NOVA: Einstein's Big Idea

NOVA: Einstein's Big Idea

Director: Gary Johnstone Cast: John Lithgow, Aidan McArdle, Shirley Henderson



With dramatic historical reenactments featuring Aidan McArdle (Footprints in the Snow) in the central role as Albert Einstein and Shirley Henderson (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) as his wife, Mileva Maric, NOVA: Einstein's Big Idea climbs inside the most earth-shattering discovery of the 20th Century's most brilliant scientific innovator: that of the connection between matter and energy, encapsulated in his 1905 E=mc2 formula, an equation that ultimately yielded the atom bomb. The program also explores how Einstein's professional discovery rested on the foundational research of three of his contemporaries, all tragic figures - Lise Meitner, Antoine Lavoisier, and Michael Faraday - and how each individual's work, in turn, embodied one further step toward nuclear power.

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Release Date: 12/06/2005
UPC: 0783421388895
Original Release: 2005
Rating: NR
Source: Wgbh
Time: 1:52:00

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Closed Caption; Printable materials for educators; Access to the Nova website; Scene selection; Closed captions; Described video for the visually impaired

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- NOVA: Einstein's Big Idea
1. Introduction [3:32]
2. Bern, Switzerland 1905 [2:26]
3. E is for Energy - Michael Faraday [17:24]
4. M is for Mass - Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier [23:17]
5. C is for Celeritas - James Clerk Maxwell [8:11]
6. ² is for Squared - Emilie du Châtelet [12:49]
7. E=mc² - The Holy Grail of Physics [16:18]
8. Unlocking the Atom - Lise Meitner [20:51]
9. E=mc² - The Future [5:55]

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Vita7 More than 1 year ago
Albert Einstein is said to have wanted to know God's thoughts and so he immersed himself in the study of light. In a way he transformed Judaism into science. Of course, Jesus took Judaism beyond matter and energy into spirit, but no one has written an equation to describe that conversion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago