Gamefowl Breeders Manual And Cockers Guide

Gamefowl Breeders Manual And Cockers Guide

by Kenny Troiano


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Like the first, this book is a collection of articles written by Kenny Troiano, for Magazines such as "The Gamecock," the "Grit & Steel," and the "Poultry Press." It's a project that has spanned over five years. This book has over three-hundred pages of good information, ranging from Genetics to Selective Breeding. It covers subjects, such as the principles of inheritance, breeding tendencies of American Games, and the fundamentals of breeding.

Unlike the articles that were published in the magazines, this book is complete and unabridged.

This book is a guide to the principles, laws and practices of breeding. Although it can be used for all types of fowl, its main focus is on the breeding and perpetuation of the picture-perfect American Games.

Written for the apprentice, as well as, the seasoned cocker, it explains why and how American Games should look, act and perform, and how to keep them that way. It also explains how to improve them and to create the fowl of your dreams.

This book is well illustrated. It contains many specially prepared, accurate, and clear drawings, illustrations that are as informative as the text. Many are drawn by artist Diane Jacky, who is one of the world's foremost living artists of poultry and pigeons. We feel she has really out done herself with her work on American Games.

This book is a goldmine of facts and information. Every modern cocker and backyard breeder who is serious about breeding high quality American Games should have this book as part of their library. There is no doubt, in the future, that this book will be the indispensible companion of all breeders.

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Publication date: 03/14/2011
Pages: 328
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Author Kenny Troiano again explores four key elements necessary to achieve great success in the breeding of superior fowl. Kenny shows how to select the right fowl for breeding, and the best methods of breeding to produce the best fowl possible necessary for achievement. He explains further how to know the results of every mating before you even put the birds together. He shows you how to create, maintain and improve a strain. And he shows you how to overcome the many difficulties that can arise when breeding gamefowl and chickens, and how to continue moving forward no matter the results. This book is a must for anyone wanting to create their own strain or improve the quality of their fowl.