Genesis of Genius: Power Arc Your Potential for Greatness in Your Life, Work & World

Genesis of Genius: Power Arc Your Potential for Greatness in Your Life, Work & World

by Julie Ann Turner


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* SPECIAL * Instant BONUSES, including 1) Full-Color SPARKS OF GENIUS eBook, featuring 100+ Global Visionaries, 2) the Complete full-color GENESIS OF GENIUS 3-Book Series on Kindle eBook AND as a Printable .pdf, with 3) full-color, Step-by-Step Worksheets, Checklists & more, plus our 4) QUICK-START GUIDE - all yours FREE * when you purchase and register your full-color print GENESIS OF GENIUS Book now * *** Already an Amazon Bestseller & #3 in Hot New Releases in Creativity * It's Time to Claim the Genius Within You ... GENESIS OF GENIUS: A Journey of Discovery from Da Vinci to Oprah that Reveals the Single, Startling Principle the Greatest Creative Minds throughout History Used to Consciously Shift to Success in Their Lives, Work & World . . . GENESIS OF GENIUS is your step-by-step, visual guide to consciously creating the life, work & world you most desire. Some have called it "The Master Sequence Behind 'The Secret'" - but it is that - and much more than that. From ancient creators from Plato to Leonardo Da Vinci, on to modern-day models like Oprah and Steve Jobs - they were all operating from one universal principle, one Conscious Shift in Worldview, that enabled them to not only imagine the next level of success, but to walk step by step into it. This is your guide to do the same. GENESIS OF GENIUS gives you everything you need to succeed, in a simple, step-by-step, visual system - including a printed, full-color Master Guidebook, with vivid, visual worksheets to turn your dreams into reality ... plus the complete GENESIS OF GENIUS 3-Book series on eBook ($149 value) and exclusive Online Resources (videos, interviews, forums and more), when you register your book with us. REGISTER YOUR BOOK (& Receive $189+ Value in Bonuses!) - when you Buy the Book, and REGISTER YOUR BOOK with us - at GenesisofGeniusBook(dot)com - you'll immediately receive your complete, full-color GENESIS OF GENIUS 3-Book series on eBook ($149 value), access to exclusive Online Resources - plus special bonuses of the SPARKS OF GENIUS eBook and the GENESIS OF GENIUS Quick-Start Guide. > This complete collection gives you an essential Master Study Kit, in a simple, step-by-step, visual system, so that you have everything you need to succeed - enabling you to discover your Signature Genius - the gifts you were born to offer the world, that will unlock a profitable business you love, as you inspire the world and transform the lives of your ideal tribe of clients through your creatively packaged services and experiences ... so you, too, may consciously create success - and make the impact and income you desire in your life, work and world!

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ISBN-13: 9781933628028
Publisher: Creator's Guide Press
Publication date: 10/03/2013
Pages: 306
Sales rank: 1,102,430
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

After achieving success in both global corporate and advertising/PR agency worlds, your GENESIS OF GENIUS Author and Guide, JULIE ANN TURNER, embarked on a quest - at first, to discover and live out her own true life purpose.

And then, along the way, Julie Ann was guided on a journey back to the earliest known sacred writings of humankind ... through philosophy, theology, and psychology ... and on through traditional science, quantum physics, and systems theory ...

... to discover the true GENESIS OF GENIUS - and to distill the universal principles, visual archetypes, and fractal stages and steps of the master creative process itself - which all thought leaders and visionaries throughout time have used to create success after success.

Now, inside these pages, Julie Ann will share with you this visual, step-by-step POWER ARC sequence - so you, too, may consciously create success - and make the impact and income you desire in your life, work and world!

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