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Dyad Leadership in Healthcare: When One Plus One Is Greater Than Two

Dyad Leadership in Healthcare: When One Plus One Is Greater Than Two

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For a practical and insightful how-to on creating shared health care management, dive into Dyad Clinical Leadership . Offering expert guidance from a successful clinical dyad, this unique, forward-looking reference maps the way to enacting clinical co-leadership, while avoiding the pitfalls of power imbalances, communication gaps, and lack of management training.
Use the authors’ proven methods and everyday examples to create collaborative co-management among clinicians from a range of disciplines—while reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.
Topics include:
o History of healthcare management, leadership models and payment systems
o Integrating and maximizing the skills of clinical and nonclinical professionals
o Forming dyad-led teams and multiple partnerships: Choosing or being assigned a partner, challenges of shared leadership; essential skills; sharing power; learning dyad skills
o Handling internal team problems, dynamics and power shifts
o The next era of health care management – leadership in hospitals, units, and clinics
o “Dyads in Action” – Real-life stories in each chapter detailing examples of team-building and how different teams have dealt with dyad challenges
• Numerous dyad examples, such as CMIO and CNIO, CMO and CNO, Chief Quality Officer and CNO
• Detailed, real-world direction on creating integrated management teams - Individual roles, providing management training, choosing leaders with complementary skills, making data-driven decisions
• Discusses organizational change management models and how to enact change management, develop high-functioning, multidisciplinary teams led by dyad leaders, and use design development tools
• Theoretical management models presented within real-life co-leadership scenarios
• Excellent guide for clinical and nonclinical leaders alike, including nurses, physicians, and all those interested in the new healthcare leadership model

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ISBN-13: 9781451193343
Publisher: LWW
Publication date: 02/27/2015
Pages: 312
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About the Author

Kathleen Sanford DBA, RN, CENP, FACHE has worked extensively in health care for over forty years. Since retiring as chief nurse of the Washington Army National Guard, Ms. Sanford actively participates in Catholic health Initiatives (CHI), has served in leadership positions for numerous community and charitable organizations, and is a board member of several health care organizations. She is currently Editor-In-Chief of the journal Nursing Administration Quarterly.
Stephen L. Moore, MD has held the titles of Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) since 2009. His areas of expertise and executive responsibility span quality and safety, electronic health records (including HIE, clinical informatics, and analytics), telemedicine and telehealth business lines, physician leadership development, and clinical resource utilization. Prior to those roles he was a practicing family physician.

Table of Contents

Contributors vi

Foreword xii

Preface xiv

Acknowledgments xvi

Chapter 1 An Introduction to a New Leadership Model 1

The "Suits" and the "Coats" 3

A New Model for Leadership: the Dyad 7

Leadership and Management 12

Management ion Doing Things Right 14

Dyads in Action 17

Chapter 2 How Did We Get Here and What Do We Need to Get Out of Here? 49

Medical Staff Historical Development and the Impact of the Flexner Report 51

Nursing Staff Historical Development 52

Hospital Administration Development 54

Dyads and Management Theory 60

Dyads in Action 67

Chapter 3 Developing a Dyad 81

The Arranged Dyad versus the Selected Partner 82

Successful Dyads 84

Bringing Congruence to Goals of Different Members of the Organization 85

Balancing Group Resources and Capabilities with Environ mental Demands 86

Providing Group Structure that Will Focus Information upon Problem Solutions 87

Ensuring All Information Is Available to Decision Makers When Needed 88

Developing the Dyad Partnership 88

Communication: The First Relationship Reinforcer 89

Trust-Busting Communication Habits 96

Trust: The Second Relationship Reinforcer 102

Giving Credit Where It Is Due 103

Showing Loyalty 103

Holding Yourself and Each Other Accountable 104

Respect: The Third Relationship Reinforcer 104

Dyads in Action 106

Chapter 4 Power, Persuasion, Politics, and Perceptions 113

Authentic Leadership 114

The First P: Power 114

The Second P: Persuasion 117

The Third P: Politics 119

The Fourth P: Perceptions 120

Dyads in Action 123

Chapter 5 Culture Shock: Dyads as Both Harbingers and Architects of Cultural Change 133

Dyads and Gender 135

Learning From and About Each Other 139

Discussing the Undiscussables 144

Starting the Journey to Better Partnership 147

Other Cultural Differences for Dyad Partnerships to Consider 150

Generational Differences 153

Dyads in Action 155

Chapter 6 Dyads as Catalysts for Renewing the Strength of the Leadership Team 169

Civility and Workplace Fear 170

Implementing Evidence-Based Management 173

Leaders that Might Not Be a Good Fit for the Organization 175

Dyads in Action 178

Chapter 7 Learning Dyad Skills 199

Not Understanding the Job 200

Seeing Management as an Escape 201

Feeling Flattered or Coerced 202

Viewing Dyad Management as a Stepping Stone 203

Dyads in Action 209

Chapter 8 What Do You Believe? 231

Quality and Safety 232

Value for Patients 234

Patient and Family Satisfaction 236

Employee and Physician Engagement 238

Cultural Differences and Transformation 240

Dyads in Action 241

Chapter 9 Forming Dyad-Led Teams and Multiple Partnership 257

Teams and Culture 259

About Teams 260

Team Building for the Dyad's Work Group 265

The Emotional Culture of the Team 270

Teamwork 101 276

Shared Leadership 276

The Larger Teams 280

Matrix Management 282

Cutting Through the Complexity to Manage in the Matrix 283

For Matrix Relations Outside of the Dyad 284

Beyond Dyads 284

Dyads in Action 285

Chapter 10 What We Say Today May Not Be True Tomorrow 309

Resilience as a Skill for the Future 310

Change 317

Changing the Leadership Paradigm: Implementing Successful Dyads 321

From Change to Transformation 326

The Future for Dyads and Other Management Models 329

Dyads in Action 331

Index 343

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