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Saddle up the couch for a western that the whole family will love as Texas Rangers go gunning for trigger-happy fugitives, greed causes good men to turn bad, and young cowboys strive to follow in their father's boot-steps. The year was 1935, and it all started when a reporter for Frontier Times Magazine came looking for a story in the small Texas town of Palo Pinto. Drawn into a conversation with two old timers playing dominoes in the local saloon, the reporter learns of the time when two Texas Rangers - a grizzled veteran and a fresh faced new recruit - captured the notorious bandit Smilin' Rob. Later, turncoat Texas Ranger Shane Stocksteal (C. Glynn Praesel) guns down the elder lawman and abandons the Rangers, instead focusing his attentions on becoming sheriff of Palo Pinto. Though he succeeds in his mission, Stocksteal has been hopelessly corrupted. He kills a miner who has struck gold on the outside of town, and when another Ranger comes to investigate Stocksdeal shoots him dead, too. Before the Ranger succumbs to his wounds, he manages to ride back to his ranch and hand the evidence needed to convict Stocksteal to his young daughter Kayla (Joanna Goode). When Kayla is kidnapped by Stocksteal and his thugs, the time comes for a brave young cowboy to finally end the murderous sheriff's reign of terror.

Product Details

Release Date: 01/20/2009
UPC: 0723952078223
Original Release: 2008
Rating: PG-13
Source: Monarch Video
Time: 1:45:00
Sales rank: 60,911

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Palo Pinto Gold
1. Open [2:40]
2. Thanks for the Help [6:18]
3. Back to the Farm [6:22]
4. Man Enough to Finish [5:09]
5. Mighty Tired [4:51]
6. The Right Thing to Do [3:57]
7. How's Your Daughter? [5:01]
8. There's Been a Murder [6:33]
9. Keep That Shotgun Loaded [4:16]
10. The Hard Way [6:27]
11. One More Time [2:46]
12. No Problem, Sir [4:58]
13. How's Your Daughter? [7:38]
14. There's Been a Murder [4:10]
15. Keep That Shotgun Loaded [6:03]
16. The Hard Way [8:51]
17. One More Time [8:01]
18. No Problem, Sir [3:40]

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