Engaging Learners

Engaging Learners

by Andy Griffith, Mark Burns


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In an era when responsibility for exam results lies with teachers and not their students it's time to redress the balance so that students take more of the responsibility for their learning. A class can be skilled and motivated to learn without a teacher always having to lead. Engaging learners in this way unpicks intrinsic motivation, the foundation that underpins a productive learning environment and helps to develop independent learning.

Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners is based on five years of intensive research, through Osiris Educational's award-winning Outstanding Teaching Intervention programme, during which the authors have so far trained more than 750 teachers to teach over 2,000 lessons in schools nationwide. This book is packed with proven advice and innovative tools developed in these successful, outstanding lessons.

Written in the humorous, thought-provoking style with which they both teach and train, Andy and Mark aim to challenge all who teach, from NQTs to seasoned professionals, to reflect on their day-to-day practice and set an agenda for sustainable improvement.

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ISBN-13: 9781845907976
Publisher: Crown House Publishing
Publication date: 10/15/2012
Series: Outstanding Teaching (Crown House Publishing)
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

Foreword ix

Introduction 11

What do we mean by engagement? 3

Why we use levels 3

Icons throughout the book 6

1 Why Aren't These Kids Engaged? 9

What's in this chapter for me? 9

Flow: The only theory you need for high engagement 10

The six foundations of flow 13

Tasks are appropriately complex and challenging 13

Teacher input is as minimal as possible 15

Students have the necessary learning skills 16

Goals are clear and worthwhile 17

Feedback is given immediately 18

Tasks are intrinsically motivating 19

FAQs 120

In a nutshell 21

For more information… 21

2 That Was Great - My Brain Hurt 25

What's in this chapter for me? 25

What's the thinking behind this chapter? 26

What do we mean by differentiation? 27

Learning Grids 28

At which levels of Bloom's Taxonomy are they working? 30

Practising a skill 30

Differentiating Learning Grids 34

Making links 34

Exam preparation 35

Homework tip 37

Generating ideas 39

Learning Grids and concept mapping 39

Trump Cards 140

Trump Cards in assessment for learning 43

Tarsia 44

FAQs 148

In a nutshell 149

For more information… 50

3 Miss, Can We Stay and Finish This? 53

What's in this chapter for me? 53

What's behind the thinking for this chapter? 54

What do we mean by motivation? 55

Extrinsic motivation: The flying board rubber approach' 55

The place for extrinsic motivation 55

Intrinsic Motivation: The inside out approach' 58

The eight triggers 60

Trigger 1: rapport 62

How to build rapport 63

Trigger 2: competency 66

How to build competency 67

Trigger 3: curiosity 70

How to build curiosity 71

Trigger 4: imagination 73

How to build imagination 74

Trigger 5: relevance 75

How to build relevance 77

Trigger 6: challenge 78

How to build challenge 79

Trigger 7: choice 81

How to build choice 82

Trigger 8: fun 85

How to build fun 86

FAQs 187

In a nutshell 90

For more information… 90

4 Sir, I Really Enjoyed That Lesson 93

What's in this chapter for me? 93

What's the thinking behind this chapter? 94

What do we mean by play? 95

How do I build play into my classes? 95

Clear rules and expectations 96

Warming students up to play 97

Playful ways to get attention and allocate tasks 98

How to use play to get your students to reflect on their learning 99

3-minute motivators 100

Playful questioning 103

Memory games 106

How to use play to get your students to express their learning 107

Quirky ?understanding performances' 108

Classic games 111

TV show formats 112

How to use play to get your students to be open to sharing their learning, mistakes 114

Rewarding mistakes and errors 114

Modelling playfulness 115

Using humour 116

FAQs 118

In a nutshell 120

For more information… 120

5 Is This the Same Class as Last Term? 125

What's in this chapter for me? 125

What's the thinking behind this chapter? 126

The key reasons for students' low engagement 126

The journey from level 3 to level 1 130

Training your students to cope with 'being stuck' 130

Teaching students universal truths about thinking 133

Even in the most extreme circumstances a human being can still choose his or her actions 134

The mind can have a powerful liberating influence on our potential but also a powerful limiting influence too 135

Each person creates their own thoughts and they can change the way they think 135

Training your students to do their best 136

Descriptive phase 136

Effort levels 137

Training your students to work as part of a group 139

Always start with the end in mind 140

Whole class guidelines 143

Using teamwork rubrics 144

The evaluation wheel 145

FAQs 146

In a nutshell 147

For more information… 147

6 I Know How To Get Outstanding Now! 151

What's in this chapter for me? 151

What's the thinking behind this chapter? 152

How can I change my teaching to move engagement levels up? 154

Talk, talk, talk 156

Consensus 156

Marketplace 158

Learning jigsaw 159

Modelling the learning 160

Performance skills: Body language and rapport 161

Backward planning 162

Conclusion: Are we ready to change our mindset? 165

FAQs 166

In a nutshell 167

For more information… 167

Appendix 1 Tuckman's Group Development Model 169

Appendix 2 Teamwork Rubric 172

Appendix 3 DVD Self-Reflection Questions 177

Bibliography 181

Index 185

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