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Greek Language Poppy

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(14, ?a??? 1952)

St??? µa? p??e p?s? t?s? a?t?? ?s? ?a? ? pa?d??? ?????a µ??, s?ed?? e???ta ?????a p??? µe µa? µe????-papp?? «?apa????a».

?? ?a? ta ???µata t?? ?a?a?t???? ??e? a????e? e?af??? ()µesa?? ???µ? µ?? e??a? John, ?a? µesa?? ???µa t?? ade?f?? µ?? e??a? Louise ?a? ??t? ?a?e???) fa???µe???? ?ta? t? ?a???a??? p?? st???» ???e t?? ?????a?». ?p? t? a??? ?ea?? a???? µe t?? ?e??a?a t?? ??a? ?ea??? ??d?a?, ß???e? pe????ta? t? p??t? ??e?s?µ? t?? a????p?? ?a? t?? f?s?? t?? p?a?µ?t?? ???? t??.

St??? ap??a??pte? p??? p???t??? pe????af???? f??se?? ??e? a?a?a???e?? ?a? ?a?µata ???? a????t?µa ??a µ?a ?ea?? p??? a???? ?a? t? s??s? t?? µe t?? µe?????-papp??.
St??? (?e?d???µ? Lanny, ??a «nick name' a?t?? f??ese ?p?? ?ta? ???st?? ?ta? ?ta? ????) µa? f???e? se µ?a ??? p?? e??a? ???esµ??? µe pe??p?te?e? p?? «a????a» eµpe???e? a??µa ?a? s?µe?a ?? s??a?s??µat??? µe??de? t?? ????.

?????? ap? a?t?? t?? pe??p?te?e? ?a? t?? eµpe???e?, ??? p??a p??? ?????, µa?? µe t? ?d?a?te?? desµ? p?? «?apa????a» e??e µa?? t?? µe?????-e?????a.

PENNEL «Pen» ??e? p??t?te µ?a ??e???p???? ?st???e? ?a? p?? p?a?µat?p??????e a?t?? t?? s???e?? ?? p???t?µa pet??d?a p?? p??pe? ?a ?a?µ??eta?, ?a? de? ?ta? ??p???? ??a µ??a ?t? ?ta? ft?se? st?? e???????s? ep??e?e ?a e??a? d?µ?s?????f?? ?a? s????af?a? ?a? d?s?a???. ?? ?a µp????se ?a e??a? p?? f?s??? ??a ??a a???? ?a a????sete a?t?? t?? de???t?te? se f??s?? pe??ß????? t?? a???t???? ????;

????µat? ?p???e? ??t? p??? ?d?a?te?? ?a? µa???? µeta?? µe?????-papp??de? ?a? ta e?????a t???. ?p???t? ?t? t?? ??at? st?? µ??e? µa? pa?d??? ?????a e?e? ap?? de? ?ta? ?t? p????? ????. ??d?s???? S?f?a ap? eµpe???e? ????, µe t??p??? p?? µp??e? ?a d?da??e? µ??? ap? ??a ?t?µ? p?? ??e? ??se? ?s? a?t??.

St?? a?ap?µ??? µ??µ?


S????af?a?: ?. Irwin Pennel s??-s????af?a? James J. Irwin p??p?pp?? ?????????S...

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Publisher: Penny-A-Page Marketing
Publication date: 11/02/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 6 - 8 Years

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