From Beholding to Becoming: Praying through the Life of Christ

From Beholding to Becoming: Praying through the Life of Christ


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In the Bustle of Our Busy Lives, why should we make time to meditate on the life of Christ? Because, says Kim Coleman Healy, beholding is intimately linked to becoming.

In From Beholding to Becoming, Healy explains that as we meditate on Christ's words, actions, and responses, we are gradually transformed into his image. Recounting events from Christ's life in brief, appealing chapters, Healy opens each vignette with a short, reflective reading designed to inspire prayerful reflection. Presenting these narrative events as a series of "mysteries," she consistently returns to the great mystery of Christian redemption: "Christ in you, the hope of glory."

Healy's commentary is enriched throughout with prayers and readings from the Psalms, the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, and an array of Christian theologians and spiritual writers. Each engaging chapter closes with a list of scripture references for further meditation. From Beholding to Becoming is both a transforming new tool for private devotion and a rich resource for prayer groups, Bible studies, and adult Christian education.

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ISBN-13: 9781587431029
Publisher: Brazos Press
Publication date: 08/28/2004
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.08(w) x 7.30(h) x 0.85(d)

Table of Contents

Why Pray through the Life of Christ?11
Why Should We Meditate on the Life of Christ?13
Why "Mysteries"?17
How to Use This Book19
Mysteries of Joy
The Annunciation25
The Visitation28
The Nativity30
The Presentation34
The Finding in the Temple37
Mysteries of Manifestation
The Baptism of the Lord41
The Temptation in the Desert44
The Calling of Simon Peter47
The Wedding at Cana50
The Sermon in Nazareth53
Mysteries of Healing
A Leper59
A Centurion's Slave62
A Withered Hand65
A Woman with a Hemorrhage68
Jairus's Daughter71
Mysteries of Mercy
A Paralytic77
Tax Collectors and Sinners79
A Penitent Woman82
The Woman at the Well85
The Adulterous Woman88
Mysteries of Growth
Seeds and Soils93
Wheat and Tares96
Yeast and Mustard Seeds100
Sparrows and Lilies103
Vines and Fig Trees106
Mysteries of Power
Mysteries of the Kingdom
The Wedding Banquet129
The Widow and the Judge132
The Vineyard Workers135
The Talents138
The Wicked Tenants141
Mysteries of Jerusalem
The Anointing in Bethany147
The Triumphal Entry150
The Lament over Jerusalem153
The Cleansing of the Temple156
The Last Supper159
Mysteries of Sorrow
The Lash168
The Crown of Thorns171
The Way of the Cross174
The Crucifixion177
Mysteries of Glory
High Priesthood193
Second Coming197

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