Final Exam (Witch City Series #8)

Final Exam (Witch City Series #8)

by Carol J. Perry

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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 A cold case update in Salem, Massachusetts . . . 
Life at the house on Winter Street is abuzz with preparations for Aunt Ibby’s 45th high school reunion, and Lee Barrett is happy to pitch in, tracking down addresses and licking envelopes. But as a field reporter for Salem’s WICH-TV, her priority is to be on top of the town’s latest news before anyone else.
When the local police dredge up a vintage sports car containing human remains, Lee is thrilled to be the first reporter on the scene. Once she learns the car is connected to the cold case her boyfriend Pete happens to be working on, her powers of investigation are quickly alerted. But it’s her Aunt Ibby’s emotional reaction to Lee’s TV report that puts her on the case. With the help of O’Ryan, her psychic feline sidekick, she’ll have to unravel a tangled past of secrets and promises to stop a killer from making history again . . . 
Praise for the Witch City Mysteries

“Perfectly relaxing and readable.” —Kirkus Reviews
“This rewarding paranormal cozy series debut will have Victoria Laurie fans lining up to follow.”
Library Journal
“An entertaining story that keeps readers guessing until the very twisted and eerie end.” —RT Book Reviews

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781496714602
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 02/26/2019
Series: Witch City Series , #8
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 34,519
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.50(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Carol J. Perry was born in Salem on Halloween Eve. She has written many young adult novels, in addition to the Witch City mystery series. She and her husband Dan live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with two cats and a black Lab. Visit her at

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Final Exam 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
katherine schmitt 7 months ago
TI really enjoyed this cozy mystery! The Witch City series is one of my favorites! In this 8th book, Maralee,’s aunt Ibby is planning the class of 1974’s reunion. I feel that this can easily be read as a stand-alone story. Maralee is a news reporter in Salem, MA and gets word of something happening involving police at an old quarry in town. When divers retrieve a 1970’s Mustang with a body inside, our reporting sleuth is on the case, as is her police detective boyfriend, Pete. As it turns out, the body is that of one of the Class of 1974 classmates. I thought this was an interesting spin on a cozy mystery, as Maralee is gathering information about the man who was found in the car. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves cozy mysteries with a hint of the paranormal. Thanks to #NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Always a good read. Looking forward to the next one in the series. O’Ryan is some kind of kitty sleuth.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great series. Couldn't put it down. Thank you please keep is coming
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GratefulGrandma More than 1 year ago
I really enjoy this series. I have read all the books in the series and am always pleased with Carol J. Perry’s clever story line, interesting characters and side stories. It’s Lee Barrett's Aunt Ibby’s 45th high school reunion and she is the chairperson of the planning committee. Lee is happily working as a TV field reporter for WICH TV and is assisting her aunt with the reunion planning where necessary. Lee and her camera woman follow a tip and ends up being the lead reporter on the finding and recovering an abandoned vintage Mustang found in the quarry. Of course there are remains in the car and when she told Aunt Ibby about the car, she seems very upset, but says nothing. With Lee's special abilities as a scryer (seeing visions in glass), River's tarot card readings, O'Ryan, her psychic cat and her police detective boyfriend, Pete, Lee knows that this mystery needs to be solved with all their input.The characters in this story are one of the things that make it so enjoyable for me. I really like Lee as a main character. She is smart, caring, loyal and has wonderful skills and support and what every reporter needs, a little luck. Aunt Ibby is still a lovable, quirky character, but has a different role in this story. I still enjoyed her role and liked seeing that she is not only nurturing to Lee, but to her friends as well. I continue to enjoy the easy, relationship that Lee and Pete share. I wish there had been more of River in this story. She was almost non-existent. The mystery was well plotted with a few twists. I did figure out who the murderer was early in the story, but I still enjoyed the story; following the trails, learning about Aunt Ibby's past and discovering the motive. I was happy to see that my guess was accurate, as I really did not like that particular character. When I finished the story I was very satisfied with the plot and how the story played out. I will definitely continue reading this series to see what is next for Lee, Aunt Ibby, Pete and the rest of the characters. This is a series that has not disappointed and I recommend it to lovers of cozy mysteries. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon my request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
VWilliams More than 1 year ago
Protagonist Lee (Maralee) Barrett is a field reporter for Salem's WICH-TV news station. She lives with her Aunt Ibby (Isobel Russell) in a three-story Victorian walk-up, her little apartment being on the third floor. She has a boyfriend who is a local police investigator currently working a cold case, which is handy! Lee and her main camera person, Francine, get a tip regarding a sunken Mustang and manage to scoop the story being first on scene. The scoop is perfect for boyfriend Pete, not so for Aunt Ibby currently in the throes of working with her high school reunion committee for their 45th. This is a fun little romp into a cozy that garners fascination quickly and keeps engagement throughout with one development after another in a well-plotted cold case mystery that begins to turn topical fairly quick. The supernatural belongs to Lee who possesses a special "gift," which she apparently revealed to Pete. However, the psychic belongs to the resident kitty, O'Ryan. Mysterious cat, O'Ryan. Must say, the characters in this novel are all appealing and I enjoyed the author's writing style. While the mystery of the who is easy to solve, the narrative is still curiously compelling, including Lee's "on the scene" or studio spots. Book 8 functions quite well as a standalone and kept my attention engaged throughout. Lee is not the interrogation of the suspect type sleuth, albeit investigative journalist, she is pretty subtle. Touristy tidbits of Salem provided location information and the dialogue felt natural. Overall, an enjoyable and fast-paced read and a logical and satisfying conclusion. I had a problem with the three-story walk-up as descriptions of it had me confused more than once. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to book 9. I received this ebook download from the publisher and NetGalley and greatly appreciated the opportunity to read and review. Recommended for cozy mystery fans, fans of the supernatural kitty characters, and light reads.
CozyOnUp More than 1 year ago
Aunt Ibby and her classmates are planning their 45th Salem High School reunion and so many memories come rushing back to the surface. But that’s not all that’s coming to the surface when Lee heads to the old quarry where an old car is discovered submerged in the waters. Turns out it’s Aunt Ibby’s old boyfriend’s car and his body is in there.everyone thought he’d just run away from an abusive father all these years. But who would kill him and why? Lee puts on her investigative reporter hat and tries to bring the truth to the surface. I have long enjoyed this series and this installment is the best one yet. Who doesn’t love O’Ryan,? All of the characters complement each other in the overall telling of the story and make it a pleasure to spend time in Salem with them. Love that local places are written into the story as well…some of them may not be named but I know exactly where the author is writing about. A great series. Can’t wait for the next book in this series.
Shelly9677 More than 1 year ago
I love this series. I have read every book in the series and have never been disappointed by author Carol J. Perry’s clever writing. It’s Aunt Ibby’s 45th high school reunion. Niece and TV field reporter Lee is happy to help with the festivities. When Lee finds herself reporting on an abandoned vintage sports car with human remains, Lee knows she has come across another mystery that only she has the special abilities to unravel. Could the mystery and the reunion be related? Why is Aunt Libby so emotional? Will the killer in this cold case strike again? Five stars.
BobbieLCLA More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of FINAL EXAM (A Witch City Mystery) by Carol J. Perry in exchange for an honest review. Lee Barrett, investigative reporter, is thrilled to get the scoop on the discovery of human remains in the very bottom of a flooded quarry. Lee’s Aunt Ibby, however, is not so thrilled. It seems that Aunt Ibby knows more about the mystery than she’s willing to share. Even without Aunt Ibby’s usually invaluable assistance, Lee continues to investigate. Lee is determined to find out exactly how close Aunt Ibby was to the deceased and to the murder. I’m a fan of the Witch City Mysteries. I was excited to get a copy of this book, and I was not disappointed. I enjoyed this book as much as all the others. I anxiously await the next Lee Barrett investigation. #FinalExam #NetGalley
PenKay More than 1 year ago
I came into this series late; in fact, this is only the second book I’ve read. I have never felt I have missed much, if anything, and I think this latest could be an excellent starting point. Speaking of this book, I really enjoyed this second book more than I did the one I read before. There was more depth, and I really didn’t figure out who had committed the murder until the end. I had my suspicions on a couple of the characters, but I didn’t know for sure. This series has an innocent, 50s vibe to it which I think many people will enjoy; it’s a cozy, with a teeny, tiny paranormal element, that transports you back to…simpler times. Maybe that’s just me, but that’s what it feels like. I really enjoyed this latest because of the great writing, interesting characters, and tight plot, and I think you will, too, whether you are new to the series or a regular. I highly recommend this book! I was provided the e-book which I voluntarily reviewed.
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! Each book in the series is better than the one before. Lee is a reporter for a local tv station who is dating Pete,a local police detective. Lee was raised by her aunt and shares a house with her. When she begins looking into the background of a news story she quickly finds that it intersects with one of Pete's cases and impacts her aunt. I love the way that Pete and Lee interact and how their relationship has progressed over the series, especially how Pete has handled Lee's scrying ability. If you enjoy the genre, you will love this book. The author is on my must read authors' list.