The Effortless Yes: Demystifying the Selling Process and Discover: Your Selling Archetype, Your Natural Asking Style, Your B

The Effortless Yes: Demystifying the Selling Process and Discover: Your Selling Archetype, Your Natural Asking Style, Your B

by Julie Steelman


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The Effortless Yes is the right book for the new entrepreneur as it describes how to strike the ideal balance between making money and helping your customers get what they want. The social media landscape has fused the personal and business sides of our lives. It is now acceptable to be personally transparent while sharing our gifts, talents and expertise to the community. Yet, we crave a way to balance integrity and personal style with selling practices that produce extraordinary results. This is a manifesto on how to do that, and it explains how to master the art of selling with heart while influencing customers buying decisions respectfully. This new style of selling compliments the rising social consciousness impacting our businesses today.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781936487028
Publisher: Franklin Green Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 06/01/2011
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Julie Steelman, known as "the Entrepeneur's Selling Expert" credits read like a Who's Who of big-name corporate giants with Apple, Microsoft, Toyota, Sony Studios & Playstation and Universal Pictures in her rolodex. During her 30 years of sales in Corporate America, she generated over $75 million in cash for multimillion dollar corporations and start-ups. Julie's purpose driven and heart centered selling techniques make her the go to guru for entrepreneurial business owners who want to master the art of selling while serving their clients more generously.

Table of Contents

Chapter Outline With Brief Description
(Approximate word count = 78,100)
1. Selling With Heart -
This chapter introduces the reader to the idea that selling is about serving and when
the customer comes first, you naturally sell with heart. (3800)
2. Dust Off Your Moxie -
This chapter distinguishes the difference between hoping to make sales and
deciding to do so. It helps the reader develop the right mindset to embrace selling.
3. Claim Your Sweet Spot -
This chapter is designed to motivate the reader to feel proud of their offering and
work through exercises that will clarify their unique distinctiveness in their
industry. (5500)
4. The Sales Cycle Demystified -
This chapter will demystify the nature of the relationship between a buyer and
seller. It includes a model of how the sales process works. (4500)
5. Falter-Free -
Chapter five will discuss how to use the readers personal story to create an
emotional bond with their customer. It goes into detail about how to craft pitches
for each selling environment. (3000)
6. Intuitive Listening -
Chapter six reveals my super secret for success, that is how to develop and use
intuitive listening to build a bond with customers and close deals. (4500)
7. Nix Cold Calling -
This chapter reframes the whole idea of cold-calling. It provides the reader with a
winning formula for warming up cold calls that product results and are fun to do.
8. The Buyer’s Mind Revealed -
This chapter helps the reader stand in the buyers shoes and understand the
psychology of the decision making process. (4000)
9. Mastering Relevancy -
Chapter nine discusses in detail how to make the selling process all about the buyer
and how to speak to the buyer in their terms. (3800)
10. The Payoff Paradigm -
This chapter demonstrates to the reader exactly how to trip the “yes” switch in the
buyer’s mind. It shows the reader how to bring relevancy and the decision making
process together. (5000)
11. Be The Seller Buyer’s Want To Buy From -
Chapter eleven tells the reader exactly how to develop trust with a customer, build
relationships, and how to handle the tough stuff. (3000)
12. Normal and Natural Conversation Starters -
This chapter addresses people’s fear of selling and discloses that they don’t hate to
sell, they don’t know what to say. It gives guidance and tips on how to start sales
conversations confidently. (4000)
13. Social Selling Secrets Revealed - (can be book #2)
Chapter thirteen introduces the new art of public selling when using social media
and how to recognize a buy signal. (6500)
14. Person-to-Person Selling -
Chapter Fourteen guides the reader through the process of how to sell once the
conversation moves offline. (7500)
15. Objection Overruled! -
This chapter will discuss in detail the common five objections sellers hear and how
to handle them. It will also include an in-depth discussion of why “no” is never
about the money. (6500)
16. Five Fabulous Ways To Close -
Chapter sixteen will talk about why to close and how to close a deal. It will reveal
my five signature closing techniques and when to use them. (5000)
17. Making More Money Than You’ll Ever Need -
This chapter closes the book with an action plan template. It will include models
for developing a sales plan and lead funnel and how to use them to produce
consistent cash flow. (5500)

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