European Metal Detecting Guide: Techniques, Tips and Treasures

European Metal Detecting Guide: Techniques, Tips and Treasures

by Stephen L. Moore


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European Metal Detecting Guide is a handbook for hobby metal detectorists in Europe who search for ancient coins, jewelry, relics and precious metals. Dozens of European detectorists shared their success stories and photos of their favorite finds in this book. Everyone from the beginning metal detectorist to the seasoned veteran will appreciate reading some of the tips and techniques shared by others. This guide is liberally sprinkled with full-color photographs of Roman and Celtic artifacts, as well as coins that date back thousands of years in age. Special focus is given to coin hunting, cache hunting, sand and surf detecting, relic hunting and prospecting.

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ISBN-13: 9780981899169
Publisher: Ram Publishing Company
Publication date: 03/01/2010
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Stephen L. Moore, a sixth generation Texan, is the author of eighteen books on World War II and Texas history. He has contributed articles to a number of historical journals, contributes book reviews to the Dallas Morning News, and has twice been a featured author at the Texas Book Festival in Austin.

Table of Contents

Author's Note ix

Foreword Charles Garrett xix

1 Introduction 1

European History Timeline 2

Why Take up Metal Detecting? 13

2 Detector and Searchcoil Basics 21

Early Metal Detectors 21

Detection Technologies: Single vs. Multiple Frequency 22

Searchcoil Essentials 27

All-Metal (Non-Motion) vs. Discrimination (Motion) 40

Target Identification with Motion Detectors 43

Signal Processing 49

Description of Metal Detector Features 50

Purchasing a Metal Detector 54

3 Hunting Tips and Techniques 57

How to Use Your Metal Detector 58

Tips on Proper Scanning 60

Target ID Tips for Discrimination Detectors 65

Target Masking and Discrimination Tips 68

General Hunting Tips 76

Finding Productive Detecting Areas 82

4 Recovering Your Treasures 93

Treasure Recovery Tools 95

Treasure Recovery Techniques 99

Treasure Recovery with a Pinpointer 102

5 European Coin Shooting 107

The Changing Faces of Currency 109

European Coin Hunting Tips 117

6 Historic Hoards 129

Tips on Cache Hunting 137

7 Brooches, Buckles and Buttons 143

8 Rings, Jewelry and Figurines 157

9 Military Artefacts 173

10 Bells, Pins, Odds and Ends 189

11 Sand and Surf Hunting 195

Detector Basics at the Beach l97

Take Advantage of Tides and Treasure Traps 202

12 Prospecting and Specialty Searches 217

Gold Prospecting in Europe 218

Searching for Meteorites 222

Other Special Search Sites in Europe 224

13 Rallies and Clubs 231

Detecting Clubs, Magazines and European Travel 235

UK Rally Experiences 238

14 Cleaning Your Treasures 249

How Should I Clean My Coins and Artefacts? 250

Metal Identification and Cleaning 252

Common Cleaning Methods Described 255

The Kooistra Silver Cleaning Method 257

Final "Polishing-Up"Methods 261

Photographing and Displaying Your Finds 262

15 European Treasure Hunting Laws 265

16 Metal Detectors and Archaeology 279

How Can You Get Involved With History? 282

The Archaeology Process 284

7 Metal Detectorist's Code of Ethics 289

Selected Bibliography 293

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