Get It Together For College, 4th Edition

Get It Together For College, 4th Edition

by The College Board


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Completely updated to cover critical new changes to FAFSA deadlines and college application procedures, this revised edition of Get It Together for College covers everything from how to look for colleges to what to take to the dorm. Checklists, timelines, and FAQs are presented in a practical, quick format that helps students relieve stress and take control of the process.

• complete junior-senior year calendar showing what to do and when to do it
• tips on how to wisely use social media to research colleges
• best ways to prepare for college admission tests, including the redesigned SAT
• step-by-step walk-through of the new FAFSA financial aid form
• how to put an art portfolio together, or prepare for a music audition
• how to get recommendations
• journal pages for campus visits and college fairs

Students and parents recognize the College Board and its #1 college planning website,, as providers of clear, easy-to-use tools for college planning. More than two million students visit each month.

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ISBN-13: 9781457309267
Publisher: College Board
Publication date: 07/03/2017
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 171,924
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Preface ix

How to Use this Book xi

My Organizer on xii

Chapter 1 The Big Calendar 1

Junior Year Month-by-Month 2

Senior Year Month-by-Month 13

Chapter 2 Make Sure You're on Track 25

What Colleges Are Looking For 26

Ninth-and Tenth-Grade Planner 28

Recommended High School Classes 29

High School Planning Worksheet 30

20 Questions to Ask Your School Counselor 32

What to Know About AP® 33

Extracurricular Tips 34

Extracurricular Archive 35

Top 10 Time-Management Tips 36

Your Personal Time-Making Machine 37

Summer Reading List 38

Notes Pages 40

Chapter 3 If You Want to Play Sports 43

Tips for the Student-Athlete 44

What to Include in a Sports Résumé 45

Sample Student-Athlete Résumé 46

Sample Student-Athlete Letter of interest 47

Notes Pages 48

Chapter 4 Finding Colleges You Like 51

Quick Start College Search Tips 52

10 Tips for Surfing College Websites 54

10 Tips for Using Social Media 56

Basic Choices to Make 58

Accreditation: Must Knows 60

Community College Fact Sheet 62

Your College Major 64

Matching Careers to Degrees 65

Step-by-Step Career Worksheet 66

Four "Top 10" Career Charts 68


College Fair Tip Sheet 71

20 Questions to Ask College Reps 72

College Fair Journal 73

What You Want Checklist 78

Your Short List of Colleges 80

Notes Pages 82

Chapter 5 Visiting Colleges 85

When to Visit Colleges 86

Campus Visit Checklist 87

Questions to Ask During the Visit 88

Sizing Up a Dorm Checklist 90

Campus Visit Journal 91

Chapter 6 Taking Tests 99

FAQs About the PSAT/NMSQT® 100

FAQs About AP Exams 101

FAQs About the Redesigned SAT® 102

The SAT at a Glance 104

Practice for Free 105

Multiple-Choice Strategies 106

More Practice Tips 107

Tips for Taking the SAT Subject Tests™ 108

SAT Test Day Tips/What to Bring 110

If You Need Accommodations 112

Test-Taking Timeline 114

Test-Taking Tracker 116

Notes Pages 118

Chapter 7 Completing the Applications 121

Application Basics 122

College Application Timeline 124

College Application Tracker 126

College Application FAQs 128

Online Application Dos and Don'ts 129

About the Common Application 130

What to Know About Applying Early 131

Guidelines for Getting Recommendations 132

Sample Recommendation Request Letter 133

Recommendation Cheat Sheet 134

Art Portfolio Prep Tips 138

Tips for a Winning Music School Audition 140

Home Schooled? 142

Notes Pages 143

Chapter 8 No-Sweat Application Essays 145

Three Steps to a Great College Essay 146

Topic Brainstorming Worksheet 148

Essay Writing Dos and Don'ts 150

First Draft Checklist 151

10 Sample Essay Questions 152

Notes Pages 153

Chapter 9 No-Sweat College Interviews 159

You Have to Interview 160

20 Interview Questions You Might Be Asked 162

20 Questions for You to Ask Your Interviewer 163

Interview Checklist 164

Notes Pages 165

Chapter 10 The Money Part 167

Senior Year Financial Aid Timeline 168

Financial Aid Application Tracker 170

10 Questions for the Financial Aid Office 172

Fill Out the EAFSA Step-by-Step 173

Fill Out the CSS Profile Step-by-Step 178

Compare Your Awards Worksheet 182

Questions to Ask About Your Financial Aid Award 183

Your College Loan Options 184

10 Essential Borrowing Tips 186

Finding Scholarships 187

Scholarship Matchmaker 188

How to Spot a Scholarship Scam 189

Scholarship Application Tracker 190

Notes Pages 192

Chapter 11 After the Letters Arrive 195

Next Steps After You're Accepted 196

Sample Thanks, But No Thanks Letter 198

What to Do If You're Wait-Listed 199

What to Do If You Don't Get in Anywhere 200

Choose Your Housing Options 201

Thinking of Living Off Campus? 202

Off-to-College Checklist 204

Shopping and Packing Tips 206

College Survival Tips 207

Notes Pages 208

Glossary 209

Contact List 217

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