The Good Book Cookbook

The Good Book Cookbook

by Carson-Dellosa Christian Publishing (Compiler)




This cookbook offers opportunities to engage the senses and most importantly—the spirit—as you make the recipes and share truths from God’s Word. Great for parents, school, or church! Includes a color illustration for each recipe, scripture references, teaching tips, closing prayers, and fun extension activities.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780887242168
Publisher: Carson Dellosa Education
Publication date: 01/02/2004
Edition description: Elementary
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.18(d)
Age Range: 5 - 10 Years

Table of Contents

Creation: Sky Pudding5
Eden: Garden-of-Eden Fruit Salad6
Adam: Animal-Cracker Gardens7
Forbidden Fruit: Fig-Bar Sandwiches8
Cain and Abel: Devil's Fool Cupcakes9
Noah: Peanut Butter and Pretzel Arks10
Animals/Ark: Animal-Face Sandwiches11
Flood: Rocky-Road Banana Boats12
Rainbow Covenant: Rainbow Pops13
Abraham: Star-Shaped Sugar Cookies14
Isaac: Canaan Well Punch15
Joseph/Robe: Colorful Sandwiches16
Joseph/Egypt: Wheat Cakes17
Joseph/Brothers: Not Forgotten Cookies18
Baby Moses: Baby-in-a-Basket Sundaes19
Promised Land: Milk and Honey Pies20
Slaves in Egypt: Brick Candy21
Sea Crossing: Super-Sour Red Sea Punch22
Wilderness: Sweet Manna23
Commandments: Cookie Tablets24
Jericho: Chocolate Crumbling Walls25
Samson: Sparkling Muscle Bars26
Ruth: Sweet Barley Water27
Hannah: Rock Candy28
Samuel: Peek-a-Boo Biscuits29
David: Cheese and Bread30
Solomon: Golden Bread and Jam Crowns31
Elijah/Famine: Salty Towers32
Elijah/Chariot: On-Fire Pizza Wheels33
Esther: Fit-for-a-King Cupcakes34
Fiery Furnace: Chips and Dip35
Daniel: Orange Lion Dip36
Jonah: Cheese and Fish Sandwich37
Mary: Angel-Food Cake38
John the Baptizer: Wild Honey Dip39
Baby Jesus: Manger Cookies40
The Wise Men: Dried Apple Stars41
Simeon and Anna: Banana Baby Blanket42
Boy Jesus: On-the-Trail Mix43
Baptism: Honeycomb Candy44
Water to Wine: Miracle Punch45
Disciples: 12-Raisin Turnovers46
Sermon on Mount: Party Mix47
Love: Love Chains48
Lord's Prayer: Daily Bread Rolls49
Healings: Change Punch50
Mountaintop: Candy Mountain51
Good Samaritan: Gold Cupcakes52
Mary and Martha: Sister Stew53
Parables: Glad-Face Cookies54
The Multitude: Loaves and Fishes Picnic55
Walking on Water: Sailboat in a Cup56
Triumphal Entry: Palm-Leaf Macaroons57
Cleansing Temple: Cracker Stacks58
Judas: Sticks and Stones Snack59
Last Supper: Passover Picnic60
Crucifixion: Hot Cross Buns61
Resurrection: Empty-Tomb Biscuits62
Ascension: Cream Puffs63
The Living Word: Scripture Cake64

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