Half Hour Lessons in Music: Class Work for Beginners at the Piano

Half Hour Lessons in Music: Class Work for Beginners at the Piano

by Mrs. Hermann Kotzschmar


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From the Preface:

...IN writing out these lessons, which have been in constant use for many years in both my private and class teaching, my aim has been to see from the children's point of view, and to explain and illustrate things musical in a way that would appeal to their imagination as well as reason. Children are naturally enthusiastic and optimistic, especially in beginning the study of the piano, and in these lessons I have emphasized both these qualities, and striven to guide the one and foster the other.

Dividing the half hour into periods of five to ten minutes, and definitely but concisely bringing one idea before the children's mind, be it key-board or finger play, notation or rhythm, with subsequent unremitting drill, is what fixes the subject firmly.

For all foundational study, class work is superior to private, giving the children the great advantages of companionship, comparison, and competition. The musical games, composer, and opera parties, are effective ways of impressing upon the children's minds a knowledge of the masters and their works.

To obtain the best results with these lessons the mothers should own the book, as, by carefully reading it, they can keep in touch with their children's work, and, by repetition at home of the " composer story," and by asking questions, greatly aid their progress. Of course, mothers must be extremely careful not to allow children to read, or even see, the advance lessons, as to do so would naturally lessen their interest in the class work.

All teachers realize that they learn from pupils fully as much as they impart to them, and gratefully I acknowledge ,my indebtedness. My earnest hope is that this little book may prove an aid to young teachers and suggest to them the highest and noblest possibilities of their profession.

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