by Ken Shufeldt

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When an old manuscript holding the secrets of human extinction is found, two children with strange powers must set out to save the human race.

A strange 100,000 year-old manuscript in a long-forgotten language has been the basis for all the major religions throughout history. Lost and buried in a sarcophagus during the Second Iraq War, it holds the secrets of human birth—and extinction.

Two children are born with transcendent talents and preternatural powers beyond human comprehension. Only they understand the magnitude of the disaster to come. They are the last, best hope for human survival.

Indelibly bonded, these enigmatic youths -- this brave new Adam and Eve -- are thrown against their wills into a headlong race to save the world.

Genesis reads like Left Behind on steroids!” -- Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author of Blasphemy

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ISBN-13: 9781429939706
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates
Publication date: 08/03/2010
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 562,838
File size: 295 KB

About the Author

KEN SHUFELDT was born in Kansas and raised in the West Texas Panhandle. He served in the US Navy for a number of years before leaving to begin a career in computer programming, where he specializes in law enforcement system software and 911 dispatch software. The author of Genesis, Tribulations, and Rebellion, he lives and works in Amarillo, Texas, and is currently at work on his next novel.
Ken Shufeldt was born in Kansas and raised in the West Texas Panhandle. He served in the US Navy for a number of years before leaving to begin a career in computer programming, where he specializes in law enforcement system software and 911 dispatch software. The author of Genesis, Tribulations, and Rebellion, he lives and works in Amarillo, Texas.

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Chapter One

 It was later March of 1992 in the Colorado mountains. Ben and Mary West were returning from Mary’s mother’s funeral in Denver, Colorado. They were on I-25 not too far from Colorado Springs when they ran into an unexpected snowstorm.

"I can’t see the road," Ben said. "Can you see anything on your side?"

Mary rolled down the window and leaned her head out to try to see the side of the road.

"We’re still on the road, but I can barely see the edge," Mary said.

He didn’t want her to know he was starting to get worried.

"This old Chevy can go through anything. It’s never let us down, and it’s not going to now." 

He leaned farther over the steering wheel trying to get a better view, but it wasn’t working. The windshield wipers simply couldn’t keep up with the snowfall.

"Can you still see the road on your side?"

"Yes, I can, but I’m getting cold. What are we going to do?"

He didn’t have enough gas for them to pull over and try to wait it out, so he knew he had to keep going.

He glanced over at Mary to see how she was doing. She was due at any time with their first child, and they were anxious to get back to their home in Clayton, New Mexico, so their family doctor could deliver the baby.

He was trying to drive and look at a map to determine how far outside of Colorado Springs they were.

"Watch out! You’re going to hit the post."

He tried to swerve, but instead of turning away, they skidded into the road sign.

When they hit the post, it pushed the radiator into the fan, stalling the motor. The impact ripped the post out of the ground, and wedged it into the front grille.

When they slammed to a stop, Ben hit his head on the side of the window. The impact threw Mary off the seat and wedged her between the seat and the dashboard.

As his head started to clear, he cried out, "Honey, are you all right? Are you hurt? Please get up."

She struggled, trying to get her pregnant body back into the seat, but as she did, she went into labor.

"I don’t feel very well. Please help me, I’m scared."

His mind raced ahead to all the things that could go wrong, and then he remembered what his dad had always told him about worry.

He would say, "Some people waste their whole lives worrying. But the truth is eighty percent of the things they are worrying about never happen, and the other twenty percent they couldn’t have done anything to prevent anyway."

He started to calm down and asked again, "Are you hurt?"

"My shoulder hurts, and I’m having cramps."

"Those aren’t cramps. It’s the baby."

"It can’t come now. What are we going to do?"

He tried to make her as comfortable as possible, and then he tried to start the car so he could get it back up on the road. As the engine tried to turn over, the fan made a horrible noise as it hit the radiator.

Now he was worried. His young wife was in labor, and his car was lying wrecked in the bottom of a ditch in the middle of a blinding snowstorm.

He wasn’t sure how far it was to the nearest help, but he knew it was probably too far to walk in the snow. Not wanting her to worry, he told her. "I’ll get the post out of the radiator, and we’ll be on our way in just a minute."

As he worked to pull the signpost out of the grille, he noticed it said, glen eyrie 2 miles.

Once he removed the signpost, he used a tire tool to pry the radiator back from the fan as far as he could.

He got back in and tried to start the engine again. This time it started, but it was still making an awful racket.

He decided even if he burned the motor out, he was going to try for the town on the sign.

"We’re going to Glen Eyrie and get some help. I don’t know how big of a town it is, but they should at least have a phone."

This was their first time through the area, so they didn’t know Glen Eyrie wasn’t a town. It was a luxury hotel.

He gunned the Suburban backward out of the ditch and onto the access road which ran along I-25. Once on the road, he turned down the narrow two-lane road toward Glen Eyrie.

As he powered around the corner, he was praying. "Lord, please let me get Mary to this town, and let the baby be all right."

It was only two miles to Glen Eyrie, but it seemed like forever as the Suburban labored through the drifting snow. The wind was blowing at least forty miles an hour, and some of the drifts were already more than a foot deep. As he was straining to see through the blinding snow, he spotted the lights of Glen Eyrie.

"We made it, honey, and everything is going to be all right."

As the lights became clear, he could see it wasn’t a town, it was a guard shack with two Marines inside. He pulled in, stopped beside the guard shack, and shut the Suburban off.

A Marine sergeant stepped out into the blowing snow to find out what they wanted. Ben recognized the Heckler & Koch P9S nine-millimeter automatic on his hip and the Heckler & Koch MP5 machine gun on his shoulder. When he was in the Marines, the SEAL teams they trained with carried them.

The Marine stepped up to the running board and said, "This is a restricted area, and I’m going to have to ask you to turn around and go back to the main road."

Ben didn’t know what to say, but he knew his old Suburban wouldn’t make it to Colorado Springs.

"My wife’s in labor. We were just in an accident. My car’s running hot, and it won’t make it to town."

The sergeant leaned in the window so he could get a better look. He saw Ben was telling the truth. Even though it was no more than ten degrees out, he could see the sweat rolling down her face, and it looked like she was in pain.

The sergeant wasn’t sure what to do. His orders clearly stated he was not to admit any civilians to the facility without prior clearance.

He turned to the guard shack, and called to the other Marine on duty with him. "Get the lieutenant on the intercom. I need to ask him what to do."

He looked at Ben and said, "Please wait here. I’m going to find out what I can do with you two."

The lieutenant had just gotten an update on the weather forecast. There was a massive arctic weather system moving into the area, and the weather was only going to get worse for the next eight hours.

They were supposed to have finished moving the facility today. Due to the worsening weather, he had put off the closing and the transfer of the artifact back to the Sandia facility until the weather system had passed.

When the sergeant called, he already knew the weather conditions were bad and getting worse by the minute.

"We have a couple of civilians at the front gate. Their Suburban is in bad shape, and the lady is in labor," the sergeant said.

The lieutenant quickly made up his mind to allow them to enter.

"Send them up. No, wait. You lead them up so they don’t get lost."

The sergeant hung up the phone and told the other Marine, "I’m going to lead these folks up to the castle. I’ll be back as soon as I get them checked in.

"Follow me, and I’ll take you up to Glen Eyrie."

"I can’t tell you how much we appreciate this," Ben West said.

The Suburban was still making horrible noises, but they managed to cover the mile or so to the castle.

Excerpted from Genesis by Ken Shufeldt.
Copyright © 2009 by Ken Shufeldt.Published in June 2009 by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC.

All rights reserved. This work is protected under copyright laws and reproduction is strictly prohibited. Permission to reproduce the material in any manner or medium must be secured from the Publisher.

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Genesis 2.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the worst book that I have read in five years. Do not waste your money, time, or energy on this book. That said, I will be more specific as to this book is so terrible. The dialogue and character development (or lack thereof) are easily the worst aspects of this book. The author is capable of writing pages on end without any dialogue whatsoever, and what little dialogue the book contains sounds forced and robotic. I understand that most of the characters are supposed to be either geniuses or highly educated people, and thus may speak with more formality than the average person. However, this author appears to have never heard of contractions! Also, every single character in the book (not an exaggeration) speaks in exactly the same manner. If you read only the dialogue, you wouldn't be able to tell which character was speaking at a given time. The characters are all entirely flat and static, and have no personality whatsoever. At one point, the author mentions that a character's favorite music is playing, but we the readers have absolutely no idea what sort of music this might be. The characters have no distinct traits to set them apart from another (one character's interest in medicine and another's in physics does not count!). The plot is thin and straightforward. The protagonists don't run into any obstacles, and there is almost no tension in the novel. The author doesn't seem to know how to write anything other than direct exposition. The entire books reads in a "this happened, then this happened" style, similar to the way grade-schoolers write. The author seems to be unaware of the adage that a thesaurus is a writer's best friend. The novel is dull because the author is unfamiliar with the concept of synonyms. An example of this can be found towards the beginning of the book, when the author uses the word "artifact" at least four times in a span of two paragraphs. Although this is an apocalyptic novel, it is impossible for the reader to actually care what happens to any of the characters, since they are so flat that they never seem to leave the page and leap into life. The initial premise was interesting enough, but everything past the beginning of this novel is completely predictable. The author should have sold the idea to someone else who could actually write. Instead, this came out as an amalgamation of every literary editor's worst nightmares.
isha More than 1 year ago
When I bought this book I thought ok this seems like something I would read. Then I started reading and could not put this book down. I read this in one day and wanted to know more. What happens to the survivors, what happens to Billy and Linda, etc. I was left wanting more right now. Hopefully Ken Shufelot with write more!
Lisa042 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is possibly the worst book I've ever read. The author is so biased in polarizing his characters into "good" or "evil" that the reader is given no choice to empathize with the "bad" guys or able to like the "good" guys; the main characters are flat and dull and sickly sweet; there's no crisis or tension - the plot trundles along and everyone knows exactly what to do to solve the problems; and the writing is childish and preachy. I gave it half a star for the fact that unlike most books, the author took the characters past Earth's demise, and whoever wrote the back blurb made it sounds pretty interesting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No characters Bad dialogs Don't buy
Joem More than 1 year ago
This is a new series and well written. Interesting story. Joe
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow, where do I start. You can put this one in your bathroom, and I don't mean for reading. This is the worst book I have ever read. I agree with every bad review given so far. The writing is horrible. I agree with the reviewer who wanted to know how this one slipped past the publisher. Didn't anyone at Tom Doherty Associates read this. The person who approved this for printing should go back to his job of approving dog food can labels. After I got over the initial shock of how atrocious this novel was it actually became comical. I read it purely for the comedic value and the laugh out loud absurdity of dialog, plot, pace etc. Looking for a good novel? Pass this one by. Looking for a good laugh? You may enjoy this one.
darspage More than 1 year ago
It doesn't seem to fit with the Left Behind, but has another theory for a reason that earth needs to get ready for end of life, the rush to do it, and how they do it. It is dramatic, a little romance, a lot of action, and all in all I loved the book, took only a few hours to read, and hated that it ended. Would like to read the book that starts where this one ends. The author tied everything together. One thing I thought odd was the totally complete sentences everyone spoke in...not really true to life, but that's a small issue. This is definitely a 5 star book on my list.
Love2ReadKR More than 1 year ago
I am not sure what book the other reviewers were reading, but this was a HORRIBLE book. The writing is middle school level AT BEST. The dialog was amateurish. ("Okay. I'm going to ___. Then I'm going to ____." "Okay, then I will do ___, and then I'll do ___") I started counting how many times a paragraph began, "No problem." and then continued with dialog. I found one page where that happened THREE TIMES. Repeatedly referring to a major character by his first and last name ... Larry Sheldon this, Larry Sheldon that. Had to be a way to create more PAGES. Shoving a sentence or two in the middle as an afterthought to explain what happened to another character. He did this to TWO characters. One died after we were led to believe there was going to be some cure. But then again, we weren't treated to ANY of that. He went to the hospital and then later: "Where's ___?" "Oh, I forgot to tell you. He's dead. I'm sorry." I was surprised the reply wasn't, "No problem. You tried." And another character who was really minor got a sentence. He died of a massive heart attack. Beginning and end of his story in one sentence. Woohoo! I would like to know who this author's editor was so I can write to his employer and suggest they let him go. This story was neither well written nor well-edited. The author must have received ZERO guidance from anyone with any literary background or skill. I forced myself to read this book. Why? I'll tell you what I told my husband every night when he asked, "What are you doing?" "I'm reading a really bad book," I'd reply. "Why are you reading it?" "Because I paid $8.00 for it." Don't make the same mistake ... don't buy this book. It is the WORST BOOK I have ever read. Seriously. Bad bad bad.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought that this book was extremely good and I enjoyed it so much! The story was very touching and thought-provoking. The only problem I saw was that it wasn't quite long enough. So many HUGE things happened in such a small amount of time and I think that some of the conversations would be less stilted and you would be able to get to know the characters a little better. I hope this book is the beginning of a series and not a one-time-thing! I can't WAIT for the next one!
Teherus More than 1 year ago
Someone recommended it, he knew I was a 'futurist'. It wasn't what I expected, that's good. This author is requested to continue the story in at least 5 sequels. I read it twice, and will keep it for a long long time.
GGMom More than 1 year ago
The plot is okay although it has been done before. The characters are stilted, no one speaks in this manner. I can not believe the editor/publisher let the phrasing get passed. I keep plodding along, reading, waiting for some improvement. Does not seem to be happening.