Quantum Leap: Season 1

Quantum Leap: Season 1

Director: Alan J. Levi, David Hemmings, Mike Vejar
Cast: Scott Bakula



Dr. Sam Beckett leaps onto TV screens once again with Universal's Quantum Leap: Season One DVD box set. Three discs containing nine episodes are included, as well as a nice amount of extras for viewers to dig into. A 20-minute bonus featurette -- "A Kiss Wwith History: Remembering Quantum Leap" features Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, along with creator/executive producer extraordinaire Donald P. Bellisario reminiscing about the show, from the casting sessions through the network's first cancellation scare. As an extra added bonus, each episode comes with a Scott Bakula introduction, while the discs are filled with fun Easter eggs featuring more anecdotes from the cast. Given the rabid fan base -- "Leapers" for those who don't know -- this set is a solid way to start out the show's DVD releases, with the perfect amount of added features along with pristine presentations of each episode to keep the people wanting more.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/08/2004
UPC: 0025192305122
Rating: NR
Source: Universal Studios
Region Code: 1
Time: 7:08:00

Special Features

"A Kiss With History: Remembering Quantum Leap": Series stars Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, along with creator Don Bellisario, share stories about creating the series; this featurette goes behind-the-scenes of the series' first year and includes stories about Bakula's extensive and demanding training, Stockwell's wild wardrobe, and the fans' invaluable contribution to the show; "Quantum Knowledge": Scot Bakula shares a bit of trivia about each episode (guest stars, special effects, & training); Hidden messages from Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell to "Leapers"

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Quantum Leap: Season 1 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
With all of the current shows being released on DVD, it's about time that some of the older great shows like Quantum Leap and Barney Miller are appearing also. Now if we could only get some of the other great shows from the 1980's like St. Elsewhere and Hill Street Blues on DVD. These latter two are classics, and while each has been released in a small 'Best of' collection, you could only do them justice by releasing all of the episodes. If you are a 'SiFi' fan, or just enjoy great writing and acting, Quantum Leap is well worth the money. 5 Stars easy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've always loved watching the TV show, "Quantum Leap". Being able to watch, even though it is fiction, someone being able to experience a chance to leap into other people, and making the world a better place is great. And through the power of great, and talented writers, and cast this great, and amazing dream unfolds whenever I watch the, "Quantum Leap" DVDs. If only that could happen in the real world, life would be perfect. Scott Bakula, and Dean Stockwell, have given me may hours of viewing pleasure that only the best of Hollywood has to offer. I'd be in Heaven if there were ever to be a movie made of the show starring of course that talented duel, Scott Bakula, and, Dean Stockwell. Being able to have, and view at my leisure season one of, "Quantum Leap", has certanly made my year.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Quantum Leap is great! It has the greatest plotline about Scott Bakula who travels through out time changing history for the better. The greatest series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally one of the best sifi series is released on dvd. A wonderful show that unfortunately like the original Star Trek was greatly undervalued by NBC. Leap never really fit in with the preconcieved notions of what a sifi series should be for network tv. In it's run it prove to be a witty itelligent thought provking and literate show. A wonderful blend of drama, comedy sifi and adventure make this show truly a classic. Great memories for those who remember it's all too short of run, and a gem for those who are just comming to the show. I can't recomend it enough.
hotbutteredpopcorn More than 1 year ago
This series offers such a variety of entertainment. Mystery, adventure, even some vocal and theatrical stylings of Mr. Badukla. It is great to have a really heroic protagonist in a series. What a relief to watch each episode sans-commercial. The only word of warning is to limit exposure to too many episodes at one time....you'll hear that theme song in your dreams, (it should be a controlled substance!)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago