Fun Recipes, Cooking With Your Kids

Fun Recipes, Cooking With Your Kids

by Charlotte Rodgers


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Fun Recipes: Cooking With Your Kids is the perfect way to enjoy spending time with your children while making a healthy and delicious meal. With hundreds of creative and easy to make recipes for lunch, snacks, and everything in between, the book has something for everyone, whether your kids like their "Pizza on Rye" or prefer an "Armchair Quarterback Crunch."

Compiled by Charlotte Rodgers, Fun Recipes brings a child's joy back into the kitchen without sacrificing culinary excellence. Ms. Rodgers understands that what motivates kids to eat is partly based on what the food is, how involved they are in making it, and how the food is ultimately presented to them. "Teddy Bear Carousel" combines gummi bears, apples, peanut butter, and a fun suggestion for presentation to create the perfect mid-morning snack. "Wagons," meanwhile, jazzes up traditionally mellow celery into an inspiring, imaginative display, sure to energize not only your kids' bodies, but their minds, too.

The book even has a "Gross But Fun" section for those kids who won't eat anything that doesn't sound like it should come with a warning! "Brain Cell Salad" makes a fun treat out of jello, cottage cheese, and blueberries, with a serving size for "6 psycho surgeons." "Brains on the Half Skull" transforms spaghetti and potatoes into a gruesome feast. Perfect for active kids with vivid imaginations, this section of recipes will satisfy even the most recalcitrant, fantasy-prone eaters.

Best of all, the recipes are written to encourage young chefs to demonstrate their so-called chops in the kitchen. Using clear, playful language, Charlotte Rodgers crafts the ideal introduction to learning how to do something simply by reading instructions in a book.

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