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Get Ready for Physics / Edition 1

Get Ready for Physics / Edition 1

by Edward Adelson
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Get Ready for Physics helps you quickly prepare for your introductory physics course, either algebra-based or calculus-based. It provides useful tools for future success in the course. The booklet gives you tips on recognizing your individual learning styles and helps your maximize your study time. It helps you review the basic mathematics you will need for the course, including ratios, proportions, and graphs. It gives you a bird’s-eye preview of the major concepts and physical models so you start the course with a broad perspective of the key physical ideas and the knowledge of important terms that give students most trouble. The booklet concludes with a strong chapter on solving physics problems, replete with practice problems and examples, and with insights into answering conceptual and estimation type questions.

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ISBN-13: 9780321556257
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 07/06/2010
Series: Pearson Custom Library: Physics and Astronomy Series
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Dr. Adelson received his M. Sc. and Ph. D. degrees at The Ohio State University. Before concentrating on teaching, Dr. Adelson worked for 13 years in X-ray and neutron diffraction and in X-ray spectroscopy at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio.

After assisting a former Ohio State Physics Department Chair in managing the calculus-based course for science and engineering majors, and similarly assisting a former vice chair in a summer course for teaching assistants on teaching physics, Dr. Adelson taught the Ohio State summer course for many years and still continues as manager of the calculus-based introductory courses. After teaching short summer courses for minority students in the 1980s, he became concerned with the deficits in preparation of all non-traditional students. In 1989, he then started a “Preparation for Physics” course, which is still offered at Ohio State University.

Dr. Adelson has followed the progress of Physics Education Research since its early years. He has co-taught with Alan Van Heuvelen in consultation with Eugenia Etkina, been fortunate in visiting and observing Lillian McDermott’s Physics Education group at the University of Washington, has worked together with Leonard Jossem at Ohio State University, and has attended almost all Physics Education workshops given at American Association of Physics Teachers meetings. He has given many talks documenting the progress of the Preparation for Physics course at AAPT meetings.

Table of Contents

1 Study Skills: Know Yourself

Why Should I Study Physics? 3

To Thine Own Self Be True: Learning Styles 5

Getting Ready 12

I Hate to Lecture on This, but Can You Hear Me Now? 18

Passing Notes 20

How to Get the Most out of Recitations and Labs 24

Strength in Numbers: The Study Group 37

SQR Huh? How to Read a Physics Textbook 38

A Place to Call My Own: The Study Environment 41

My, How Time Flies! 43

Putting It to the Test 47

Through the Looking Glass: Individual Accountability 52

2 Using Math: Keep It In Proportion

Do You Still Remember These? 58

Math in Physics 59

Basic Math Operations 60

Scientific Notation 66

Algebra 68

More Complex Operations 71

Graphs 80

Trigonometry 90

Exponents, Logarithms, and Exponentials 100

Transferring Knowledge to New Contexts 107

3 Physics Concepts, Part I

Kinematics 116

Forces 125

Work and Energy 131

4 Physics Concepts, Part II

Electricity 144

Magnetism 165

Thermal Physics 167

Oscillations 172

Optics 178

Atomic and Nuclear Physics 182

5 Solving Problems

Systems, Models, Representations, and Strategies 188

Systems 191

Alternate Model: The Energy Model 197

Momentum: A Conservation Law for the Force Model 201

Sample More Complex Standard Physics Problem 204

Other Forces 207

Estimates 211

Units and Dimensions: Another Way of Checking Answers 220

Answering Conceptual Multiple-Choice Questions 221

Index 229

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