Happily Even After: A Guide to Getting Through (and Beyond) the Grief of Widowhood

Happily Even After: A Guide to Getting Through (and Beyond) the Grief of Widowhood

by Carole Fleet

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The issues that surround the loss of a spouse are numerous and complex. A very small sampling of these issues include helping children cope with a parent's death, re-entering the workplace and eventually re-entering the world of dating, love and intimacy; as well as moving through a profoundly emotional period. The widowed must find a way to accept and deal with these oftentimes conflicting and confusing emotions while being expected to "carry on and carry forward" by those around them. The widowed must also adjust financially and legally; as well as be available to children that inevitably look to their surviving parent for guidance and support. Whether newly widowed or widowed for many years, those who has suffered the loss of a spouse have many questions that need answering and they likely know no one who is adequately qualified to answer those questions. Award-winning author and grief recovery expert, Carole Brody Fleet follows up the critically acclaimed: "Widows Wear Stilettos" with the aptly-titled, Happily Even After, the first and only book of its kind; answering the most common questions that the widowed generally have both immediately following a spouse's death as well as months and even years thereafter. These questions are excerpted from thousands of actual letters received by the author and the responses are from the author's own perspective; based upon considerable personal and professional experience and insight. Since the questions featured are the more commonly asked questions by those who are themselves widowed, readers will likely find answers to most of the questions that they have concerning widowhood; dealing with everything from child rearing as a widowed parent to coping with relatives who fancy themselves financial wizards, to the "rules of intimacy"...and a wide-ranging variety of subjects in between. In her warm, witty and wise tone, Carole walks widows through the shock and overwhelming sadness and back into the land of the living. Whether you are a young woman in the early years of a marriage, a Golden Anniversary celebrant or a "widow of the heart" who lost a signifigant other with no legal claims, Fleet will hold your hand and offer you practical tools for any problem you may face. Most importantly, Happily EVEN After will help you reclaim YOU.

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ISBN-13: 9781936740239
Publisher: Viva Editions
Publication date: 05/01/2012
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
File size: 729 KB

About the Author

Carole Brody Fleet is the award-winning author of Widows Wear Stilettos: A Practical and Emotional Guide for the Young Widow (New Horizon Press) and Happily EVEN After: A Guide to Getting Through (and Beyond!) the Grief of Widowhood (Viva Editions, 2012). She is the author and executive producer of the bestselling CD Widows Wear Stilettos: What Now? She is the founder and chief executive officer of Widows Wear Stilettos Inc. She makes guest appearances on national, regional, and local television, appears as a regular guest on numerous radio programs in the United States and Canada, and is a featured expert in many well-known international and national magazines, newspapers, and websites. She lives in Los Angeles.

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Happily Even After: A Guide to Getting Through (and Beyond) the Grief of Widowhood 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is like talking to a friend about everything you're experiencing with your loss. Questions you can't ask people who are not widowed or left behind - answered with grace and complete honesty. Truly an uplifting book for any woman suffering through a loss.
SuperReaderBK More than 1 year ago
The best book out there for anyone who has lost a loved one Yesterday I saw author Carole Brody Fleet on HUFFPOLIVE talking with Nate Berkus about love and loss and what to hold on to and i immediately ran out and got a copy of the HAPPILY EVEN AFTER. I lost my husband a year ago and went through a really hard time - emotionally, financially, and in every possible way. Carole's book is already helping me. It is a funny thing with widowhood, as you feel so alone. And, at night, you usually are alone for the first time in years. So, Carole's warm, friendly and oh-so helpful voice really comes across in the book. When it gets too hard, (usually at bedtime) I can now read this book and feel like I have a friend who lost her husband before I did and can offer excellent advice on every aspect of widowhood and how to get though and beyond the pain. Bravo to Carole Brody Fleet for lighting the way in the darkness for all us widows!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Grief is one of the most difficult emotions to write about and yet Carole Brody Fleet did just that and she did it beautifully. This book gives hope when a person is in despair. She wrote with words that anyone could relate to. It is clear she knows what she’s talking about and that she has been through the same things. She names what you’re going through, and lets people  know that their feeling are not abnormal. Grief is Grief and it okay to feel what you’re feeling- whatever that might be.