Step Up

Step Up

Director: Anne Fletcher Cast: Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Mario

DVD (Wide Screen)

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An aspiring ballerina from a wealthy family learns some lessons about both dancing and life from a roughneck with soul in this teen drama. Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in a rough section of Baltimore, and has been in and out of trouble with the law most of his life. Finding himself before the judge yet again, Tyler is sentenced to 200 hours of community service, and he ends up mopping floors at the Maryland School of the Arts. Tyler catches the eye of Nora (Jenna Dewan), a gifted ballet student who is trying to incorporate hip-hop moves into her classical routines. None of Nora's fellow students seem to be on the same page as her, but Tyler is a talented street dancer with strength, moves, and enthusiasm. Despite the misgivings of the school's administrators, Nora persuades Tyler to team up with her for a major class project. Tyler gains a new self-respect as he gives in to the discipline of the dance academy, but he wonders if this new opportunity means turning his back on who he really is. Matters become all the more complicated when Tyler and Nora realize they're falling in love. Step Up was the first directorial credit for choreographer Anne Fletcher, who designed dance routines for the films Bring It On, She's All That, and Boogie Nights.

Product Details

Release Date: 12/19/2006
UPC: 0786936718140
Original Release: 2006
Rating: PG-13
Source: Touchstone / Disney
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
Time: 1:43:00
Sales rank: 5,519

Special Features

Deleted scenes and bloopers; dance contest videos; "Making the Moves" featurette; Music videos:; Ciara featuring Chamillionaire - "Get Up"; Sean Paul featuring Keyshia Cole - "(When You Gonna) Give It up to Me"; Chris Brown - "Say Goodbye"; Samantha Jade - "Step Up"; Audio commentary with Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan and director/choreographer Anne Fletcher

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Channing Tatum Tyler Gage
Jenna Dewan Nora Clark
Mario Miles Darby
Drew Sidora Lucy Avila
Heavy D Omar
Damaine Radcliff Mac Carter
De'Shawn Washington Skinny Carter
Josh Henderson Brett Dolan
Deirdre Lovejoy Katherine Clark
Alyson Stoner Camile
Rachel Griffiths Doctor Gordon
Tim Lacatena Andrew
Jane Beard Lena Freeman
Richard Pelzman Bill Freeman
Carlyncia Peck Mac's Mother
Ryan Sands History Teacher
DeLeon Howell PJ
Dominique Boyd Omar Party Girl Yvette
Rana Poindexter Omar Party Girl 2
Angelica Huesca Omar Party Pretty Girl
Franjk Ferrera Security Guard
Frank Herzog Judge Milton
Adam Shankman Nightclub Dancer
Natalie Steinberg Little Girl Ballerina
Jamie Scott Colin
Isaiah Washington Malcolm
Jiehae Park Stagehand
Sheila Cutchlow Scout
John Leslie Wolfe Scout
Karim Fawzy Omar Partier
Tom Quinn Music Teacher
Shiloh Monaco Piano Player
Sophie Jeanne Girl Singer 1/Lucy Back-Up Singer 1
Robyn Norris Girl Singer 2/Lucy Back-Up Singer 2
Jeannie Ortega Girl Singer 3
Damien Escobar Violinist
Tourie Escobar Violinist
Jeremiah Griffin Lucy Back-Up Singer 3
Caitlin Kinney Ballerina
Kevin Eugene Green Basketball Player
Javes Wiggins Basketball Player
Steve E. Carter Basketball Player
Donald Rheubottom Court Room Sheriff
Donald Waugh Fruit Vendor
Michael Seresin Custodian
Larissa Rotnitskaya Accompanist
Simon Longmore Omar's Chop Shop Guy
Leigh Bender Finale Orchestra
Rachel Dickey Finale Orchestra
Brett Frankel Finale Orchestra
Mehran Hag Finale Orchestra
Rachel Halden Finale Orchestra
Erick Heckert Finale Orchestra
Caleb Jones Finale Orchestra
Veronica Keszthulyi Finale Orchestra
Chris Liu Finale Orchestra
Sean Nikel Finale Orchestra
Michael Uriarte Dancer
Wes Wise Finale Orchestra
Eli Worth Finale Orchestra
Oscar Campisi Ballet Dancer
Adrienne Canterna Ballet Dancer
Tara Ghassimieh Ballet Dancer
Nikkia Parish Ballet Dancer
Ryan Rankine Ballet Dancer
Casey Lee Ross Ballet Dancer
Emily Bicks Dance Class Dancer
Whitney Brown Dance Class Dancer
Ashley Canterna Dance Class Dancer
Sara Cato Dance Class Dancer
Caitlin Gold Dance Class Dancer
Shalyce Hemby Dance Class Dancer
Stephanie Jingle Dance Class Dancer
Sabrina Furr Nightclub Dancer
Rebecca Mejia Dance Class Dancer
Christina Jennings Omar Party Dancer
Joshua Schulteis Dance Class Dancer
Shawn Michelle Cosby Nightclub Dancer
Joseph Nontanovan Hip-Hop Dancer
Anthony Carr Nora's Finale Dancer
Laura Edwards Nora's Finale Dancer
Samantha Frampton Nora's Finale Dancer
Adam Gericke Nora's Finale Dancer
Antonio Hudnell Nora's Finale Dancer
Julie Nelson Nora's Finale Dancer
Samantha Zweben Nora's Finale Dancer
Mitch Cohn Colin/Lucy's Band
Jonathan Finlayfon Colin/Lucy's Band
Daniel Jones Colin/Lucy's Band
Corey King Colin/Lucy's Band
Jermaine Parrish Colin/Lucy's Band
Steven Rodriguez Colin/Lucy's Band
William Dontay Spence Colin/Lucy's Band
Clarence Ward Colin/Lucy's Band
Derek Brown Nightclub Dancer
Monica Warr Hip-Hop Dancer
Andrew Johnson Audition Dancer

Technical Credits
Anne Fletcher Director,Choreography
Duane Adler Original Story,Screenwriter
Laura Ballinger-Gardner Art Director
Joanna Colbert Casting
Buck Damon Musical Direction/Supervision
Carlyn Davis Casting
Erik Feig Producer
Shepherd Frankel Production Designer
Stephen Frankel Production Designer
David Garrett Executive Producer
Jennifer Gibgot Producer
Jennifer Gibot Producer
Bob Hayward Executive Producer
Alix Hester Costumes/Costume Designer
John Hockridge Asst. Director
Christina E. Kim Set Decoration/Design
Thomas Loizeaux Camera Operator
Andrew Matosich Associate Producer
Thomas McCaffrey Camera Operator
John McCormick Sound Mixer
Rosco McCoy Choreography
Richard Mento Casting
Meredith Milton Co-producer
Nancy Richardson Editor
Melissa Rosenberg Producer,Screenwriter
Ellen H. Schwartz Asst. Director
Michael Seresin Cinematographer
Adam Shankman Producer
Jamal Sims Choreography
John H. Starke Executive Producer
Mimi Tseng Associate Producer
Patrick Wachsberger Producer
Thomas Weston Camera Operator
Aaron Zigman Score Composer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Step Up
1. Opening Titles [8:59]
2. Maryland School of the Performing Arts [7:31]
3. Grace Period [7:20]
4. A New Dance Partner [6:50]
5. Rehearsals [8:03]
6. Quitting [7:18]
7. A Different Routine [9:07]
8. What Do You Want? [10:49]
9. Replaced [9:03]
10. Breaking the Rules [9:31]
11. Senior Showcase [12:29]
12. End Credits [4:11]

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Step Up 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 41 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie was great! I must admit, after having watched Center Stage countless times, it was difficult not to notice the lack of turn-out (in the scenes involving ballet dancers) and other such dance-related details, but at the end of the day, dance is supposed to be fun, and this movie certainly achieved that. (To paraphrase Tyler: "Y'all talk about dance as if it's rocket science or something.") The opening scene juxtaposing the street dancers and the ballet students was surprisingly enjoyable, and worth seeing again and again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought this film was decent. I will agree with some of the complaints I've seen about the acting in the movie. The script is filled with every cliché under the sun, and just when you thought that something unpredictable might happen, it doesn't. Right from the beginning, when a character's younger brother is introduced, I said to myself, "Please don't make him be the lesson learned". Let's just say that every teen romance and ghetto flick plot line is rehashed to the exact detail, without a whiff of originality. Channing Tatum performance was okay and not bad for someone who had worked for the Public Defender's Office specifically in juvenile court and plays his role as Tyler knowingly. In this movie he seems so insecure with himself until he hits the dance floor. At that moment he becomes the most confident person in the room because he has some serious skills. Nora (Jenna Darwin) just seems like your typical ballerina princess until she finally opens up about her life. The story is interesting enough to keep you in your seat until another dance scene. But, although the acting wasn't top notch I will say that the movie had an incredible moral lesson/theme if you will--about different 'worlds' coming together and how the view issues in life so differently. It also spends a lot of time on understanding differences in daily life and issues between both 'worlds.' In addition to this it teaches us about choices and accountability for our action. I also did enjoy the booming soundtrack. This may be the first film that would work better as a 90 minute music video, and save us from either uninspired dialogue, or mis-delivered dialogue. Sadly, even the dancing doesn't compare to previous dance films like "Center Stage", "You Got Served", and probably "Honey" but even that is stretching it. But at any rate, it’s one to see for yourself.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this movie is one of the best dance movies i have seen EVER! i love the music and dancing and "love" haha! this is one movie that i NEVER get sick of!! I love everything about this movie. this movie makes me happy its one of my Faves!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is absolutley amazing! It was probably my fave movie! This movie is so worth the money people! WATCH IT!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
i love this movie.... it teaches you how to live good, make good decisions, go for the gold, follow your dreams. I LOVE DANCING..... ESPECIALLY HIP-HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 33333
Guest More than 1 year ago
OMG! It's finally out on DVD! I saw this movie with my friend in August and I totally fell in love with it. The music was good, the dancing was good, and the leading male was hottttttt! If they make more movies like this, this world would be a better place. Buy this movie! You don't know what you're missing! They're are gorgus guys in this movie! That and alot of dancing and chemistry.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The best dance movie I've ever seen so far.SURPRISING, because I am not even familiar w/ this film until a friend told me to check it out because it is a dance film.I did.BREAK A LEG, as what I can say happened to me inside the theater.I don't have any expectations then yet when the film was about to start. When the film started, a soundtract was played.No signs of what the story would be like.But undeniable,just that soundtract itself,made me feel excited.Check out my review on their OST.The story was simple but made very clear to everyone.It did not focused on the dance alone, w/c is the good part of it, but it has a story that stressed how dancing could change lives.That dancing is not just for fun or gigs.It is something.CHEMISTRY, I watched this film because I am so into checking out how good or bad the dance moves would be,and lovestory was a bit away from my expectations. There may be, I thought but not that much.But I was delighted w/ the chemistry Jenna and Channing showed in this film. Channing was great.I love how he delivered his acting naturally .Like the one where Nora's mom(Jenna) saw her and Tyler(Channing) kissing. His reaction was so natural, like that would be the exact "on the spot" reaction of a guy once caught. Funny.No wonder why both of them ended up bein' together in real life. WHOA DANCE GROOVES,I haven't seen those dance steps from other movies yet. Aside from the fact that it is not so heavy-like steps where only professionals can do, but even non-prof can imitate.I even did one. The one from the party scene where Drew Sidora performed.That was the best part of the film, next is the parking lot scene.Cool.A nice twist was present in this film, too. The one where Skinny died. Too bad.Unexpected.And of course, what was the ending like? The finale dance presentation was the fruit of the characters efforts.Huh, impressive!!!Great!!! Like everything was so good.So much I loved the film, I watched it twice in a row.I give this film five stars!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
i love this movie! everyone i know is in love with channing tatum after seeing step up.the movie was aboslutely amazing.channing is drop dead gorgeous =]
Guest More than 1 year ago
Essentially, anything with Channing Tatum in it is amazing (abs!), but my friends and I loved it. The story line was amazing, and the characters are awesome. It also has its sad parts, so a Kleenex maybe necessary. But all the music makes me want to 'Step Up' and dance!
Guest More than 1 year ago
A girl needs a new dance parnter she ends up with a guy Tyler Her name is Nora Now Nora and Tyler are falling in love with eachother He helps her with dancing My cousin looks just like the guy in this movie Its an amazing movie The guy is so hot the girl is pretty
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have college age, high school age, middle school age, and elememtary age grandchildren and, I must say, that this is one movie that every age child enjoyed. They all sat with it and enjoyed it very much. I might add, that I, the grandmother, enjoyed it along with them.
goodgirl2 More than 1 year ago
wow Step Up is not bad at all its a cool dance movie two charcters that are parterners fall in love Channing Tatum is real cute pretty nice movie
Guest More than 1 year ago
The movie is great.It is like dirty dancing of our time.I like dancing soi find myself in movie.Also channing tatum is so hot and sexy.I could say:he make my day better and i was,and i am happy.
JeNnIfEr96 More than 1 year ago
i truely luv movies about dance cuz i take dance... they r sooooooo awesome!!!!! omg channing tatum is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hott!!! haha........ well watch the movie it is really great!
flowersophelia More than 1 year ago
Not an exceptional film in the grand skeem of things, but if you are looking for a light fluffy way to spend an hour and a half, it's perfect. The dancing is fantastic! The dance routines are amazing! The story is good, although it has been done before, and the acting is really pretty good. The soundtrack rocks! Channing Tatum really does something different in doing this movie, vs. the tough guy film parts he usually takes. Some of the supporting cast are the funniest and best parts of the film. Recommended for any one looking for a fun dance filled time with good music and great dancing. Fun times!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
this movie was great for everybody i loved the dancing it was amazing and plus channing tataum is GEORGOUS!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago