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Elements of Quantum Optics / Edition 3

Elements of Quantum Optics / Edition 3

by Pierre Meystre, Murray Sargent


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Elements of Quantum Optics gives a self-contained and broad coverage of the basic elements necessary to understand and carry out research in laser physics and quantum optics, including a review of basic quantum mechanics and pedagogical introductions to system-reservoir interactions and to second quantization. The text reveals the close connection between many seemingly unrelated topics, such as probe absorption, four-wave mixing, optical instabilities, resonance fluorescence and squeezing. It also comprises discussions of cavity quantum electrodynamics and atom optics. The 4th edition includes a new chapter on quantum entanglement and quantum information, as well as added discussions of the quantum beam splitter, electromagnetically induced transparency, slow light, and the input-output formalism needed to understand many problems in quantum optics. It also provides an expanded treatment of the minimum-coupling Hamiltonian and a simple derivation of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation, an important gateway to research in ultracold atoms and molecules.

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ISBN-13: 9783540642206
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
Publication date: 12/28/1998
Edition description: REV
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.36(w) x 9.38(h) x 1.17(d)

Table of Contents

Classical Electromagnetic Fields     1
Maxwell's Equations in a Vacuum     2
Maxwell's Equations in a Medium     4
Linear Dipole Oscillator     10
Coherence     17
Free-Electron Lasers     22
Problems     32
Classical Nonlinear Optics     35
Nonlinear Dipole Oscillator     35
Coupled-Mode Equations     38
Cubic Nonlinearity     40
Four-Wave Mixing with Degenerate Pump Frequencies     43
Nonlinear Susceptibilities     48
Problems     50
Quantum Mechanical Background     51
Review of Quantum Mechanics     52
Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory     64
Atom-Field Interaction for Two-Level Atoms     71
Simple Harmonic Oscillator     82
Problems     86
Mixtures and the Density Operator     93
Level Damping     94
The Density Matrix     98
Vector Model of Density Matrix     106
Problems     112
CW Field Interactions     117
Polarization of Two-Level Medium     117
Inhomogeneously Broadened Media     124
Counterpropagating WaveInteractions     129
Two-Photon Two-Level Model     133
Polarization of Semiconductor Gain Media     139
Problems     146
Mechanical Effects of Light     151
Atom-Field Interaction     152
Doppler Cooling     157
The Near-Resonant Kapitza-Dirac Effect     158
Atom Interferometry     166
Problems     169
Introduction to Laser Theory     171
The Laser Self-Consistency Equations     172
Steady-State Amplitude and Frequency     175
Standing-Wave, Doppler-Broadened Lasers     181
Two-Mode Operation and the Ring Laser     187
Mode Locking     191
Single-Mode Semiconductor Laser Theory     194
Transverse Variations and Gaussian Beams     198
Problems     203
Optical Bistability     209
Simple Theory of Dispersive Optical Bistability     210
Absorptive Optical Bistability     215
Ikeda Instability     217
Problems     220
Saturation Spectroscopy     223
Probe Wave Absorption Coefficient     224
Coherent Dips and the Dynamic Stark Effect     230
Inhomogeneously Broadened Media     238
Three-Level Saturation Spectroscopy     241
Dark States and Electromagnetically Induced Transparency     244
Problems     247
Three and Four Wave Mixing     249
Phase Conjugation in Two-Level Media     250
Two-Level Coupled Mode Coefficients     253
Modulation Spectroscopy     255
Nondegenerate Phase Conjugation by Four-Wave Mixing     259
Problems     260
Time-Varying Phenomena in Cavities     263
Relaxation Oscillations in Lasers     264
Stability of Single-Mode Laser Operation     267
Multimode Mode Locking     271
Single-Mode Laser and the Lorenz Model     274
Problems     276
Coherent Transients     281
Optical Nutation     282
Free Induction Decay     284
Photon Echo     285
Ramsey Fringes     288
Pulse Propagation and Area Theorem     289
Self-Induced Transparency     293
Slow Light     295
Problems     296
Field Quantization     299
Single-Mode Field Quantization     299
Multimode Field Quantization      302
Single-Mode Field in Thermal Equilibrium     304
Coherent States     307
Coherence of Quantum Fields     311
Quasi-Probability Distributions     314
Schrodinger Field Quantization     318
The Gross-Pitaevskii Equation     322
Problems     324
Interaction Between Atoms and Quantized Fields     327
Dressed States     328
Jaynes-Cummings Model     333
Spontaneous Emission in Free Space     338
Quantum Beats     344
Problems     348
System-Reservoir Interactions     351
Master Equation     353
Fokker-Planck Equation     362
Langevin Equations     364
Monte-Carlo Wave Functions     369
Quantum Regression Theorem and Noise Spectra     374
Problems     379
Resonance Fluorescence     383
Phenomenology     384
Langevin Equations of Motion     387
Scattered Intensity and Spectrum     390
Connection with Probe Absorption     396
Photon Antibunching     400
Off-Resonant Excitation     403
Problems     405
Squeezed States of Light     409
Squeezing the Coherent State     410
Two-Sidemode Master Equation     414
Two-Mode Squeezing     417
Squeezed Vacuum     421
Problems     425
Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics     427
Generalized Master Equation for the Atom-Cavity System     428
Weak Coupling Regime     430
Strong Coupling Regime     432
Velocity-Dependent Spontaneous Emission     435
Input-Output Formalism     440
Problems     443
Quantum Theory of a Laser     445
The Micromaser     447
Single Mode Laser Master Equation     454
Laser Photon Statistics and Linewidth     460
Quantized Sidemode Buildup     468
Problems     470
Entanglement, Bell Inequalities and Quantum Information     473
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox and Bell Inequalities     473
Bipartite Entanglement     477
The Quantum Beam Splitter     480
Quantum Teleportation     483
Quantum Cryptography     484
Toward Quantum Computing     486
Problems     488
References     489
Index      499

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