Freed by Love: Nothing But the Drama

Freed by Love: Nothing But the Drama

by Sharmel N. Robinson


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A real sense of the poetic. Sharmel writes with a free pen, relating life experience without apology or celebration, but with enough pride and arrogance to say "I'm here now." Listen up!

Robinson has an exceptional sense of poetic cadence. Her poetry, raps, rocks, shimmies, bumps and sometimes grinds with emotion, life and vitality. Her free-verse rhyming style is easy to read, clear and lively.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780595188376
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/29/2001
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

Table of Contents

Freed By Love!1
I'm Not In Love With You!4
What Are You Looking For?6
I Used To Love Him Too!8
I Used To Love Him Too! II10
Nothing Even Matters, Anymore!12
I Want Love, But Love Doesn't Want Me?14
I Still Want To Be You Lady!16
Was It Really Love? The Love That I Never Had18
I Don't Want To Be Free!20
Do You See That We Can Be?22
Where's The Love?24
When Did I Become The Other Woman?26
Chum's In The Name Of Love28
It's Okay30
I'll Be Your Sweet Lady32
Memories, Memories34
Love Me36
It Is Love Part II37
Last Night I Slept With A Killer39
It Is Love41
Happy Valentines Day44
Deliciously Melting45
Un-Restricted Access46
Ex Man/Next Man48
Dead Beat Dad50
I Made The Wrong Damn Decision51
I'll Show You Romance52
A Good Single, Independet Man53
You Waited For Me54
Emotionally Raped55
Stupid Love56
Love Will See Us Through59
Things Will Get Better60
The Ride Stops Here61
Sometimes It Takes A Woman To Change A Man63
I Can't Believe Yo Ass Ain't Shit65
Career Criminal67
When Is It Time To Tell The Truth?69
Give Up The Fight70
Homiez 95 Flood71
You Said You Loved Me72
I Never Loved You74
Get A Life76
Your Mind First Sex Later...77
Enough Is Enough78
Was I The Lie, That You Took For A Ride79
What Kind Of A Man Are You Now?81
Forgive Me83
Out Of Control85
All Toys Can't Be Played With87
Alone And Abandoned89
I Have Ram For You91
I'm Horny For You Honey93
Intro To Love95
All I Need Is You97
Mine After Dark98
Rain In The Mirror?100
Seen enough, Heard enough, Said enough!102
You With Me & Me With You104
Emotionally Challenged106
The Fire Is Yet And Still Kindled108
A Revelation Of Adoration110
I'm Tired Babe112
Merry Christmas To A Dear Friend113
I Appreciate You114
Baby, I Know I Screwed Up!116
Momma Didn't Raise No Fool118
The Man I Marry120
You Can Go/I Don't Want You No More121
I Ain't Taking No More122
A Love Turned Bad123
I Hope I'm Not Pregnant124
What's Wrong With Me?125
You Should Have Been Home126
I Thought I Knew Love127
I Can't Make You Love Me129
Bye, Unhappy Love130
Volunteer Liar131
I'm In Trouble Sick & Bound132
Join Me In Celibacy134
Where My Big Dick Brotha's At?136
You Should Have Been Here Last Night139
Speak The Real141
Damn, That Man143
Today I'm Throurh145
Not A Day Goes By146
That's All That I Can Say148
You Want Me To Call You Daddy?150
I May Not Appear To Be Free152
I Committed Murder154
If The Sky Fell, I'd Still Be In Love156
Has Love Ever Met You?158
Escaping The Ghetto160
Your Queen162
I'm Still In Love With You164
Mr. Right, Where Are You?166
Silent, In The Maze Of Love168
Just Because I'm Celibate, Does Not Mean I Like Women!170
Holla Back?172
Take Yo Ass Home!174
Who's Crazy Now?176
Send My Man Home!178
The Last Dance180
Freed By Love II182
Freed By Love II187
(Sample Poem) From Freed By Love Ii, "Drama Free" Contemplating Salvation189
(Sample Poem) From Freed By Love Iii, "Ready To Love Again"192
About the Author197
Special Thank You's199

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