En Vivo Desde Paris [CD/DVD]

En Vivo Desde Paris [CD/DVD]

by Shakira



Combining highlights from two concerts performed in Paris in June of 2011, En Vivo Desde París is a live set available as either a Blu-ray, DVD, or CD, all containing a similar program (the CD runs 19 tracks, while the video contains the full 22-song program). Supporting her 2010 album Sale el Sol and, particularly, its hit single "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)," Shakira leans heavily on glitzy electro-dance crossovers but finds room for quieter moments, whether it's a stripped-down cover of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" or her own "Gypsy," keeping the momentum running throughout a lengthy set, then bringing down the house with "Waka Waka." Certainly, the video versions of En Vivo Desde París give a greater indication of the size of the spectacle, not to mention how they emphasize Shakira's intense charisma, but as an album this envelops you with its energy.

Product Details

Release Date: 12/06/2011
Label: Sony U.S. Latin
UPC: 0886979803022
catalogNumber: 798030


Disc 1

  1. Pienso En Ti
  2. Why Wait
  3. Te Dejo Madrid
  4. Whenever, Wherever
  5. Inevitable
  6. Nothing Else Matters/Despedida
  7. Gypsy
  8. La Tortura
  9. Ciega Sordomuda
  10. Underneath Your Clothes
  11. Sale El Sol
  12. Las de la Intuición
  13. Loca
  14. She Wolf
  15. Ojos Así
  16. Antes De Las Seis
  17. Je L'aime a Mourir
  18. Hips Don't Lie
  19. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)

Disc 2

  1. Pienso En Ti
  2. Why Wait
  3. Te Dejo Madrid
  4. Si Te Vas
  5. Whenever, Wherever
  6. Inevitable
  7. Nothing Else Matters/Despedida
  8. Gypsy
  9. La Tortura
  10. Ciega Sordomuda
  11. Underneath Your Clothes
  12. Gordita
  13. Sale El Sol
  14. Las de la Intuición
  15. Loca
  16. She Wolf
  17. Ojos Así
  18. Antes De Las Seis
  19. Je L'aime a Mourir
  20. Hips Don't Lie
  21. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)
  22. Shaki En Ensayos
  23. Shaki & Sanziana
  24. Shaki En Paris
  25. Shaki: La Carrera De Burros
  26. Shaki En El Golf

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Shakira   Primary Artist
Tim Mitchell   Guitar
Brendan Buckley   Drums
Thomas Akuru   Percussion
Grecco Buratto   Guitar
Eric Holden   Bass Guitar
Olgui Chirino   Vocals
Palliser   Violin
Albert Menéndez   Keyboards
Dionne Renee   Dancer
Yanet Fuentes   Dancer

Technical Credits

Gloria Estefan   Composer
Evan Rogers   Composer
Omar Alfanno   Composer
James Hetfield   Composer
Lester Mendez   Composer
Tim Mitchell   Composer,Musical Director,Musical Producer
Daniel O'Brien   Lighting Director
Omar Sanchez   Drum Technician
Carl Sturken   Composer
Lars Ulrich   Composer
Francis Cabrel   Composer
Shakira   Composer,Musical Producer
Ian Dench   Composer
Wyclef Jean   Composer
George Noriega   Composer
Michael Tinsley   Video Director
Pablo Flores   Composer
Javier Garza   Composer
Luis Fernando Ochoa   Composer
David Cruz   Projection
Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis   Composer
Pharrell Williams   Composer
Afo Verde   Management
Luis Diaz   Composer
Jorge Drexler   Composer
Amanda Ghost   Composer
Nick Wickham   Director
Dan McGee   Tour Accountant
Christine Henry   Script Supervisor
Julian Harries   Camera Operator
Nick Wheeler   Camera Operator
Eugene O'Connor   Camera Operator
Ed Dracoules   Monitor Engineer
Laiguana   Artwork
Emer Patten   Producer
René Pérez   Composer
Niels VanBrakel   Camera Operator
Antonio Pinto   Composer
Matt Ingham   Camera Operator
Lotte Ockeloen   Camera Operator
Tim Van Der Voort   Camera Operator
Latabia Parker   Composer
Chris King   Monitor Technician
Ibrahim Hassan   Composer
Eduardo "Visitante"   Composer
Estefano Salgado   Composer
Shawn Saucier   Stage Manager
John Hill   Composer
Reggie Bankston   Percussion Technician
S. Endicott   Composer
Andy Corns   Guitar Techician
Dooh Belly Eugene Victor   Composer
Fernando Cabral   Management
Carlos Crespo "Nejo" Planas   Composer
Igor Dawidowicz   Promoter
Jean Ze Bella   Composer
Emile Kojide   Composer
Sean "Stig" Tighe   Guitar Techician
Ben Rogerson   Lighting Technician
William Fisher   Audio Technician
Shaun Willis   Camera Operator
Nadine Fortas   Promoter
Michael Bischof   Video Engineer
Martin Garnish   Lighting Technician
Maite Marcos   Choreographer
Kris Lundberg   Lighting Technician
Joe Wolohan   Camera Operator
Hossam Abbas   Composer
Harriet Sheard   Camera Operator
Fraser Elisha   Lighting Director
Felix Barrett   Show Director
Erik Kabik   Back Cover Photo
Edward Bello P.   Composer
Dustin Lewis   Audio Technician
David Wolff-Patrick   Cover Photo
Chris Roper   Lighting Technician
Barney Jordan   Digital Art
Armando Pérez P.   Composer
Angelo Gopee   Promoter
Alistair Miller   Camera Operator
Alan Wells   Camera Operator
Aidan Farrell   Colorist
Adam Gohil   Camera Operator
Simon Cadiz   Camera Operator
Rome Reddick   Road Manager
Redo Jackson   Camera Operator
Owen Hulme   Digital Art

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