Faster, Better Decision-Making: How to Make Good Decisions Quickly in Your Daily Life

Faster, Better Decision-Making: How to Make Good Decisions Quickly in Your Daily Life

by Debra Morrison, Instafo


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The Art Of Personal Decision-Making

"Oh dear decisions, why must you always be so difficult to make in my life?"

Ever hear these voices in your head: "What should I wear today?", "What should I cook for dinner?", "What should I work on for today?", etc.

Well, welcome to earth and the daily grind of life...personal life that is. That's your decision-making at work.

Just about everyday, you're going have to make choices that suit your needs and affect your life. It's not always pleasant, and certainly not always easy. As a result, you get stuck not knowing what to do or how to proceed and only exacerbating the decision-making process that much further.

Fret not, we all make decisions we're not proud of, yet that's the beauty of making them in the first place of helping us eliminate the wrong ones, to make the right ones.

What if you could learn the science behind decision-making? What if you could understand the reasons that drive your every decision? What if you could systemize the whole process to easily help you make faster, better decisions?

That's what "Faster, Better Decision-Making" will help you with:
  • Uncover the Core of Choices to Weight the Pros and Cons for the Best Decision.
  • Beat the Dreaded Decider's Block by Following the Rules of Decision-Making.
  • Support Better Decisions with a Tripod of Options, Actions, and Consequences.
  • Formulate an Approach for Autopilot Decisions through Building Predictability.
  • Eliminate Regrets from Bad Decisions with a Battle Plan to Come Out Victorious.

  • ...and you can bet there's a whole lot more to be covered.

    So now it's decision time. Do you want to improve your decision-making skills or not? This should be an easy one, as you should already know the answer to that for still be reading this.

    Take a step back from the old way of how you used to make decisions, and upgrade now to make faster, better decisions today, everyday.

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    Faster, Better Decision-Making: How to Make Good Decisions Quickly in Your Daily Life 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
    JesseHandley More than 1 year ago
    This 6-chapter mini-book is written pretty well and it talks about the decision-making process being a formula. You do your research and then you make decisions based on certain criteria. As the book repeatedly points out – you should never leave your decisions up to chance. It makes a lot of sense; your decisions should benefit you and support your long-term goals in life. Never do something now just because it provides temporary satisfaction. I liked chapter 5 especially because it points out that we shouldn’t make a decision because that is the decision we made in the past. We should constantly re-evaluate how our thought process works so we can avoid bias that ultimately is not in our best interest. I also liked how in Chapter 4 the author points out that we don’t necessarily have only one or two or three options. We might think our options are more limited than they really are.Overall, this booklet has a good feel to it because it isn’t based off of quack science or motivational speeches. It includes down-to-earth examples of how not to be wishy-washy, not to be a self-destructive decision maker, and how to actually make smart choices that make you happy in life.