Flight to Puska

Flight to Puska

by Jack D. Waggoner


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In 1919 a New Zealand scientist, Ernest Rutherford, split the first atom and theorized that vast amounts of energy could be produced from what he called nuclear fission.

During 1935 the premier of Russia, Joseph Stalin, chanced by the information in a mining journal and filed it away as “very interesting.”

In June of 1937 Hitler was rattling his sabers and Stalin was convinced that Russia might well be on Hitler’s hit list. He needed a foolproof deterrent and remembered the Rutherford report. He immediately put his staff and all foreign embassies on the hunt for anything relating to nuclear fission and while there was not much information on the subject available, what there was convinced the premier that if he could be first to control nuclear fission he very well might become premier of Europe and maybe even the world.

His efforts to build a nuclear bomb became his singular guiding obsession, and he did whatever it took to make the project viable. From kidnapping hundreds of miners to spying on the Americans’ Manhattan project, he left no stone unturned in his diabolical quest.

Jack Waggoner is a Korean War veteran who sailed on the aircraft carrier USS Philippine Sea (CVA-47) and was in Hiroshima just nine years after the atomic bomb was dropped on that city. The experience of being at ground zero had an undeniable impact on the young sailor, and his books Birdnest and The Rainbow Zhanlue (Strategy) have plots and subplots that directly relate to this life altering experience.

Jack is a avid deep sea fisherman and has been manufacturing a line of marlin lures for almost 50 years. He currently lives in Laughlin, NV and enjoys exploring Lakes Mead, Havasu and Mohave, which are all part of the Colorado River watershed.

His latest book, God’s Parallel Planets is set to be released later this year by Christianfaithpublishing.com

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