The Enduring Wilderness: Protecting Our Natural Heritage through the Wilderness Act

The Enduring Wilderness: Protecting Our Natural Heritage through the Wilderness Act

by Doug Scott


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A look at protecting America's wilderness and an explanation of the Wilderness Act.

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ISBN-13: 9781555915278
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
Publication date: 08/24/2004
Series: Speaker's Corner (Paperback)
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Doug Scott is policy director of The Campaign for America's Wilderness and has been at the forefront of many of the important wilderness preservation campaigns as a strategist and lobbyist. In the 1980s, Scott was conservation director and, later, associate executive director of the Sierra Club. In 1996 he received the club's highest honor, the John Muir Award.

Table of Contents

People Saving Wilderness ... for People1
The Impulse to Preserve Wildness3
The Wilderness Act: A People's Law4
Challenges Ahead6
Chapter 1Wilderness in Our Lives9
The Wilderness We Have Saved9
What Preserving Wilderness Requires13
Chapter 2Wilderness: From Concept to Action19
Part 1The Wilderness Idea19
The Need for Wilderness19
John Muir21
Wilderness Vanishing23
National Parks and Wilderness24
Part 2The Beginnings of a Wilderness Preservation Policy27
Aldo Leopold27
The First Wilderness Area and the "L-20" Regulation29
Bob Marshall30
The Wilderness Society31
Forest Wilderness or National Parks?32
"Wilderness" and "Wild Areas"--The "U" Regulations35
Chapter 3Wilderness: "There Ought to be a Law"37
How Permanent?37
"Not by Law"39
The Idea of a Comprehensive Wilderness Program40
Howard Zahniser40
Imagining a Wilderness Law41
Building Consensus43
Echo Park44
The "Wilderness Bill"47
The Eight-Year Legislative Odyssey50
Chapter 4Putting the New Wilderness Act to Work57
The Law Changed Everything57
The Ten-Year Wilderness Review Process59
Stewart Brandborg61
The "Great Liberating Force"62
Grassroots Organizing and Citizen Wilderness Proposals63
Congress Expands Agency Wilderness Proposals65
Eastern Wilderness and the "Purity Theory"66
The Eastern Wilderness Areas Act68
National Park Service Resistance to Wilderness Designation72
Wilderness in National Wildlife Refuges73
Chapter 5Expanding the Scope of Wilderness Preservation75
The "60 Million-Acre Myth"75
Part 1National Forest "Roadless Areas"77
Scapegoat: The First Citizen-Initiated Wilderness Area79
NEPA, Roadless Areas, and "RARE"79
The Endangered American Wilderness Act and "RARE-II"81
Release Language and the Post-RARE-II Wilderness Laws82
Part 2The Bureau of Land Management Joins The Wilderness Program84
The Federal Land Policy and Management Act85
The Loss of Big Wilderness86
The National Forest Roadless Area Conservation Rule88
Part 3Wilderness on a Scale to Match Alaska89
The Alaska Coalition and "D-2"90
The Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act91
Chapter 6Wilderness Yet to Save95
Our Unprotected Wilderness95
How Much Unprotected Wilderness?96
Giving Roadless Areas a Fair Shake97
Giving Roadless Areas the Brush-off99
Anything but Statutory Wilderness100
The Majority of Americans Are "Not at the Table" as the Fate of Wilderness Is Decided by Agencies104
Chapter 7Wilderness Politics107
The Power of Public Opinion for Wilderness107
Wilderness Opponents108
What the Polls Say about Public Attitudes111
The Realities of Legislative Politics114
Wilderness and Compromise117
The Geography of Wilderness Politics120
Connecting Wilderness with People122
The Wilderness System of the Future122
Chapter 8The Challenges of Wilderness Stewardship125
"Guardians not Gardeners"125
The Wilderness Act's Stewardship Mandate126
The Nondegradation Principle129
Dealing with Nonconforming Issues130
Wilderness Stewardship in Practice131
Seeing Wilderness Areas in a Larger Context134
"Inholdings" and The Wilderness Land Trust136
Chapter 9Wilderness in Other Realms139
Tribal Wilderness139
State Wilderness140
The Scale of State-Designated Wilderness142
Wilderness around the World142
People Saving Wilderness around the World144
Chapter 10An Enduring Resource of Wilderness145
AppendixThe Wilderness Act155
Suggested Reading177
Author's Note and Acknowledgments181
About the Author184

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