God, Einstein, Existence, Cosmos, Life, Love, You: Love, In The Felicitous Expanse

God, Einstein, Existence, Cosmos, Life, Love, You: Love, In The Felicitous Expanse

by Lachlen Paul French


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There's a quiet search for meaning in us, as we live our lives. We know, or perhaps feel, that the mystery of existence in this marvelous universe has an orderly yet poetic resonance, as Life cascades over the years, and our many passages in living. We often look for science and spirituality to provide some relevance and meaningfulness in our depth of being. We subliminally long for those answers that will lift us up. Here they are. You found them. This moment is the new beginning we yearn for.

Great minds who bless our journey - like Jesus, Einstein, Gautama, Gibran, Rumi, Gandhi, Samuel, and others, we hope will feed that hungering we have, for understanding our place within the fullness of Divine Being, and in our earthly existence. Our beloved family and friends give tender meaning to our journey, but we secretly desire the very highest -- could it be we have a connection in the deepest oneness, with God? You have indeed found it. This, is the joy of finding that elegant elevation. The universe was made for hugs. Be here now, because it's only getting better. Science and spirituality actually do unite perfectly.

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ISBN-13: 9781535602518
Publisher: Event Horizon Publishing
Publication date: 11/21/2016
Pages: 440
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

About the Author

Achieving degrees in Theology, Communications, Science and Psychology he received undergraduate honors at Ambassador College. Entering the Communications Fine Arts Master's Program at USC, he taught Communication Theory and Speech Communication at university. A champion in racquetball, he played quarterback as well. Over 40 years in the scholarly research of quantum physics, he brings us the science uniting mathematics with consciousness and physics with metaphysics. He shows science reveals the mystery of cosmic-energy composing everything in the cosmos, including our very consciousness. In this fact he shows methods for re-identifying awareness away from ego through a depth-consciousness, in ancient experiential technologies which have been mostly forgotten.
His written credits over 19 years of writing include: 'Christ's Mystic Secret Returns'; 'Breath of Light'; 'Darwin's Fatal Admission'; 'Splendorous Light Within'; 'God, Einstein, Existence, Cosmos, Life, Love, You'; and 9 years retranslating for our modern minds the ancient scroll of Thomas. Discovered in 1945 after nearly 2000 years buried in Egypt's sand, he's written the 21st century translation: 'The Gospel According to Thomas - Christ's Recorded Sayings of Mastery'. He's also written 4 epic screenplays as well: 'Mystic Traveler I-III' & 'Aquarian Effect'.
The famed spiritual writer-teacher, William Samuel was his mentor and coincidentally his relative. Earlier he was the public speaking voice for the Barksdale Self-Esteem Foundation in California delivering seminars on realizing, and living true self-esteem. He started three firms in service industries, and was involved with one of the businesses going public. Today he remains a writer and public speaker uniting science and metaphysical awareness, inclusive of the realm of film making. His Beloved ... and adult children fill up his heart.

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God, Einstein, Existence, Cosmos, Life, Love, You: Love, In The Felicitous Expanse 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
TruthSeeker777 More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this mind-stretching, awareness-altering, satisfying compilation of life explanations. Just when I think “this is everything” ... there is so much more to Know, to Comprehend, to Experience! It is All Here in ONE PLACE – the quantum World, science, exceptional inspired interpretations & education in spiritual philosophies; that influenced us for centuries. I was amazed and inspired! ~ G.R. Rankin - Entrepreneur A joy and delight to read! The gift of seeing Life from the whole picture is evident here. This view of life is from high transcendence. It’s beyond our time-space limits, and human indoctrination. This book is liberating, stimulating. It explores metaphysics, Reality, God and transcendent states of Consciousness; with a bright loving, down-to-earth even humorous attitude. This is a path of Self Discovery. ~ Sandy Jones - Bookseller Wow! What a book. This is such an excellent read. It’s a book with so many thought-provoking insights that you want to read a chapter, and then take time to reflect on the content. I love a book that stimulates spiritual thought and contemplation, but at the same time provokes your internal compass to ‘chart a course back’ to Existence itself. That Content is brought forward in a very straight-forward non-combative approach to Life’s biggest questions regarding Life, Death and the Beliefs surrounding it ALL. ‘I knew I’d find this book.’ ~ John Chalk - Former Chief Executive
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lachlen Paul French is a scout; an explorer who’s ventured forth into unmapped territory; he sends back to civilization his ‘maps, sketches and insights’. His writing is vibrant, covering vast spiritual territory in mystical truths and spiritual technologies, yet conveniently expressed for our modern sensibilities. He presents so well this updated discourse merging spirituality and science, that we actually see it clearly. I feel gratitude and awe as he illuminates our nature in God’s nature. It transforms so much of what we have thought scripture was saying up till now. He shows us the most insightful facts and ancient truths, on the Essenes, Gnostics, ancient code language, and especially, on the God-breathed divine ability already belonging to each of us. For me, in all this, I so value his fresh insights, as they truly transform our understanding, and... our human being. ~ Barbara Patton Unger, Author - Gems of a Lifetime: Mining Light from Every Place
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! What a read! The author takes the reader on an amazing journey of unfoldment. A mind-expanding adventure, stretching our minds into the smallest particles to the broadest expanses of the universe, making the unfathomable, fathomable. Be sure to follow the authors advise to read it in the order given. IF you find yourself struggling to understand a concept presented, just be there with it – breathe into it. It is ok to accept that one concept may not be clear to you, at the present moment. But don’t give up, continue reading, because in the following pages and chapters you will find gems that will resonate and bring you to tears of joy and recognition. Give yourself the gift of reading every chapter to the end – you will be amazed. This book is clearly one to be revisited time and again. I am in gratitude.