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Representing an international gathering of scholars, Fields Watered with Blood—now available in paperback—constituted the first critical assessment of the full scope of Margaret Walker’s literary career. As they discuss Walker’s work, including the landmark poetry collection For My People and the novel Jubilee, the contributors reveal the complex interplay of concerns and themes in Walker’s writing: folklore and prophecy, place and space, history and politics, gender and race. In addition, the contributors remark on how Walker’s emphases on spirituality and on dignity in her daily life make themselves felt in her writings and show how Walker’s accomplishments as a scholar, teacher, activist, mother, and family elder influenced what and how she wrote.

A brief biography, an interview with literary critic Claudia Tate, a chronology of major events in Walker’s life, and a selected bibliography round out this collection, which will do much to further our understanding of the writer whom poet Nikki Giovanni once called “the most famous person nobody knows.”

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ISBN-13: 9780820338866
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
Publication date: 04/25/2014
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

MARYEMMA GRAHAM is a professor of English and African American studies at the University of Kansas, where she directs the Project on the History of Black Writing. Among her books are two edited collections, On Being Female, Black, and Free: Essays by Margaret Walker, 1932-1992 and "How I Wrote Jubilee" and Other Essays on Life and Literature by Margaret Walker.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Most Famous Person Nobody Knows
Part 1
The Life and Political Times of Margaret Walker
"I Want to Write, I Want to Write the Songs of My People": The Emergence of Margaret Walker / Maryemma Graham
Black Women Writers at Work: An Interview with Margaret Walker / Claudia Tate
Margaret Walker: Black Woman Writer of the South / Joyce Pettis
Down from the Mountaintop / Melissa Walker
The "Intricate Design" of Margaret Walker's "Humanism": Revolution, Vision, History / Minrose C. Gwin
Part 2
From For My People to This Is My Century: The Poetry of Margaret Walker
The "Etched Flame" of Margaret Walker: Literary and Biblical Re-Creation in Southern History / R. Baxter Miller
Fields Watered with Blood: Myth and Ritual in the Poetry of Margaret Walker / Eugenia Collier
Music as Theme: The Blues Mode in the Works of Margaret Walker / Eleanor Traylor
"Bolder Measures Crashing Through": Margaret Walker's Poem of The Century / Eleanor Traylor
Folkloric Elements in Margaret Walker's Poetry / B. Dilla Buckner
Performing Community: Margaret Walker's Use of Poetic "Folk Voice" / Tomeiko R. Ashford
The South in Margaret Walker's Poetry: Harbor and Sorrow Home / Ekaterini Georgoudaki
For My People: Notes on Visual Memory and Interpretation / Jerry W. Ward Jr.
Poet of History, Poet of Vision: A Review of This Is My Century / Florence Howe
Part 3
Jubilee: Folklore, History, and Vyry's Voice
"Oh Freedom": Women and History in Margaret Walker's Jubilee / Phyllis R. Klotman
Black Folk Elements in Margaret Walker's Jubilee / James E. Spears
From Uncle Tom's Cabin to Vyry's Kitchen: The Black Female Folk Tradition in Margaret Walker's Jubilee / Charlotte Goodman
"Rumblings" in Folk Traditions Served Southern Style / Jacqueline Miller Carmichael
The Use of Spaces in Margaret Walker's Jubilee / Hiroko Sato
The Violation of Voice: Revising the Slave Narrative / Amy Levin
Jubilee, or Setting the Record Straight / Esim Erdim
The Black Woman as Mulatto: A Personal Response to the Character of Vyry / Michelle Cliff
Epilogue: "To Capture a Vision So Fair" / Deborah Elizabeth Whaley
Selected Bibliography of Works by and about Margaret Walker
List of Contributors

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