Good Girl Gone Bad [Reloaded]

Good Girl Gone Bad [Reloaded]

by Rihanna


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When you've released a pair of albums containing a few monster singles and a considerable amount of unsteady, unassured material, why mess around the third time out? From beginning to end, Good Girl Gone Bad is as pop as pop got in 2007, each one of its 12 songs a potential hit in some territory. Unlike Music of the Sun or A Girl Like Me, neither Caribbean flavorings nor ballad ODs are part of the script, and there isn't an attempt to make something as theatrical as "Unfaithful." There is, however, another '80s hit involved: just as "SOS" appropriated Soft Cell's version of "Tainted Love," "Shut Up and Drive" turns New Order's "Blue Monday" into a sleek, forthcoming proposition, one that is as undeniable and rocking as Sugababes' 2002 U.K. smash "Freak Like Me" (a cover of Adina Howard's 1995 hit that swiped from another '80s single, Gary Numan's "Are Friends Electric?"). "Shut Up and Drive" is part of an all-upbeat opening sequence that carries through five songs. Rihanna knows exactly what she wants and is in total control at all times, even when she's throwing things and proclaiming "I'm a fight a man" amid marching percussion and synthesizers set on "scare" during "Breakin' Dishes." The album's lead song and lead single, "Umbrella," is her best to date, delivering mammoth if spacious drums, a towering backdrop during the chorus, and vocals that are somehow totally convincing without sounding all that impassioned -- an ideal spot between trying too hard and boredom, like she might've been on her 20th take, which only adds to the song's charm. The album's second half is relatively varied and a little heavier on acoustic guitar use, but it's not lacking additional standouts. Three consecutive Timbaland productions, including one suited for a black college marching band and another that effectively pulls the romantically codependent heartstrings, enhance the album rather than make it more scattered. [The "Reloaded" edition of the album adds three bonus tracks.]

Product Details

Release Date: 06/17/2008
Label: Def Jam
UPC: 0602517721425
catalogNumber: 001136302
Rank: 5933

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rihanna   Primary Artist,Vocals
Evan Rogers   Background Vocals
Ed Calle   Conductor
Dana Teboe   Trombone
John Kricker   Trombone
Hannon B. Lane   Keyboards
Jay-Z   Guest Appearance
Christopher "Tricky" Stewart   Keyboards
Doug Michels   Trumpet
Espen Lind   Guitar
Pastor Andrew Merritt   Background Vocals
Justin Timberlake   Background Vocals
Maroon 5   Guest Appearance
Bernt Rune Stray   Guitar
Rodrigo Gallardo   Trumpet
Augie Haas   Trumpet
Dan Satterwhite   Tuba
Matt White   Trumpet

Technical Credits

Michael Jackson   Composer
Marc Jordan   Management
Lionel Richie   Composer
Evan Rogers   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer,Audio Production
Angela Allen   Marketing Coordinator
Ed Calle   Orchestration,Horn Conductor
Danny D   Management
Sly Dunbar   Composer
Peter Hook   Composer
J. Peter Robinson   Art Direction
Chris Steinmetz   Engineer
Mark "Spike" Stent   Producer,Engineer
Carl Sturken   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer,Audio Production,Instrumentation
Cynthia Weil   Composer
Clifton Dillon   Composer
Mark Endert   Producer,Audio Production
Adam Levine   Composer
Stephen Morris   Composer
Bernard Sumner   Composer
Gillian Gilbert   Composer
Hannon B. Lane   Producer
Timbaland   Producer,Audio Production
Kuk Harrell   Engineer,Vocal Producer
Christopher "Tricky" Stewart   Composer,Producer,drum programming,Audio Production
Mike Elizondo   Producer,Audio Production
Doug Joswick   Package Production
Deborah Mannis-Gardner   Sample Clearance
Caron Veazey   Marketing
Stargate   Audio Production
Ewart Brown   Composer
Shawn Carter   Composer
Hemberger   Engineer
Anthony Kilhoffer   Engineer
Justin Timberlake   Composer,Vocal Producer
Jon Marius Aareskjold   Engineer
Maroon 5   Producer
James Valentine   Composer
Demacio Castellon   Engineer
Makeba Riddick   Composer,Vocal Producer
Christa Shaub   Management
J.R. Rotem   Composer,Audio Production
Chris Brown   Composer
Carter Administration   Executive Producer,Audio Production
The-Dream   Composer
Ne-Yo   Producer,Vocal Producer
Greg Ogan   Engineer
William Durst   Engineer
Mikkel Storleer Eriksen   Composer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Daniel Laporte   Engineer
Frankie Storm   Composer
Andrew James Vastola   Engineer
Tim Blacksmith   Management
Richard "Rico" Gonzales   Engineer
Mat LeJeuneat   Engineer
Ciarra Pardo   Art Direction
Brian Seals   Composer
Robert Allen   Composer
Tor Erik Hermansen   Composer
M. Riddick   Composer
Andre Merritt   Composer
S. Smith   Composer
Brian Thompson   Composer
S. Taylor   Composer
L. Martin   Composer
Thaddis Harrell   Composer
Qaadir Atkinson   Composer
Terius Nash   Composer

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Good Girl Gone Bad 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved Good Girl Gone Bad when it came out last year, but the 3 songs added to it makes it more funkier! Disturbia, Take A Bow, and the heavy funk of If I Never See Your Face Again with Maroon 5 are strong songs and Rihanna continues to sound better vocally. She stays with the same producers that helmed her 2007 album on these 3 2008 songs, but these are solid, accessible numbers with nifty hooks and rhythms. As for the other 12, they still sound solid a year later with three opening heavy hitters in Umbrella, Push Up on It and Don't Stop the Music! The rest of the songs continue the momentum. Please play this (again!) on your long summer 2008 road trip or a cookout!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rihanna is back with a very hot album is very hot and will dominate the charts. The song umberlla is off the chain. You can hear it on her myspace
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought I was going to dwell on the way she used to sound and be dissatified with her new sound. So WRONG! This cd is her best yet! I love every song on this cd. She walked out of shallow water and dove into the deep end and she is swimming! I love the consistence of this album and the delivery is wonderful. My fav songs are Breakin Dishes, Rehab, and Say It. I recommend this cd to everyone. Keep doing what you are doing Rihanna cuz I will be listening.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i know this cd isnt out yet but i know its going to be awesome!!! umbrella is my favorite song. i am definitely going to get this cd!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this cd! I listen to it each day! My favorite songs are Umbrella, Hate that I love you, and Question Existing. I'm proud of Rihanna and I hope she stays in the business for a long time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After S.O.S and Unfaithful, I really hated Rihanna! When she came out with Good Girl Gone Bad, I loved her! Umbrella, Don't Stop the Music, Breakin' Dishes, and Hate that I Love you were my favorites! Then one day, on the radio, I recognized Rihanna's voice in an upbeat song. I went to itunes and found Disturbia, my new favorite song on this album! I bought it because I loved it so much! I can't believe I didn't get the original!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD was amazing. Not only was it up beat but, also fun to dance too. The new songs in the album were great. My favorite song is Distribia, it never gets old.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rihanna has produced an outstanding third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, which is in my opinion her best one yet. She has really stepped up a knotch with her music, producing songs such as Breakin' Dishes, Shut Up and Drive, Rehab, and her all time hit Umbrella. Although being popular in the R&B genre alongside singers such as Beyonce Knowles and being a very young singer for that matter, Rihanna has shown that nothing stands in her way from being one of the best! WAY TO GO RIHANNA!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rihanna's third album is a great effort. She is young, energetic, and is showing a little longevity. By the way Rihanna can't be trying to be Jamaican because she is not from jamaica. She is from Barbados and she is reppin' to the fullest.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was back in 2005 that Rihanna dominated the summer charts with her dance hall hit, 'Pon De Replay' and it was only a year ago that she released two smash hits 'SOS' and 'Unfaithful' from her sophomore album 'A Girl Like Me'. Now, Rihanna's back with a new album, 'Good Girl Gone Bad'. Her third album in two years is going in a different direction with dance-pop songs like 'Don't Stop the Music' and 'Push Up On Me', the latter of which show s a more playful and sexual side of the Barbadian songstress. And of course, everyone knows 2007's BIGGEST song, 'Umbrella' featuring Jay-Z which is an absolutely brilliant combination of pop, r&b and even some tinges of rock. 'Sell Me Candy' is probably the best song on the disc, with a danceable, sexy feel, that just makes you want to get up and shake it.Two other Timbaland produced tracks, 'Lemme Get That' and 'Rehab', a nice r&b, pop jam are also standouts. As a matter of fact all the songs are standouts, even the weird and confessional, 'Question Existing'. Good Girl Gone Bad, is definitely one of the best albums of the year. Buy it and enjoy yourself. I know I will.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i was so excited when i got the album at F.Y.E but that all changed when i wacthed the DVD she basically performed all the worst song's off the album....she didnt perform "Umberlla" or..."Please Dont Stop the Music" or any other of her big hits i really woudnt recommned buying this reloaded version of good girl gone bad its really not worth it ..... sorry rihanna but i still love her ... my point is the album was AMAZING.... but her DVD was HORRIBLE..="
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay... so she's doing something new, she's showing off an edgier side of her, but that's okay! She's growing up and she doesn't want the world to view her as this little innocent person who doesn't take risks. She's a woman now, and she's embracing it. Don't try to stop her from growing up. The new sound is amazing! I love Umbrella, it's catchy and it's something that sticks with you (which is a good thing!). I also love the video, it's artistic and sexy, how does it get better than that?
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm 44...straight up classic rock, some Luther, Sade...I wasn't even listening to anything after 80s U2. This CD changed that. It's in my player right alongside Zepplin, Stones, The Who, Dylan and others. I'm reborn!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rhianna has abandoned the Caribbean flavored sound that many are used to on her earlier releases, and moved into the mainstream pop scene head first. The only real hint of tropical hip-hop comes from tracks (8) "Sell Me Candy" and (9) "Lemmie Get That" which tells us that Rhianna is still Rhianna. "Good Girl Gone Bad" seems to develope late in the album, as the tracks become gritier and the rhythms become heavey but it doesn't hurt the CD one bit. It may take a little time for fans to ajust to her new sound, but there is no doubt that they will also embrace her new image.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The umbrella song is so stupid come on rihanna you can do sooooooo much better! F.Y.I your not jamacian so stop tryin to be!
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I first saw Rihanna's video for "Umbrella," I had to do a double take. I wasn't sure if it was really her. Not only did her style in fashion change, but her style in music did and I think it's for the better. I love almost all of her songs on "Good Girl Gone Bad." There are probably one or two songs that I don't really like, but I can listen to without wanting to go crazy. At first I wasn't really feeling the whole pop/ rock thing that she had going on, but the more songs I listened to, I realized that she was bringing something new to the music game. All of her songs are single material. I recommend this cd to anyone who likes hip hop, r&b, pop, or rock because you will find a variety of those genres on her album. Two thumbs up to Rihanna!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a big fan of Rihanna's and this album proves how good she is. It's even better with the 3 new tracks. With the ballad Take a Bow, If I Never See your Face Again with Maroon 5, and the new "sure to be summer jam of the year" Disturbia. All of the original tracks plus the DVD is worth buying this album again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago