Voices of Civil Rights

Voices of Civil Rights

DVD (Black & White)


From the fearless resolve of a single man to the remarkable voices of thousands marching, Voices of Civil Rights collection provides an edifying overview of one of 20th-century America's defining movements. The five programs, culled from History Channel and A&E archives and presented on two DVDs, include:
Voices of Civil Rights: This collection of personal narratives was created by a group of journalists, photographers, and videographers as they embarked on a bus trip around the country to create the largest archive of oral histories of the civil rights movement.
Mississippi State Secrets: An episode from the History Undercover series, this program goes inside the shadowy operations of the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, whose job was to spy on people connected to the civil rights movement.
Crossing the Bridge: In 1965, civil rights protestors crossed the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama, on a march to the capital in Montgomery. This Save Our History episode depicts the marchers and their eventual confrontation with Alabama state troopers, whose unprovoked brutality that shocked the nation.
Biography: Martin Luther King, Jr. - The Man and His Dream: This one-of-a-kind profile uses rare footage and photos to show how King adapted his ideas to the rapidly changing climate of the civil rights movement.
Biography: Thurgood Marshall - Justice for All: As a civil rights lawyer, he turned the Supreme Court into his personal battleground. Then, as a member of the Court, he presided over some of the most influential decisions in American history.

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Release Date: 01/31/2006
UPC: 0733961717167
Rating: NR
Source: A&E Home Video
Presentation: [B&W]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 4:03:00

Special Features

Interactive menus; Scene selection

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Voices of Civil Rights: Vol. 1
1. Introduction [1:45]
2. "There were two Americas..." [8:28]
3. "We took it to court..." [3:33]
4. School Integration [5:14]
5. Register to Vote [9:34]
6. Marches and Protests [14:41]
7. Conclusion and Credits [1:02]
1. Introduction [1:40]
3. Covert Operations and the War of Innuend [8:30]
2. Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission [5:59]
4. Victums of the Sovereignty Commission [6:00]
5. Medgar Evers [5:02]
6. Deaths of Activists [:00]
7. Conclusion and Credits [14:04]
1. Introduction [2:26]
2. President Johnson Moves into Action [6:11]
3. A Turning Point: February 15, 1965 [9:45]
4. Confrontation at the Pettus Bridge [8:32]
5. Marching Again [7:11]
6. Johnson Presents the Bill [8:14]
8. Conlcusion and Credits [:10]
7. Chapter 7 [2:03]
Disc #2 -- Voices of Civil Rights: Vol. 2
1. Introduction [13:16]
3. MLK and JFK [10:07]
2. Dexter Avenue Baptist Church [13:10]
4. "I Have a Dream" [8:37]
5. Selma and "Beyond Vietnam" [13:05]
6. Credits [:46]
1. Introduction [7:55]
3. Using the System to Affect Change [9:57]
2. Law School and Legal Influence [9:52]
4. Belief in a Cause [9:14]
5. Eloquent Dissents [6:26]
6. Credits [:40]

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