The Sinister Saga Of Making 'The Stunt Man'

The Sinister Saga Of Making 'The Stunt Man'

DVD (Dolby 5.1 / Mono)


When The Stunt Man was initially released in 1980, the film became an immediate critical success and garnered an equally faithful audience of movie lovers who enjoyed the numerous twists and turns that were abundant in its sometimes scathing, but always playful exposé of what goes on behind the bright lights of a Hollywood production. Audiences were also enamored of Peter O'Toole's Oscar-nominated performance as a brilliant, though possibly malevolent director who rules his movie set like the Dark Prince himself. But the road to critical and financial success was not an easy one to pave. As chronicled in this idiosyncratic (which is appropriate considering the film it's about), though always entertaining and informative documentary, The Sinister Saga of Making the Stunt Man was a strange experience indeed, and not always an enjoyable one. Directed, written, and hosted by Richard Rush himself, this documentary gives one a firsthand account of how troublesome the production of The Stunt Man really was. Though the cast and crew were elated to be a part of such a unique, artistically playful, and daring motion picture, the studio financing the whole thing didn't always share the same feelings. In fact, the film sat in the vaults for over a year as the distribution company tried to figure out how to market it. Rush, who obviously fancies the chance to document his many travails to get the film completed, nicely explores the various dramatic and philosophical themes in the film, as well as his persistence of vision that eventually won out and attracted such a cult following. Anchor Bay Entertainment's disc looks and sounds acceptable. The transfer appears to be from a video master and the sound is available only in mono. The disc is available with its feature-film counterpart or by itself. Either way, it's indispensable and should be of appeal to anyone even remotely interested in the struggles of getting a film made.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/20/2001
UPC: 0013131194098
Original Release: 2000
Rating: NR
Source: Starz / Anchor Bay
Sound: [Dolby Digital, monaural]
Time: 1:54:00

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 --
0. Chapter Selections
1. Program Start/Virtuoso [4:27]
2. Deleted Scene [12:08]
3. The Sinister Saga [6:21]
4. Facing Rejection [7:27]
5. The Location [4:52]
6. The Final Rewrite [3:18]
7. Casting Peter O'Toole [5:37]
8. Casting Steve Railsback [3:04]
9. Manipulation [9:29]
10. Casting Barbara Hershey [2:55]
11. Air Combat [3:31]
12. The Nature of Production [5:32]
13. God From a Machine [1:56]
14. Critical Focus [5:09]
15. Projection Room Showdown [2:38]
16. The Unveiling [4:53]
17. D.B. [3:18]
18. The Seattle Preview [3:08]
19. More Sneak Previews [1:53]
20. Seattle Test Run [2:11]
21. Trade Reviews [1:30]
22. Trade Ads [2:26]
23. The Campaign [1:45]
24. The Avco Theater [3:48]
25. Distribution [3:50]
26. The Score [4:10]
27. Awards and Nominations [1:53]
28. End Credits [:52]

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