My World Dies Screaming

My World Dies Screaming

Director: Harold Daniels Cast: Barry Bernard, William Ching, Gerald Mohr

DVD (Black & White)


Terror in the Haunted House is so generic, both as a movie and as a title, that it's almost an exercise in futility to make a serious analysis of the film in question, and one laden with as awkward a gimmick as this one is just asking for trouble. As it happens, the acting is the one element of Terror in the Haunted House that is beyond reproach, and it will at least interest most people who buy this DVD. Terror in the Haunted House will mostly appeal to audiences intrigued by the gimmick of "Psychorama," flaunted in its opening and, no doubt, in any trailers and television ads. Psychorama was subliminal suggestion, planted through the frames depicting supposedly horrific faces that appear intermittently throughout the film. They look pretty silly here, and mostly seem to have succeeded in distracting the editor to the point where the basic work of filmmaking was compromised; there are actions shown from different angles that don't match, and that actually jump backward in sequence, which is distracting to the viewer and almost fatal to a film whose effectiveness is mood-driven, as this one is. The transfer is decent and the source is clean, apart from some frame damage and scratches in the last section of the final reel; also, having 12 chapters is reasonably generous on a 77-minute movie, even if one of them, misspelling a key character's family name, shows that the production staff wasn't really paying full attention when this disc was being put together. The visual effects are fairly cheesy, to say the least, and aren't hurt or helped by the presentation here. What does work is the audio, which pumps up Darrell L. Calker's music (which is filled with well-delineated string parts and beautiful horn embellishments) and presents it very cleanly and sharply; indeed, the score and the dialogue sound somewhat better than the movie looks, but for a list price of ten dollars, what's here is certainly more than tolerable. Note: Gerald Mohr, who starred in Terror in the Haunted House, and its director, Harold S. Daniels, made one more movie together in Psychorama, the crime thriller A Date With Death; they and producer William S. Edwards and co-star Cathy O'Donnell also worked together in My World Dies Screaming.

Product Details

Release Date: 08/14/2001
UPC: 0603497150120
Original Release: 1958
Rating: NR
Source: Rhino Theatrical
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [B&W]
Time: 1:17:00

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
0. Chapters
1. Opening Credits [1:21]
2. Place Of Horror [5:40]
3. Ready For The Trip [6:29]
4. Rented House [6:27]
5. "I've Been Here Before" [10:54]
6. Initials On A Tree [8:31]
7. In Love For Years [14:08]
8. A Bad Fall [6:06]
9. Our Only Chance Out [6:28]
10. Secret In Your Head [6:13]
11. "You're A Snail!" [2:59]
12. Where Do We Go Now [1:22]

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