The Fugitive

The Fugitive

Director: Andrew Davis Cast: Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Sela Ward

DVD (Wide Screen / Repackaged)

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This 1993 box-office smash partly adheres to the 1960s TV series on which it is based and partly goes off on several tangents of its own. Harrison Ford stars as Dr. Richard Kimble, convicted of murdering his wife. While being transferred to prison by bus, Kimble is involved in a spectacular bus-train collision (one of the best of its kind ever filmed). Surviving the disaster, Kimble escapes, vowing to track down the elusive professional criminal whom he holds responsible for the murder. Dogging the fugitive every foot of the way is U.S. marshal Sam Gerard (an Oscar-winning turn by Tommy Lee Jones), who announces his intention to search "every whorehouse, doghouse, and outhouse" to bring Kimble to justice. Unlike his dour TV-series counterpart Barry Morse, Jones plays the role with a sardonic sense of humor: when a cornered Kimble screams, "I didn't kill my wife," Gerard shrugs and famously replies, "I don't care." Once the premise has been established, scripters Jeb Stuart and David Twohy and director Andrew Davis pull off several audacious plot twists, ranging from Kimble's rendezvous with a sympathetic lab technician to a jaw-dropping dive into a huge waterfall. The second half of the film offers one surprise after another (including the true identity of the murderer), brilliantly avoiding the letdown that plagues many movie adaptations of old TV series.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/08/2009
UPC: 0883929084784
Original Release: 1993
Rating: PG-13
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Time: 2:10:00
Sales rank: 4,892

Special Features

Closed Caption; Behind-the-scenes documentaries; Derailed: Anatomy of a train wreck; On the Run with the Fugitive; Feature-length audio commentary by Tommy Lee Jones and director Andrew Davis; All-new introduction with the film's stars and creators; Theatrical trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Harrison Ford Dr. Richard Kimble
Tommy Lee Jones Deputy US Marshal Samuel Gerard
Sela Ward Helen Kimble
Joe Pantoliano Cosmo Renfro
Jeroen Krabbé Dr. Charles Nichols
Julianne Moore Dr. Anne Eastman
Andreas Katsulas Sykes "One Armed Man"
Daniel Roebuck Biggs
L. Scott Caldwell Poole
Tom Wood Newman
David Darlow Dr. Alec Lentz
Amanda Mackey-Johnson Actor
Cathy Sandrich Actor
Ron Dean Detective Kelly
Joseph Kosala Detective Rosetti
Miguel Nino 1st Chicago Cop
John Drummond Newscaster
Gene Barge 11th District Court
Thomas Charles Simmons 11 District Cop
Dick Cusack Walter Gutherie
Nick Kusenko Assistant Defense Attorney
Joe D. Lauck Forensic Technician
Joe Guastaferro Coroner
Andy Romano Judge Bennett
Richard Riehle Old Guard
Eddie Bo Smith Copeland
Frank Ray Perilli Jail Officer
Pancho Demmings Young Guard
Jim Wilkey Bus Driver
Danny Goldring Head Illinois State Trooper
Nick Searcy Sheriff Rawlins
Kevin Crowley State Trooper
Michael James Head Welder
Michael Skewes Highway Patrolman
Cody Glenn Paramedic
Cynthia Baker Woman in Car
Johnny Lee Davenport Marshal Henry
Mike Bacarella Marshal Stevens
Oksana Fedunyszyn Myoelectric Receptionist
Orlando Garcia Desmondo
Afram Bill Williams Salesman
Jane Lynch Doctor Kathy Wahlund
Alex P. Hernandez Trauma Doctor
Joel Robinson Boy Patient
Cheryl Lynn Bruce O.R. Doctor
Ann Whitney Myoelectric Director
David Pasquesi Newscaster
Brent Shaphren Doctor at Bar
B.J. Jones Doctor at Bar
Drucilla A. Carlson Gerard's Secretary
Margaret Moore Nichols' Assistant
Juan Ramirez Man on "El"
Allen Hamilton Host
Joe Guzaldo Prosecutor
John M. Watson Bones Roosevelt
Thom Vernon Carlson
Bill Cusack Tracing Technician

Technical Credits
Andrew Davis Director
Maher Ahmad Art Director
Roy Arbogast Special Effects
Keith Barish Executive Producer
Don Brochu Editor
Michael Chapman Cinematographer
David Finfer Editor
Rick T. Gentz Set Decoration/Design
David Giler Screenwriter
Dean Goodhill Editor
Ann Harris Set Decoration/Design
Walter Hill Screenwriter
Dov Hoenig Editor
James Newton Howard Score Composer
Roy Huggins Executive Producer
Robert Mark Kamen Screenwriter
Arnold Kopelson Producer
Peter Macgregor-Scott Co-producer
Nancy Mickelberry Set Decoration/Design
Donald O. Mitchell Sound/Sound Designer
Frank A. Montaño Sound/Sound Designer
David Newman Screenwriter
Richard Nord Editor
Aggie Guerard Rodgers Costumes/Costume Designer,Set Decoration/Design
Jeb Stuart Screenwriter
David N. Twohy Original Story,Screenwriter
Dennis Virkler Editor
Dennis Washington Production Designer
Charles J.H. Wood Art Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Fugitive
1. Murder Most Brutal [4:51]
2. "You Find This Man!" [4:49]
3. Trial and Sentencing [3:18]
4. The Bus to Menard [1:51]
5. Out of Control [1:45]
6. Train Coming [2:17]
7. "Just Don't Follow Me" [1:27]
8. Gerard Takes Charge [2:48]
9. Your Fugitive's Name [2:25]
10. Teamwork [:55]
11. "Every Time I Look..." [3:16]
12. Instant Diagnosis [1:39]
13. Overhead Pursuit [2:56]
14. Underground Pursuit [2:22]
15. "I Didn't Kill My Wife" [1:17]
16. Taking the Plunge [1:39]
17. River Search [2:37]
18. Bad Dreams; a New Look [3:15]
19. Raid on House [3:00]
20. "I Don't Bargain" [1:31]
21. Back in Chicago [3:20]
22. Meeting Nichols [2:33]
23. Cook County Hospital [3:19]
24. Background Checks [3:32]
25. House Under Siege [4:51]
26. Practicing Medicine [5:45]
27. Interest in Prosthetics [:19]
28. Visiting Clive Driscoll [1:52]
29. Face to Face [3:34]
30. Luck of the Irsh [2:37]
31. Breaking and Entering [2:48]
32. Big Piece of the Puzzle [5:04]
33. "It Was Me..." [5:39]
34. Over This Ground Before [1:32]
35. Someone with Access [3:53]
36. Marked Man on the El [3:30]
37. An Interrupted Speech [5:39]
38. Mayhem on the Roof [4:38]
39. Stalkers in the Laundry [3:44]
40. Time to Stop Running [4:13]
41. Their Secret [1:23]
42. End Credits [1:45]

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The Fugitive 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I grew up with Poncho Demmings...who had a brief role as a prison guard who was killed on the bus. I thought the movie would catapault his career...but I know it is tough for black actors. Does anyone know if he's done any movies since the Fugitive. He isn't a household name...but he just dropped out of sight.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought the fugitive was a very high packed action thiller that will keep you on the edge of your set. I especially enjoyed this movie because it has one of my favorite actors,Tommy Lee Jones. ''The Fugitive'' is a great name for this movie because it explains mostly what a fugitive is and what a person does to become a fugitive. I also think that this is an educational movie if you are involved with the law enforcement or it even can be related to science. Futhermore, ''The Fugitive'' is a very outstanding movie and is guaranteed to have you wondering in suspense.
Guest More than 1 year ago
the fugitive is about a docter named Dr Kimble. Who is charged for murdering his wife. one day he came home from work and heard sounds. so when he went upstairs he saw a man killing his wife. he tried to stop him, but he couldn't. in court he was charged guilty and whenm they were transfering him to jail, they had an accident and he got away. everyone started looking for him and as he was hiding he was collecting data to find out what happened and who set him up. As he was hiding he asked his partner Dr. Nickles for help and he said he would help him. then he was talking to his friends to keepon with his research. then he find the man that killed his wife. And he told Dr. Nickles. then the doctor started to worry and he found that fishing so he kept on investigating. at the end of the movie he came to the conclusion that dr. nickles set him up. he sent the guy to kill his wife and make it look as if it was him to get him out of the way. And so everytime he changed the variable so it would always come out to be the same and get fame and fortune.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is for anyone who loves to put pieces of the puzzel together with movies. This movie is about a intelligent doctor who comes home to find his wife murdered and has a brutal fist fight with the killer . While the killer escapes from his crime , guess who gets blamed for it. If you guessed the doctor your right. So now the doctor has to prove that he is innocent . Will he get punished for something he didn't do or get away a free man?
Guest More than 1 year ago
The movie ''The Fugitive'' is an action packed movie that has everything a movie goes is looking for, '' The Fugitive ties in suspense action, and even science, Richard Kimbel is charged with the murder of his wife. After a bus crash he escapes and becomes a criminal on the run. That is all I'm going to tell youbecause in going to leave the best part for you guys to see. I really like this movie because it kept me on the edge of my seat. I give this movie 5+ stars.
Guest More than 1 year ago
An action pack movie, with good roles played by Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford. Ford plays Dr. Richard Kimble, who is convicted of murdering his wife. Jones, plays US Marshall Sam Gerard, who is sent to find Kimble, once he eascapes after the bus transporting him crashes. Kimble is out to find prove that he didn't kill his wife. With Gerard close behind, can Dr. Kimble prove that he didn't do it?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Harrison Ford (Dr. Richard Kimble) gives an excellent performance as a man who takes advantage of an escape from incarceration to attempt to solve the crime of which he was accused and convicted. From the beginning, Dr. Kimble is asked to save the lives of his fellow inmates and guards during a bus/train collision. After escaping, he calls upon his attorney and fellow doctors for assistance. He is determined to find a one-armed man, who he deems was the true killer of his wife. The US Marshalls are hot on his trail through swamps, waterfalls, hospital corridors, and city streets. He continues to leave them clues about what he is discovering, hoping that they will believe that he is innocent. Along the way, he shows that the Hypocratic Oath is second nature, in saving a child, while masquerading as a janitor in a hospital. In looking for clues to prove his innocence, he uncovers a pharmaceutical industry conspiracy, the likes of which could spawn a movie of its own. The ethics of Devin/McGregor in getting their drug, Provasic approved by the FDA made a wonderful subplot. This movie must be watched several times, to uncover all the layers.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is about a famous surgeon whose name is Dr. Richard Kimble. Dr. Kimble has been incorrectly blamed and charged with his wife's brutal murder. The story takes a wild turn when Kimble is being transported to prison, where he will be held until his sentenced death. But on the way there another convict stabs a distracted guard. This causes a gigantic accident. Of course this was Dr. Kimble¿s opportunity to escape, and that he did. Kimble makes it his number one priority to find out exactly whom the killer o of his wife is because he knows that he didn¿t do it. The only problem to his plans is that he is being hunted by harsh U.S. marshal whose name is Sam Gerard (played by Tommy Lee Jones). The fugitive, as Kimble is to be known, is determined to set the facts straight and be aquitted of all charges. So he begins to change himself into a different person for every situation he finds himself in. This man will not stop until he finds the real killer!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The story starts out picture perfect. A very well known vascular surgeon, Dr. Richard Kimble, who is played by Harrison Ford, has everything going well for him. That is until he is falsely accused and convicted of his wife's murder. And the basis on which he is being convicted isn't even hardcore evidence. It's all circumstantial. So, while he is being taken to the prison he has been sentenced to, another convict stabs a preoccupied guard, which causes a huge car wreck. Kimble manages to escape and ultimately goes on a mission to find out who the real killer of his wife is. The only problem is that he is being hunted by a very persistent U.S. marshal (Tommy Lee Jones). Through various hidden identities, favors, and manipulations, Kimble will not stop, and refuses to be caught until he finds out what really happened that day. The excellent action scenes and real life scientific correlations makes this movie more realistic than you'd think it could be. This movie also has a sequel, U.S. MARSHALS, which is just as good.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Fugitive has been a smashing hit since its 1993 premiere. In this action-packed thriller Harrison Ford plays Dr. Richard Kimble who is convicted of murdering his wife. A bus train collision, occurring while being transferred to prison on bus, allows Kimble to escape when he survives the accident. Kimble escapes the crash with determination to find out who killed his wife. Tommy Lee Jones plays US Marshal Sam Gerard who is behind Kimble every step of the way to bring him to justice! One clue Richard has is that his wife's murderer only had one arm. He searches the Medical Community and finds clues connecting to some of his prior work. Before being charged and found guilty of his wife's murder Richard had been researching and experimenting a new ''wonder drug'' along with two co-workers and friends of his. He finds out one of his friends was trying to deceive the FDA with the new ''wonder drug'' and with that every clue he gets leads him closer to the killer. This movie is filled with action and humor. It is sure to keep you alert to every scene. You will watch it to the very end!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
As Harrison Ford movies go, this one is one of the best. He is in very good shape. He is prepared to run from the Law when they had done wrong and we vicariously root for him. Tommy Lee Jones is the sardonic and tough U.S. Marshal (a natural for the role and yet he was dorm mates with Al Gore).
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is about a doctor named Richard Kimble who gets locked up for something that he didn't do (kill his wife). But on the way to get executed trouble comes along the way, one of the inmates act's like he is having a sesure and when one of the officers come to see what's wrong with him he stabs him, so then gun fires start going off and the bus driver is shot, the bus flips over and lands right on a train track so Dr.Richard Kimble escapes and goes back to Chicago to prove that he didn't kill his wife. He does every thing in his power to prove that he didn't kill his wife. If you would like to know the rest of the movie go rent it!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Harrison Ford (Dr.Richard Kimble) starred in the movie ''The Fugitive''. He was falsely accused for killing his wife. Helen Kimble, play by Sela Ward. Although this movie is well known for its action, breath taking suspense and exciting chase scences, the subplot is also very intense. His problems started out when he was working on a medicine that was being tested. It was called ''Provasic'' and the pharmaceutical company needed the FDA permission to put the medicine out in the market. Three of the doctors were chosen to test the medicine. Because of fame and fortune, Dr.Nichols would change the tested patient's tissues to put in for a more healthy tisues sample without anybody noticing it. His next step was to destroyed the people that was in his way,that was Dr.Leatz who was killed by his plan and Dr.Kimble, who was going to die next. It was later on when Dr.Nichols sent people to killed Dr.Kimble but that night his wife was kill instead. This movie is fill with action, and deals with scientific problems. it will fill you with suspense.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Fugitive was a good, action movie. i like how it offer one surpise after another, it a was a thriller. It also catch my attention. I like the movie because it deals with science and the health field.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Harrison ford in his star stunning debuet.This action packed on edge thrill keeps you lerking for more.After the beggining you must see more. This movie is about a doctor thought gone bad.Framed for the mudder of his wife. In sequence he is charged tried and convicted. is invovled in a bus wreck then presumed dead, only to be found alive then is on the run for his life, he is also in a frenzy trying to find the man that killed hi wife. But he never forgets his pledge to save lives before thinking of yourself.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Fugitive is a good movie. It's about and man named Richard Kimble who is was sent to prison for the murdering of his wife. The action really starts when he escapes from prison and start looking for his wife's real killer. He has one clue about the killer, that is that he has one fake arm. When I first saw the Fugitive as a child I wasn't really interested but now that I'm older I can really understand the things in movie that I wasn't able to understand when Ii was a child. I would really reccomend this movie because its not only full of action but it also scientific.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Fugitive was directed by Andrew Davis. With The Fugitive, Davis proves to be one of the best action directors working today, fully displaying the ability to create tension, excitement, and electrifying action. Notably impressive is how he depicts Mrs. Kimble's murder, an event that could have been easily exploited, in brief and chilling black-and-white flashbacks. The screenplay by Jeb Stuart and David Twohy is one of the most intelligent and suspenseful action scripts in recent memory. But their real achievement is creating two strong, intelligent, and unforgettable characters: the emotionally wounded but unshakable Kimble and the well-meaning but obsessively determined Gerard.Those characters come to life under the able hands of Ford and Jones. Although given little dialogue to say, take one look at Ford's face at any given moment and you know Kimble's feelings, motivations, and thoughts. The motive in the story you dont find out at first but around the end of the money the excitement comes. You will find out why he got set up.The story builds up for ou can find out about the docter switchingsamples to the same ones so they can have good results.A film with style, wit, intelligence, and excitement, it is not just a great action film. It's a great film, period.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The fugitive is a classic action packed movie, cpmplete with many chase scenes. Dr.Richard Kimble (Harison Ford) is running from the law, but as he tries to solve the mystery of who killed his wife, he uncoveres something else. Someone has stolen Dr.Kimble's experimental discovery data sample.It's up to him to uncover the mystery. He went back to the hospital were he had made his experimentations and got his reasearch done to find out some clues that can lead to the thief. With the help of another doctor from the hospital they investigated the case on the ''Down Low''.They came to find out that one of the doctors that were with him have been doing him dirty and stole his reasearch and changed the samples so the project can look like his own.Dr. Kimble went to the convention where Dr. Nichols (the thief) was presenting the experimental facts.But Dr. kimbles didn't let that happen and stop him from continuing and performing his evil act.Richard Kimbles made Dr. Nicols look bad in front of the whole press.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The ''Fugitive'' is filled with high energy that will have you falling out of your seats. This movie, starring Harrison Ford and Tomy Lee Jones, is an action pack movie about a guy who is accussed of murdering his wife. While riding in a car, he manages to escape. All of the the marshals and policemen are out looking for him. It will be hard because he is in disguise. Turns out that another doctor is involved. Richard ( Harrison Ford) is trying to prove himslf innocent but is he really? His wife's murder doesn't want him in his way of approving a drug called Provasic. Richard is no ordinary fugitive and the marshal (Tommy Lee Jones) notice's that. He puts his own risk on the line to save others. Richard goes to look for his wife's murder in hospitals but ill he find him? Will he end up in prison again himself? Will his hipocratic oath jeoporidize his own life?
Guest More than 1 year ago
At first I thought that the movie was going to be really corney because of the title but, after I watched this movie I loved it, now I understand that when people say don't judge a book by it's cover, DON'T!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I rate this movie 5 stars because it was an intense, action-filled story dealing with DNA and related to the medical and scientific teachings of our biology class. Dr. Richard Kimble(played by Harrison Ford)was convited of murdering his wife, Wendy. After surviving and escaping from the correctional facility bus, he went on his on investigation to find the one-armed man that killed his wife. Based on tissue and blood samples, the case folds to reveal the real murderer.
49cav More than 1 year ago
Harrison Ford is great a Richard Kimbal. The action sceens with the train were great. Felt like you were on the bus with the actors. Great movie for all to watch.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed watching ''The Fugitive.'' One reason why I enjoyed watching it was because it was never a dull moment in the movie it was just moving like clock work. Another reason why I liked the movie was because it was mixed with mystery and action which is what really caught my attention. As you watch the movie it'll leave you in suspense as to what's going to happen next and who did what? ''The Fugitive'' make you think and never gives away the what happens until the end which is another reason why I love the movie. I would recommend to everyone to go see the movie because it is really exciting.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the best action packed movie of the year. It is filled with suspense drama and mystery. '' The Fugitive'' is one of the rare movies that shows detail to a very serious situation that not only happens in movies but can also occur in real life. Ricard Kimbal is charged with the murder of his wife. Now it's up to science to prove them wrong. Richard testifies that he is not guilty but all the evidence seems to point his way. He claims it is a one-armed man. But is he guilty or not guilty that is the question. He escapes after an accident and is now a fugitive. You decide if he's the murderer.