Great Made For TV Films

Great Made For TV Films

by Scott V. Palmer


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The term "made-for-TV movie" was coined in the early 1960s. Beginning in 1961 with NBC's' showing of a television premiere of a major theatrical film release, the other networks soon copied the format, with each of the networks having showcases.

By 1965, these features originally filled a 90-minute time slot, later expanded to two hours, and were usually broadcast as a weekly TV anthology series. Many early television movies featured major stars, and some were accorded higher budgets than standard television series of the same length, including the major dramatic anthology programs which they came to replace.

This book comprises what is generally considered the golden age of the television movie, 1966-1980. Over 40 films are represented here, including films of genres such as drama, mystery, thriller, horror, science fiction, and others.

Many of the stars of these films were actors whose careers were mainly concerned with television work. However, a number of these films starred actors who were extremely prominent motion picture actors, a number of them also Academy Award winners.

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