Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories

by K S Gentleman


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This is a poetry book. This is about the memories, the ups and downs of life.

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ISBN-13: 9781504916806
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/21/2015
Pages: 650
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.44(d)

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Forgotten Memories

By K S Gentleman


Copyright © 2015 K S Gentleman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-1680-6


    Tension Free Life Gone

    Days of living, tension free life, gone
    Since when life's terminal era in tone
    Ah! Woe to time's nod, how distressing!
    Old age brought what fatal ailments unknown
    Night's sleep, day's peace, all gone away
    That's why, these guys remain woe-begone
    Heart biting depression's obsession
    Paralysing mortal frame to the bone
    Where have gone yonder olden golden days?
    Being torn apart, soul cries for its bygone
    What's once passed, never back again
    Time never looks back, goes on and on
    Heart comes to mouth when past remembered
    And autumn in life is full blown
    How helpless, lonesome, in life old man feels
    Even his own kin's heart turn into stone
    Process of body function almost fails
    Need for getting help to survive grown
    Life seems burdensome to live furthermore
    Those who once trustworthy turn self-prone
    Those who bragged loyalty till tomorrow
    In need, never knows where they have flown
    Everybody kneels before rising sun
    Unknown they are now, whom you were well known
    Nobody's trust worthy to believe
    We come alone here and we go alone
    Life is to perish later or sooner
    Old age is worst of all ages ever known
    There are folks who dare to bear old age shocks
    For those who're weak, they are living icons
    Earthly cage gets unfit for breathing breath
    Soul flutters to get out of the mortal zone
    Old age is the most tragic period
    Soul within tries to take off what's put on!

    Rapid Shots of Incessant Thoughts

    Rank and file
    Royal style
    All the while
    Sing and smile
    Son of the gun
    Have a fun
    Do not stun
    Say to none
    What is done
    All well done
    But don't run
    Come anon
    Shrinking shun
    Cuz its fun
    Life short lived
    That's quite vivid
    Open mind's lid
    Make sure you kid
    Don't get skid
    Almost in mid
    Time is short
    World a resort
    Man a tourist
    Came on visit
    When journey ends
    Never extends

    Inch by inch
    Time inching
    Pinch by pinch
    Mind flinching
    Second passing
    Minute passing
    Hour passing
    Days passing

    Week passing
    Months passing
    Year passing
    Decade passing
    Century passing
    Millennium passing
    Time passing
    Passing passing

    What life was
    Indeed past
    Not life is
    In live present
    Nor like be
    In coming future
    Cause that be
    The law of nature

    Law is a law
    Without flaw
    Where there's injustice
    That is mal-practice
    No one ever happy
    Cuz its carbon copy
    Change is good if for good
    Else its not, as it should

    Life's a game
    Play sans shame
    Fear from blame
    It hits one's name
    It hits one's fame
    Soneeds to tame

    Life's a play
    Play part play
    Do not delay
    Do not stay
    Play is life
    Stay demise

    Love your life
    Love your wife
    Love your child
    Don't be wild
    Can't defile
    Own profile
    Can't beguile
    All the while
    Family first
    Else all rest
    That's the test
    Come out best

    Life is boon
    Reap it soon
    It's short livid
    Its that vivid
    Don't conflict
    Get not addict

    Merrily to come
    Merrily to go
    Money makes chum
    The wild mare go
    Being near the shore
    Danger not ignore
    Who whistle blows
    Hush don't expose
    Do not forget
    You have to get
    Out, as the best
    You must trust
    Get self first
    At will's behest

    If you pay heed
    God will speed
    Sow good seed
    Also well feed
    Soon it comes out
    Wow! What a shoot
    How well sprout
    No doubt about
    Out, out and out
    Throughout and out
    Till it fully grows
    Into a blooming rose
    Time to play flute
    Sing sonorous duet
    Do not keep mute
    Its bearing fruit
    Its wonderful time
    Merry x'mas bells chime
    Good life to every body
    Long life to every body
    We are all together
    Thanking our God father
    For 'His' blessing
    Dancing glancing
    Let's play-halla-lu-jah
    Let's say-Halla-lu-jah
    God is great, up to date
    'Tis 'His' tweet, do not cheat
    Live with love
    No arrogancy
    Kills innocency
    Always yield
    In life's field
    Never sticks
    Often pricks
    Be gentle
    Not mental
    Not sentimental
    All detrimental

    Be good to everybody
    But not bloody bloody
    Better mind study
    But no huddy duddy
    To help be ready
    Stay firm and steady
    If you have
    Don't show back
    Be like a good man
    Give others if you can
    Never be proud
    Yourself about
    Speak not loud
    Midst the crowd
    Thundering cloud
    Seldom rain
    Man in the shroud
    Feels no pain
    As long as is life
    Keep singing merrily
    It's divine prize
    Live life happily
    When the life gonna end
    Nobody gonna extend
    Whether your foe, or your friend
    You must got to apprehend
    Life to end
    It will end
    In second
    Ere it ends
    Mend your trend
    For dividend
    Then say bye
    To all guys

    Its tragedy
    To leave body-
    Cage of soul
    In a role
    For a goal
    Cage is mortal
    Soul immortal
    Cage to decay
    On any day
    Soul fly away
    Without delay
    So that be all
    Of life we call

    Soul, body and mind
    When they all combined
    Then comes into being
    So called living being
    Capable of doing
    Whatever he wooing
    Moving and grooving
    Feeling and healing
    Munching and crunching
    Hearing and fearing

    As that glows comes out of the mist
    So that glow goes into the mist

    But what's that glow
    Nobody doth know
    It is an unknown mystery
    Since very beginning buddy
    And will remain unknown mystery
    For all the time to come buddy

    Dead Would Be He, Who Forgets 'Him'

    Life is full of blessing
    Thank God we surpassing
    Life is one time gift
    Won't get again, if thinking

    We have winsome world to see
    Hills, sea and valleys charming
    To cogitate, beyond earth
    Have mind to accessing

    We gonna move any where
    Enjoy whatever bracing
    Fire water, and air
    Fresh food, shelter and clothing

    We can sing, we can smile
    Crave whatever we craving
    All boons we have in life
    Even fresh breeze to breathing

    It would be death to forget God
    father's benign blessing He
    made us like 'His' image
    Let's not this we forgetting

    Like 'Him' let's hail others
    By bracing, gracing and embracing
    It's so easy to know God
    Through love, long and tracing

    He is every where in the world
    No run around chasing
    Just get lost in yourself
    And you find 'Him' facing

    Material wealth have no worth
    Except mind harassing
    Love not wealth for mental health
    Its possession keeps depressing
    No bliss without 'His' worship
    What life sans 'His' name possessing

    Shed tears in love for 'Him'
    Atonce answers love calling
    Them 'He' always remember
    With 'Him' in love who falling!

    God's Creation

    God created creation how perfectly
    No one can describe it precisely
    It is like huge magic mirror
    Reflecting reflection accordingly
    Different viewers have different perception
    And they view reflection differently
    It is the mind who gives cognizance
    Else mirror is same for every body
    Happy man looks happy, cuz looks happily
    And sad man looks sad cuz looks sadly
    There is no dearth of boons in God's creation
    On-lookers should set channel mindfully
    A happy mind find happiness
    Instead of being sad why not be happy
    God gives the same mirror to every body
    Its for them to see gladly or sadly
    Look at the heart how wonderful device
    Work day and night non-stop regularly
    What to say of mind, head of body
    Its importance self-explanatory
    Mind of man made him image of God
    Its part to world progress is exemplary
    God left no stone unturned to make world fit
    For living everything on earth nicely
    It's our moral duty to worship God
    Who gave us life to live merrily

    Infatuation Breeds Distraction

    Live in the world but don't get fixed
    End of the day, all be gonna mixed
    Infatuation breeds distraction
    Beware of its web, else be ditched
    He who craves not for mundane riches
    By their tinsel glare seldom bewitched
    What can worldly pleasures seduce mind
    Who knows if yielded, hard to be flinched
    Better it is to stay at an arms length
    Than to live closer and to get pricked
    Sincere fellows are seldom found
    There is no dearth of crooked and wicked
    Not worth while to be a friend of all
    Be a friend of few than to skid-amid
    What looks static in fact changeable
    Those who seem healthy wealthy are morbid
    People are selfish and hypocrite
    Even fools ass they gonna be kissed
    Remember God if you are grief 's under siege
    May 'He' smiles down upon you to get rid
    Trust 'Him' whenever you are in danger
    Whoever counter you him 'He' out did
    'He' is universal authority, wanna see?
    Keep open your ears eyes and mind's lid
    God is omnipresent not beyond reach
    Look in yourself by making earnest bid
    Live simple, think high and be humble
    Greet others not being rigid and frigid

    Life's Not a Win Win Battle

    Win or lose, but there is no excuse
    Life is battle, no one let it loose
    Battle starts from mother's womb and ends
    When soul flies towards the sky blue

    There is no favour in anyone's lot
    Law is same for all, sans pick and choose
    Mundane attraction won't let it live in peace
    May try to ignore it in lieu

    No one ever won the battle so far
    It's not win win battle, it got to lose
    Vicissitudes in life are endless
    The more you counter the more they accrue
    Fighting battle on the field of mortals
    No one shield oneself from cuts, wound and bruise
    Out come of the battle is horrendous
    Yet it's to counter not to refuse
    Illusionary minds never die
    Although living beings kept dying anew
    Defeat is living beings to get lost
    Better die fighting than to subdue
    Jiffy jiffy life reaching towards end
    Soon time pass away whatever due
    In life's battle don't think all's settle
    Keep fighting as long as is breath, pursue

    Behold Man's Helplessness

    Day and night, man craves for happiness
    Keep yearning and burning without success
    Whole life wanders to and fro for peace
    Where he thinks be found nothing but mess
    Where there's nothing their he must behold
    Where that is, he looks not, cuz of foolishness
    Happiness lies open within heart
    But he understands not being under stress
    Real happiness just a thought away
    If he dares, come out of mind's duress
    Don't worry about death's onslaught
    Death's nothing but changing of soul's dress
    If you are scared of your transgressions
    Make confession, and get rid of distress
    Eat, drink, think, love, like and live simple
    Simplicity is divinity, God bless!
    Get up early, remember Almighty
    Feel fresh, look fresh with divine freshness
    Happiness dwells the heart where in love flows
    Grow love and enjoy true happiness
    Life passing away in vain search of peace
    Peace finds not, life long upsetness
    Soul wincing, heart pinching, mind flinching
    During death, behold man's helplessness.

    Iron Will to Counter Attack

    What I got in my life's lot?
    Iron will to counter onslaught
    Truth will triumph in the long run
    Still remember what have been taught
    No complaint about life so far
    I'm content, what I've in my pot
    What euphory over vain glory
    We are just dot upon a dot
    Beginning to end, life's struggle
    Until death it got to be fought
    What is the motive of life?
    Whatever –– but, got to be
    sought Reassess, the out come of life
    What you have got? What you have not?
    A tip to achieve success
    Strike when the iron's hot
    Tame your mind to win the war
    As is mind, so shall be thought
    Hypertension is dangerous
    Beware of fatal brain-clot
    To be humble and soft spoken
    Strengthens life long knot
    Life and death, no merchandise
    Neither are sold here nor are bought
    Focus on one point at a time
    Don't blow hot and cold in one shot
    Check mind's velocity off and on
    Direction it may not fall short


Excerpted from Forgotten Memories by K S Gentleman. Copyright © 2015 K S Gentleman. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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