The Forest Exiles

The Forest Exiles


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Boy reader, I am told that you are not tired of my company. Is this true?
"Quite true, dear Captain,-quite true!" That is your reply. You speak sincerely? I believe you do.
In return, believe me, when I tell you I am not tired of yours; and the best proof I can give is, that I have come once more to seek you. I have come to solicit the pleasure of your company,-not to an evening party, nor to a ball, nor to the Grand Opera, nor to the Crystal Palace, nor yet to the Zoological Gardens of Regent's Park,-no, but to the great zoological garden of Nature. I have come to ask you to accompany me on another "campaign,"-another "grand journey" through the fields of Science and Adventure. Will you go?
"Most willingly-with you, dear Captain, anywhere."
Come with me, then.
Again we turn our faces westward; again we cross the blue and billowy Atlantic; again we seek the shores of the noble continent of America.
"What! to America again?"
Ha! that is a large continent, and you need not fear that I am going to take you over old ground. No, fear not that! New scenes await us; a new fauna, a new flora,-I might almost say, a new earth and a new sky!
You shall have variety, I promise you,-a perfect contrast to the scenes of our last journey.

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ISBN-13: 9783337382407
Publisher: Bod Third Party Titles
Publication date: 04/17/2019
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.85(d)

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CHAPTER DC. A VICUNA HUNT. The vicuna, being of such value both inside and out, both in flesh and wool, is hunted by the mountain Indians with great assiduity. I is an animal most difficult to approach, and there is rarely any cover on these naked plains by which to approach it. The chief mode of capturing it is by the " chacu.1 This cannot be effected by a single hunter. A great number is required. Usually the whole population of one of the villages of the " Sierras" lower down turns out for this sport, or rather business; for it is an animal source of profit. Even the women go along, to cook and perform other offices, as the hunt of the chacu sometimes lasts a week or more. A hunting party will number from fifty to one hundred persons. They climb up to the altos, or high and secluded plains, where the vicuna dwells in greatest numbers. They carry with them immense coils of ropes and a large quantity of colored rags, together with bundles of stakes three or four feet in length. When a proper part of the plain has been chosen they drive in the stakes four or five yards apart and running in the circumference of a circle. Bometines nearly a mile in diameter. A rop is thentretcned from stake to stake, at the height of between two and three feet from the ground, and over this rope are hung the colored rags provided for the occasion, and which keep fluttering in the wind. A sort of scarecrow fence is thus constructed in the form of a ring, except that on one side a space of about two hundred yards is left open to serve as an entrance for the game. The Indians then, most of them on horseback, make a grand detour, extending for miles over the country, and, having got behind the herds ofvicunas, drive them within the circle, and close up the entrance by completing the ring. T...

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