Foliations 2012 - Proceedings Of The International Conference

Foliations 2012 - Proceedings Of The International Conference

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This volume is a compilation of new results and surveys on the current state of some aspects of the foliation theory presented during the conference “FOLIATIONS 2012”. It contains recent materials on foliation theory which is related to differential geometry, the theory of dynamical systems and differential topology. Both the original research and survey articles found in here should inspire students and researchers interested in foliation theory and the related fields to plan his/her further research.

  • Characterization of the Uniform Perfectness of Diffeomorphism Groups Preserving a Submanifold (Kōjun Abe & Kazuhiko Fukui)
  • Recent Progress in Geometric Foliation Theory (Marek Badura & Maciej Czarnecki)
  • A Class of Dimensional Type Estimations of Topological Entropy of Groups and Pseudogroups (Andrzej Biś)
  • The Sutured Thurston Norm (John Cantwell & Lawrence Conlon)
  • Foliations of mathbb{S}3 by Dupin Cyclides (Rémi Langevin & Jean-Claude Sifre)
  • Transverse in Variant Measures Extend to the Ambient Space (Carlos Meniño Cotón)
  • On a Poincaré Lemma for Foliations (Eva Miranda & Romero Solha)
  • Compact Generation for Topological Groupoids (Nicolas Raimbaud)
  • Prescribing the Positive Mixed Scalar Curvature of Totally Geodesic Foliations (Vladimir Rovenski & Leonid Zelenko)
  • Tautness and the Godbillon–Vey Class of Foliations (Paweł Walczak)
  • Local and Global Stability of Leaves of Conformal Foliations (Nina I Zhukova)
  • Problem Set (Steven Hurder)

Readership: Researchers and graduate students in areas of mathematics such as foliations, dynamical systems, Riemannian and conformal geometry; and in other fields such as mathematical physics, theoretical physics, non-commutative geometry and analysis on manifolds.

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