Good Housekeeping Christmas Joys: Great Holiday Recipes & Decorating Ideas

Good Housekeeping Christmas Joys: Great Holiday Recipes & Decorating Ideas

by Good Housekeeping (Editor)


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Who doesn't dream of a more relaxed, less frantic Christmas season? Everyone wants to avoid last-minute preparations, a sense of rush and flurried planning. For all of the holiday-challenged, there is a better way. Good Housekeeping Christmas Joys offers not only delicious recipes and beautiful decorating and craft ideas but also strategies for a relaxing holiday — with time to enjoy the season. There are presentation ideas to make a home especially inviting: a spice tree, an acorn wreath, cinnamon candles, hand-painted angels. And the recipes are mouthwatering: smoked salmon boats, Christmas quesadillas, the perfect roast turkey, and, of course, lots of Christmas cookie recipes.

Along with great recipes and decorations that will make any home look great for the holidays, Good Housekeeping Christmas Joys includes practical tips for holiday safety — caring for the Christmas tree, safe ways to use candles in the home, and how to check electrical outlets.

Christmas should be a joy — and with this book, it will be!

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Publication date: 12/31/2001
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The grand centerpiece of every Christmas celebration is the family tree — steeped in tradition and dressed in festive trimmings.From its selection to its decoration, the tree presents opportunities for family outings, parties, and traditions.For a really fresh tree, check your local area for tree farms where you can pick and cut your own and turn the "chore" into a family outing.


When you select your tree or greens for wreaths and garlands, you'll find many varieties from which to choose.The length, color, glossiness, texture, and fragrance of the needles as well as the color and texture of the bark vary from type to type.Let personal preference be your guide; all of the varieties shown here are wonderful.

When you select a tree, consider: Do you want one that's tall and slender? Neat and petite? Grand and stately?In addition to size, shape and symmetry, consider whether the branches are sturdy enough for ornaments and whether the needles will make placing ornaments awkward or difficult.Of course, you'll want a tree that's fresh and will keep its needles at least three to four weeks.When testing for freshness, bend some branches and needles; they should be pliable and spring back.Or grasp a branch and pull your hand toward the tip.If lots of needles fall off, the tree is too dry.With a smaller tree, hold it upright, and pound its trunk on the ground.Falling needles will tell you to pass it by.

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