Entrepreneurs: Explorations within the American Business Tradition

Entrepreneurs: Explorations within the American Business Tradition


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A well-researched, informative book in which Robert Sobel, the noted financial historian, explores the lives and careers of nine representative innovators in business during the last 200 years, men frequently overlooked by contemporary social and political historians: Francis Cabot Lowell, John Wanamaker, Cyrus McCormick, James Hill, James Duke, Theodore Vail, Marcus Loew, Donald Douglas, and Royal Little. Each one was selected to illustrate a different aspect of American business tradition. All share the ability to grasp opportunity and to oppose conventional wisdom when necessary, both of which contributed to the fabric of modern corporate life. In the aggregate they created new organizational traditions that were imitated throughout the Western world.

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ISBN-13: 9780679400646
Publisher: McKay, David Company, Inc.
Publication date: 10/28/1992
Pages: 413

Table of Contents

IThe Patrician as Factory Master1
IIFrom Farm Boy to Tycoon41
IIIThe Triumph of Content Over Form73
IVThe Business of Empire110
VOpportunism Is the Spur148
VIThe Subtle Serendipidist195
VIIAn Artist in Spite of Himself247
VIIIThe Fortunes of War289
IXThe Spider and His Webs341

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