Roots - The Next Generations

Roots - The Next Generations

Director: Charles S. Dubin, John Erman, Lloyd Richards
Cast: Georg Stanford Brown

DVD (Wide Screen / Slip Sleeve)

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The phenomenal success of the 1977 ABC miniseries Roots all but demanded a sequel to writer Alex Haley's epic story of his African and African-American forebears. Debuting February 18, 1979, Roots: The Next Generations picked up where its predecessor left off, with Haley's slave ancestors winning their freedom in the aftermath of the Civil War. Even so, life for black Americans was wrought with hardship and oppression thanks to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, the staunch refusal of the white power structure to pass anti-lynching laws, and the formation of the dreaded Jim Crow laws which legalized racial segregation in the South (and much of the North). Covering the period from 1882 to the mid-1970s, the miniseries first focuses on blacksmith Tom Harvey (Georg Stanford Brown), great-grandson of Kunta Kinte (the protagonist of the original Roots), and his family. Meanwhile, reacting to the marriage of his son to a black woman, anal-retentive Southern colonel Warner (Henry Fonda) begins setting the legal wheels in motion to deny blacks like Tom the right to vote and to hold "white" jobs. A few decades later, Tom's son-in-law, Will (Marc Singer), encourages his fellow blacks to stand firm against the KKK's reign of terror. Will's labors on behalf of his race are rewarded when his daughter Bertha (Irene Cara) becomes the first descendant of Kunta Kinte to receive a college education. It is Bertha who weds the equally ambitious Simon Haley (Dorian Harewood), who goes on to serve in WWI and to organize farmers and sharecroppers during the Depression.

Simon's son Alex (played at various ages by Kristoff St. John, Damon Evans, and finally James Earl Jones) is just as determined to succeed in a white man's world as his father, and to that end becomes a professional writer after his own service stint in the Coast Guard during WWII. At the height of his professional success (largely due to his having ghost-written the autobiography of Muslim activist Malcolm X), Alex Haley pays a visit to his boyhood hometown -- where, almost by accident, he receives the first clue to his heritage, a clue that will lead him on an odyssey of self-discovery, arriving full circle at Kunta Kinte's birthplace in Africa. Although the miniseries' "money scene" was Haley's nervous interview with American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell (Marlon Brando in a superb cameo turn), the climactic episode, in which Haley tearfully embraces the living African descendants of Kunta Kinte, is one of the most unforgettable moments in the history of network television. Running 12 episodes and 14 hours, Roots: The Next Generations concluded on February 25, 1979, playing to huge ratings all along the way and ultimately garnering several Emmy nominations (and one win).

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Release Date: 10/09/2007
UPC: 0085391125358
Original Release: 1979
Rating: NR
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Time: 11:28:00
Sales rank: 19,207

Special Features

Behind-the-scenes documentary; Roots: The Next Generations - The Legacy Continues

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Georg Stanford Brown Tom Harvey
Olivia de Havilland Mrs. Warner
Henry Fonda Col. Frederick Warner
Paul Koslo Earl Crowther
Lynne Moody Irene Harvey
Mark Singer Andy Warner
Richard Thomas Jim Warner
Harry Morgan Bob Campbell
Roger E. Mosley Lee Garnet
Stan Shaw Will Palmer
Irene Cara Bertha Palmer
Ruby Dee Queen Haley
Dorian Harewood Simon Haley
Beah Richards Cynthia Palmer
Paul Winfield Dr. Horace Huguley
Debbie Allen Nan Branch Haley
Della Reese Mrs. Lydia Branch
Marlon Brando George Lincoln Rockwell
Al Freeman Malcolm X
James Earl Jones Alex Haley (adult)
Norman Fell Actor
Avon Long Chicken George
Greg Morris Beeman Jones
Fay Hauser Carrie Barden
Brian Mitchell John Dolan
Debbi Morgan Elizabeth Harvey
Kathleen Doyle Lucy Damson
Ja'net DuBois Sally Harvey
Slim Gaillard Sam Wesley
James Daly RMS Boyce
Ossie Davis Dad Jones
Kene Holliday Detroit
George Voskovec Mr. Goldstein
Hal Williams Aleck Hailey
Bever-Leigh Banfield Cynthia Harvey Palmer
E. Lamont Johnson Frank Warner (age 20)
Bernie Casey Bubba Haywood
Pam Grier Francey
Roosevelt Grier Big Slew Johnson
Gerald O'Loughlin Capt. Bowker
Percy Rodrigues Boyd Moffatt
John Rubinstein Lt. Ten Eyck
Diana Douglas Mrs. Andy Warner
Jason Wingreen Judge Quartermain
Maide Norman Sister Scrapp Scott
Bruce French Calloway
Robert Culp Lyle Pettijohn
Dina Merrill Mrs. Hickinger
Brock Peters Ab Decker
Lynn Hamilton Cousin Georgia
Logan Ramsey D.L. Lewis
Dennis Fimple Sheriff Duffy
Damon Evans Alex Haley (ages 17-25)
Andy Griffith Cmdr. Robert Munroe
Diahann Carroll Mrs. Zeona Hailey
Rafer Johnson Nelson
Carmen McRae Lila
John Hancock Scotty
Telma Hopkins Daisy
Milt [Lewis] Kogan Mel Klein
Barbara Barrie Dodie Brattle
James Broderick Dr. Lewis
Lee Chamberlin Odile Richards
Michael Constantine Dr. Vansina
Claudia McNeil Sister Will Ada
Linda Hopkins Singer
Bobby Short Pianist
Jane Rose Mrs. Bullfinch
Howard E. Rollins George Haley
Johnny Sekka Ebou
John Rubenstein Actor

Technical Credits
Georg Stanford Brown Director
Charles S. Dubin Director
John Erman Director
Lloyd Richards Director
Gerald Fried Score Composer
Sydney A. Glass Teleplay
Robert C. MacKichan Art Director
Stan Margulies Producer
John McGreevey Teleplay
Thad Mumford Teleplay
Robbe Roberts Editor
David Saxton Editor
Neil Travis Editor
John W. Wheeler Editor
Joseph Wilcots Cinematographer
Dan Wilcox Teleplay
David L. Wolper Executive Producer

Scene Index

Disc #1, Side A -- Roots: The Next Generations - Episode 1
1. Prologue and Credits [3:37]
2. Chicken Stories [4:48]
3. Kindred Spirits [6:34]
4. The Train Station [4:00]
5. First-Class or Jim Crow? [3:26]
6. Politics vs. Truth [3:07]
7. A Mama's Business [2:42]
8. Accepting a Ride [4:49]
9. Elizabeth's Suitor [6:47]
10. Follow Your Feelings [2:34]
11. Not Suitable for Ladies [2:44]
12. Too White [6:35]
13. Elizabeth's Vow [3:47]
14. Double Standard [3:35]
15. Jim's Declaration [2:51]
16. Family Friction [5:23]
17. God's Doing [4:35]
18. Chicken George's Accident [3:14]
19. The Matter of Carrie [2:43]
20. Jump, Jim Crow [3:54]
21. The Colonel's News [3:01]
22. "I Have No Brother" [2:11]
23. No Longer My Son [6:17]
24. "Goodbye, Daddy" [2:41]
25. Preview and End Credits [2:07]
Disc #1, Side B -- Roots: The Next Generations - Episode 2
1. Prologue and Credits [3:29]
2. Homecoming [4:13]
3. Doubts and Debts [5:24]
4. Where the Negro Belongs [3:06]
5. Will's New Job [5:35]
6. Asking Permission [5:08]
7. A Mother's Visit [4:50]
8. Efforts on Lee's Behalf [6:02]
9. Parental Politics [2:34]
10. Contracts to Honor [5:21]
11. Wedding Day Emergency [6:50]
12. Sealed With a Kiss [2:33]
13. Wounds Like the Old Days [2:36]
14. True Democratic Slate [3:53]
15. Colonel's New Platform [2:30]
16. Free Man's Resolve [3:39]
17. Barred From Voting [5:50]
18. Deserving What Happens [2:30]
19. Hunting Lee Down [3:08]
20. Ashes [3:33]
21. Business Before Color [2:08]
22. Different Ways to Fight [3:59]
23. Going Forward [4:34]
24. Preview and End Credits [1:59]
Disc #2, Side A -- Roots: The Next Generations - Episode 3
1. Recap and Credits [3:00]
2. Train Travelers [5:41]
3. A Great Deal Missed [2:47]
4. Bertha Makes a Date [5:13]
5. Picnic Oration [4:22]
6. Particular Dear Friends [3:44]
7. Clothes-Minded [3:43]
8. Changing Feelings [2:27]
9. Uncomfortable Country Boy [5:19]
10. Tuition Money [7:07]
11. Not Letting Go [4:19]
12. Klan Reborn [3:37]
13. George the Porter [3:21]
14. Not Into Temptation [4:48]
15. Ticket to a Reunion [6:51]
16. Mr. Boyce [4:24]
17. Over for Dad [4:56]
18. Nothing to Worry About [2:23]
19. On the March [3:20]
20. Ablaze [2:20]
21. Goldstein's Parting Gift [4:13]
22. Graduation Day [3:17]
23. For the Duration [5:23]
24. Preview and End Credits [2:11]
Disc #2, Side B -- Roots: The Next Generations - Episode 4
1. Recap and Credits [3:41]
2. Military Justice [5:22]
3. Advice to the College Boy [3:20]
4. Luke's Appeal [2:49]
5. Hard From the Word Go [4:38]
6. Wrong White Men [3:29]
7. Letting Go [3:36]
8. Doxie's Party [4:24]
9. Nothing Else Matters [3:46]
10. No Battlefield Support [4:29]
11. Barbed Wire [3:00]
12. Captain's Rebuke [2:06]
13. Ten Eyck's Confession [3:17]
14. Sad News [2:35]
15. Gassed; Hospital Toast [4:21]
16. Café Toast [4:25]
17. Gratitude and Grief [3:35]
18. Dragon's Teeth [5:14]
19. Knoxville Uprising [4:31]
20. One Life for Another [1:53]
21. Return Fighting [5:40]
22. Grand Wedding Guests [3:37]
23. Not His Anymore [5:39]
24. Supposin' to Excess [4:17]
25. Holding Alex Haley [3:05]
26. Preview and End Credits [2:02]
Disc #3, Side A -- Roots: The Next Generations - Episode 5
1. Recap and Credits [3:12]
2. In a Depression [5:03]
3. Redwood Time [2:45]
4. Job Offer [5:43]
5. Theirs for a Song [5:54]
6. Daughter's Grief [2:04]
7. Troublemaker [4:39]
8. Lyle Pettijohn [4:20]
9. No Better Off [4:04]
10. Spreading Ideas [4:56]
11. Subsidy News [2:16]
12. Two Kinds of Laws [3:41]
13. Make Your Mark [2:18]
14. Listening Good [2:27]
15. Acts of Malice [6:48]
16. Bertha's Malady [2:22]
17. Don't Send Me Away [4:10]
18. Proper Choice [3:31]
19. Something Important [3:25]
20. Ab's Fight [6:29]
21. We Won [3:17]
22. Bertha's Farewell [4:03]
23. The Family Goes On [6:09]
24. Preview and End Credits [2:23]
Disc #3, Side B -- Roots: The Next Generations - Episode 6
1. Recap and Credits [3:48]
2. Home From College [4:41]
3. Hard for Him [5:52]
4. Running Dreams [2:32]
5. The Coast Guard [4:50]
6. Scotty Rules [4:42]
7. Different Liberty Ideas [3:32]
8. Meeting Nan [3:11]
9. Graduating With Daisy [3:18]
10. Awful Fast Proposal [5:35]
11. Fool Marriage [3:22]
12. Man of Letters [4:46]
13. A Daughter [3:53]
14. Way With Words [3:46]
15. Too Much to Carry [6:14]
16. No Vacancies [6:40]
17. What Really Matters [5:12]
18. All Old Things [5:41]
19. One More Chance [3:04]
20. From Your Gut [4:21]
21. Preoccupied on Christmas Eve [4:16]
22. Christmas Alone [3:15]
23. Preview and End Credits [2:16]
Disc #4 -- Roots: The Next Generations - Episode 7
1. Recap and Credits [3:34]
2. Funeral Reunion [4:05]
3. Meeting Malcolm X [4:26]
4. Meeting Odile [5:31]
5. New Assignment [2:55]
6. Black Man's Voice [4:35]
7. Whose Approval? [5:22]
8. Rockwell Calling [1:34]
9. Rockwell Interview [8:56]
10. Important Book [5:00]
11. Malcolm's Foreboding [4:47]
12. February 21, 1965 [1:18]
13. Back on the Porch [3:32]
14. On His Family's Trail [3:16]
15. Property Records [5:27]
16. Oral Tradition Deciphered [6:34]
17. Obsessives Part [6:09]
18. To My Dad [4:35]
19. Gambia [2:43]
20. Kinte Clan Griot [5:52]
21. "I Found Him!" [3:40]
22. Two Kintes [3:33]
23. Alex Haley Coda [2:12]
24. End Credits [:52]

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Roots - The Next Generations 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
From an American historical prospective, this movie and its' predecessor were/are essential for our countries' maturation!
Guest More than 1 year ago
When Roots first air, I was in basic training in the military, so I didn't get to see it until years later. All I knew was what I had heard from others. Alot of folks was very angry. I finally saw the movies years later,and I must admit that I too was angry, I got passed that and started to watched it with a different outlook. I see it as history. I see just how far we as humans have come and far we have to go. Of course I have tried to trace my roots. I have Roots on VHS and DVD and I view it every year. I am looking forward to purchasing Roots the next generation as well as Roots the Gift on DVD. I hope my wait isn't too long.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I hope to get this on dvd. I thought every one saw this movie, then I remembered that my son was born after the fact. He is now 24 and we are just sitting down to enjoy ROOTS. Time sure does fly
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lets have this on DVD please.
Guest More than 1 year ago
We have just seen the historic important ''Roots'' on DVD.This sequel is an excellent follow up.''Next generation'' shows us the worth and the values of Kunta Kinte and his ancestors, together with Alex Haleys ''Queen'', the last part of the story.