to get to know, she is feisty and totally fashionable. She doesn’t care what other think about her and it was refreshing to read. On the other hand, Jackson’s love for football gets him popularity not only at his school, but the whole town as well. Their banter was hilarious to read! There are some really funny moments that I enjoyed and some really sad moments that had me feeling for the characters. All in all, the story was great and I cannot wait read what happens next. I would highly recommend checking out this book, you will not regret it! :) **I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**
Kayla Davis 3 months ago
Hated You Then was EVERYTHING! M has nailed it yet again. Creed has always been my number one M alpha so to say I was excited for this book was a understatement. I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK. SO. HARD! I devoured this story in a matter of hours. I simply could not put this book down. I was consumed with Jackson and Harley. Hated You Then was a fast paced enemies to lovers romance with rom com feels, and all the angst. Saying it was a emotional roller coaster ride is a understatement. My feelings was constantly changing with each page I turned. It was like emotion whiplash. I have never felt so much humor, anger, and heartbreak all at once. This book was messy, complicated, young love at its finest. I have never rooted for characters so much in my life. Something about the hate between Jackson and Harley just pulls you in. I was so entranced with this couple. They are like that train wreck you can't take your eyes off of. I am dying to know what happens next. I have a feeling the Love Hurts Duet is going to wreck me. Harley Jameson is a spitting image of her father. From the way she talks, all the way down to the way she acts. Her snarky comebacks and fiesty ways know just how to make you giggle. You truly never know what might pop out of her mouth next. She truly is one of those spit fire heroines who definitely keeps you on your toes. Harley may be young, but she knows just what she wants in life. Shes independent, unique and truly stands out. And I admire her character for that. Jackson was the complicated, broken alpha you knew he would be. I have always had a soft spot for him since we met him in the pierced hearts duet. I just simply can't get enough of his a-hole ways. He's devious, cocky, and arrogant. Always plotting, always scheming his next take down. But underneath it all he's vulnerable. His vulnerability calls to you, makes your heart break for the broken boy underneath all that armor. Jackson Pierce may be a little terd, but that little terd is now out to own your heart. *5 STARS* Well earned for a duet thata off to a fabulous start. If you are looking for a book that has wonderful characters, and all the feels then I recommend this book. Is it November yet!? I'm ready for more.
GingyT 3 months ago
Okay, first of all, I have to mention this ... Creed Jameson's 'baby girl' has her own story! I definitely was over the moon to have a chance to read 'Hated You Then' and find out how M. Robinson was going to write Harley Jameson's story. As a big fan of the Road to Nowhere books (and totally in love with Creed Jameson) I knew Harley's story was going to have all of the angst, heartbreak, and tears that made her parent's story so great. But once I dove into this story, I realized this story was so much more than I could have ever imagined. I loved everything about Harley Jameson. She is a tough little girl, but with a tough MC dad like Creed in your life what do you expect. She has been raised in the MC world and knows how to fight her own battles, especially with her childhood enemy, Jackson Pierce. These two have a hate for each other that seems to never end. Jackson is always trying to provoke her, daring her to higher and higher challenges that always leads them both into big trouble with their families. But there are moments where you can see that these two are more frenemies than enemies. Now Jackson is a very confusing character. There were times when I thought he was just a plain bully, picking on a little girl in the hopes of seeing her cry. But it didn't take long before I just wanted to cry for him and everything he has went through. His family life is in freefall and it is messing with his thoughts. I think in some ways, his battles with Harley help him escape the realities of his life. This story spans about ten years and is filled with the ups and downs of these two frenemies. The cliffhanger for Hated You Then will make you scream in frustration! Gawd, all of the angst and suspense just to get to that ending. I need more of this story and I need it soon. Added extra: To understand Harley and Jackson's parents backstories, I suggest reading the Road to Nowhere books and/or The Pierced Hearts Duet. It is not necessarily needed to read Hated You Then, but it definitely adds dimensions to Harley and Jackson's story and will help you understand the actions of a few of the secondary characters.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Hated You Then is book one in the Love Hurts duet and boy oh boy there have been some love/hate books that the characters hated each other, but I think Monica topped this hatred and love with Harley Jameson and Jackson Pierce. If we have followed M’s books we know who these characters are; if you have not followed the books you not only meet these characters, but we get to see many of the other characters that we all love and miss so seeing them in the stories makes us not miss them so much. Harley and Jackson have grown up together and have fought from the get-go and stop at nothing to try to win. Their hatred towards each other is real, but so is the love they hide inside of themselves. Harley is a true Jameson and the things that come out of her mouth have you laughing so hard. Jackson is a true Pierce and both of his parents. His actions aren’t always the smartest, but when his softer side comes out it is heartfelt, until he must re-harden his actions to keep up his image. Oh boy! I love the tension when it comes to interactions with Cash with both Harley and Jackson. Cash just like the women know the real deal and he helps do what McGraw’s do best! The club this trio creates (Cash, Harley and Shiloh) is funny. While Jackson is a pain the butt (and that is putting this mildly) he also needs some much-needed hugs. Just when you think he is smarting up with what transpired at the end, he goes and does what he does best and hurts Harley again, but I will say that last sentence just hurt Jackson so I’ll go with score one for Harley. But…besides us wanting to know what happens between Harley and Jackson we truly want the answer to that sentence. Holy smokes this is a game changer! So while we wait for the final book in this duet, I guess we are left watching “The Gremlins” or “Rudolph” until we get to see what transpires between Harley and Jackson’s hatred for each other and if Jackson gets to live when the Jameson’s get to him once a bomb dropper is revealed. You better run, Jackson! “Ya feel me, Jackson!” Haha M has left our minds blown once again and that is why she is the Queen of Angst!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Great story.
Pamela W 3 months ago
Harley and Jackson were childhood enemies with a hate relationship. As they grow up hate turns into something more. Tragic events will turn Jackson and his family's lives upside down. I had tears flowing at parts and laughing in other times. I can't wait for the next book to see how things turn out, that cliffhanger has me needing to read now.
Rhondaz 3 months ago
5 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE STARS!! This book is in my Top 5 Books for 2019. M. Robinson gives us readers all the feels.....I was laughing so hard at the banter between Jackson and Harley, crying, sobbing and holding my heart. I felt like I was watching a movie with this book, the story is so detailed it seems to come to life. I can't wait for book 2....I am dying right now. You must 1-Click this book now, so worth the money and time.
Sara_Sue 3 months ago
M. Robinson's writing was perfection. Her character development was so in-depth. I loved Harley. The chick was seriously hard core. She was strong and knew her self-worth and totally believed in herself. I love me a good, strong heroine especially when she's so young. Jackson is the quarterback (eventually anyway), the man with a serious attitude. I'm not saying it isn't understandable but man did he love to mess with Harley. These two were just gasoline and fire! Robinson does it again! Hate Me Then was a book that I was seriously unable to put down. Having a book told from the POV of kids through young adults made my heart ache in all kinds of ways. Let me just tell you all, this FELT like a young adult story. Back when the feelings are some serious roller coasters and you hate him... you hate her... the constant one-up-man-ship. It wore me out just reading it. Harley's and Jackson gave my heart a ride... and that cliffy... oh my lanta, that cliffhanger!! This is gonna be a long wait!!! I received an ARC of this book with the hope that I would leave an Unbiased Opinion. I was not required to leave a review, positive or otherwise, and my opinions are just that... my opinions.