Exactly: 10 Beavers, 9 Fairies, 8 Dreams, 7 Knights, 6 Princesses, 5 Dogs, 4 Otters, 3 Old Men, 2 Robots, 1 Traveling Shoe & Everything Else It Takes to Make a Great Children's Story Book (More or Less)

Exactly: 10 Beavers, 9 Fairies, 8 Dreams, 7 Knights, 6 Princesses, 5 Dogs, 4 Otters, 3 Old Men, 2 Robots, 1 Traveling Shoe & Everything Else It Takes to Make a Great Children's Story Book (More or Less)




These 54 unique children's tales are written by slightly older children. They include an animated bus that breaks down in a bad part of town while carrying nuns, a duck that eats too many strawberries for his own good, and a basketball game between bunnies and tigers. The stories in Exactly transport readers, young and old, to imaginative new worlds. Each story is vividly illustrated by one of 40 professional artists. What’s more is that these 54 uniquely crafted tales are written and edited by juniors and seniors at Wallenberg Traditional High School in San Francisco. These tales cover adventure and fantasy, and mold old fairy tales to fit a new generation’s taste.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780979007323
Publisher: 826 Books
Publication date: 07/10/2007
Pages: 246
Product dimensions: 11.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 8 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction$dThe Student Editorial Board     ix
Princess Dezaray   Tamicka Price-Baker   Rachell Sumpter     1
The Floor Upstairs   T. J. Jang   Lance Jackson     5
The Magic Bag from Above   Michael Chung   Joshua Gorchov     10
What Makes You Special?   Jaye Evans   Matt Furie     14
Why is That?   Alex Lim   Joel Smith     19
Shadow Fighting   Monica Chan   Matt Furie     23
A Duck Named Teddy   Connie Cheung   Martha Rich     28
The Note   Ksenia Raikatina   Matt Furie     32
Mrz. G. & Me   Hector Trasvina   Jacob Magraw-Mickelson     36
The Butterfly Princess   Jenny Chung   Sarah Newton     40
The Nameless Panda   Jessica Lo   Marci Washington     44
Becoming a Pirate   Michael Bura   Justin Wood     49
Greta, the Cookies, & the Evil Witch   Cassandra Beutler   Paul Madonna     52
A Bear's Journey   Addison Chen   Adam McCauley     56
The Small Big Kid   Ronney Freeman   Dan McHale     60
Feeling Blue   Erika Tang   Joshua Gorchov     64
The Babushkas   Richard McKnight   Avery Monsen     68
Bunnies & Beavers vs. Jaguars & Tigers   Roger Chan   Lisa Brown     72
The Evil Knight & the Kingdom   Allen Wong   Brendan Monroe     76
The Little Black Moose   Janie Ly   Zach Rossman     80
Hidden in the Heart   Allan Xue   Lart Cognac Berliner     84
It Never was About Kartalina   Tenisha D. Miller   Mick Wiggins     88
Paige Learns a Lesson   Brenda Chen   Maria Forde     92
Super Little Jimmy   Kevin Yu   Chris Pew     97
Baxter's Tale of Freedom   Allison Lee   Jane Wattenberg     100
Chews Carefully   Victoria Chen   Rachell Sumpter     104
Xinderella   Mona Zhao   Jacob Magraw-Mickelson     108
A Journey of Hope: How One Man's Dream Became a Reality   Kurtis Wong   Hannah Stouffer     112
Say My Name   Min Li   Jacob Magraw-Mickelson     116
My Mean Mom   Barry Au   Jon Adams     121
My Hair Fred   Jonathan Jeung   Seth Matarese     125
The Picture of Heaven   Leha Dang   Jon Adams     128
Yuffie & the Magic Band-Aid   Molly Chu   Deth Sun     132
Nana's Secret   La Shanna Smith   Carla Caletti     137
The Town of no Smiles   Regina Tam   Lark Pien     141
The World of Ragilan   Gia Truong   Paul Madonna     145
The Brave Little Fish   Vivian Lei   Scott Barry     150
Sir Finkle & Chipotle   Aldo Navarro   Elizabeth Gomez     155
Princess Michelle   Brittany Rhynea Jones   Evah Fan     158
The Anteaters & Walter, the Misunderstood Wizard   Leslie Franco   Rachel Lyon     163
The Story of Gus the Bus   Abe Jue   Chris Pew     166
Jack & His Quest for Jack   Julian Merino   Maria Forde     169
The Lady & the Invisible Boy   Kai-Fan Tsang   Deth Sun     174
The Adventures of Drake the Dinosaur   Tiffany Lee   Avery Monsen     179
Where's Carlos?   Jasmine Criss   Maria Forde     184
Magical Wish   Karen Luu   Marci Washington     188
The Princess of Fun Land   Sandra Ortega   Lart Cognac Berliner     192
Scout in Search of Scout   Devon Barnett   Mick Wiggins     196
Poe Loses His Paintbrush   Annie Wong   Anna Ura     200
Daisy the Shopping Squirrel   Stella Chin   Hellen Jo     206
It's OK to Have More than One Best Friend   Vera Lee   Joel Smith     209
Never be Late   Anderson Lam   Laura Parker     213
Max Lightspeed   Jon Dowell   Joel Smith     216
The Shoe that Traveled the World   Gabrielle Ho   Lisa Brown     220
Panda Barry   Wayman Ng   Lart Cognac Berliner     224
In Green Bean Town   Kalena So   Rachel Lyon     228
Sophie Bloom   Victoria Lee   Jen Wang     232
About the Authors     237
About the Illustrators      241
Acknowledgments     244
About 826 Valencia     246

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