The Geographical, Natural, and Civil History of Chili

The Geographical, Natural, and Civil History of Chili

by Giovanni Ignazio Molina


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Juan Ignacio Molina (1740-1829) was a Jesuit priest born in Chile but forced to flee to Europe after his religious order was expelled from the Spanish Empire in 1767. He settled in Bologna, Italy, and began to write a natural history of his homeland, which was first published in Italian in 1782 (he is also known as Giovanni Ignazio Molina). He completed a second volume on the history of the people of Chile in 1786, and a version of the book was in the library of HMS Beagle. This two-volume English translation was published in 1809, and also includes notes from other explorers, including a 1791 account of Chile by Pedro González de Agüeros (1768-93) and a 1774 description of Patagonia by Thomas Falkner (1707-84). Volume 2 covers the 'civil history' of Chile, discussing the indigenous people living there and the arrival of Spanish settlers.

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ISBN-13: 9781108049467
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 06/07/2012
Series: Cambridge Library Collection - Latin American Studies Series
Pages: 400
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Table of Contents

Author's preface; Part I: 1. Of the origin, appearance, and language, of the Chilians; 2. Conquest of the Peruvians; 3. State of Chili before the arrival of the Spaniards; 4. Political establishments; 5. First expedition of the Spaniards to Chili; 6. The Spaniards return to Chili; 7. The Copianins defeat a body of Spaniards; Part II: 1. Local situation, character, dress, and dwellings, of the Araucanians; 2. Division of the Araucanian state; 3. Military system of the Araucanians; 4. Division of the spoil; 5. System of religion and funeral ceremonies; 6. Division of time; 7. Rhetoric, poetry; 8. Pride of the Araucanians; 9. Matrimony and domestic employments; 10. Food; Part III: 1. The Araucanians attack the Spaniards; 2. Caupolican appointed Toqui; 3. The Spaniards abandon Puren; 4. Vilagran raises the sieges of Imperial and Valdivia; 5. Don Garcia of Mendoza arrives at Chili; 6. Don Garcia orders twelve Ulmenes to be hanged; 7. Expedition of Don Garcia to Chiloe; 8. Successes of Caupolican the Second; Part IV: 1. The toqui Antiguenu recommences the war; 2. Paillataru elected Toqui; 3. Establishment of the Court of Royal Audience; 4. Government of the Marquis de Villahermosa; 5. The toqui Guanoalco takes the forts; 6. The toqui Paillamachu kills Loyola; 7. Second unfortunate government of Garcia Ramon; 8. Daring enterprises; 9. Continuation of the war; 10. A brief account of the wars; 11. Present state of Chili; An essay on the Chilian language; Appendices.

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