Glen or Glenda?

Glen or Glenda?


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In his heart-felt cinematic debut, Edward D. Wood, Jr. himself stars under the pseudonym Daniel Davis as a young man with a dilemma: should he tell his lovely young fiancee (played by real-life girlfriend Dolores Fuller) about his burning desire to cross-dress? She has begun to notice articles of clothing missing from her closet; the suspense builds...what should he do? Bela Lugosi plays the omniscient narrator; note his conviction as he "pulls the strings." Amidst this unintentionally hilarious mish-mash of melodrama, social commentary and inexplicable stock footage, there is something for every taste: countless cross dressers, hallucinatory dream sequences, sex-change surgeries, spirited cat fights, borderline-pornographic simulated sex scenes, poetic monologues, a haunted house, and a stampede of wild buffalo. Released under various titles across the country -- I Lived Two Lives, I Changed My Sex -- this fiasco bombed across the board but managed to gain Wood enough notoriety in the "B"-movie world to launch a career that is today the stuff of legend. Hailed by most critics as the worst film of all time, Wood nearly matched his first effort with such atrocities as Bride of the Monster, Night of the Ghouls, the infamous Plan 9 from Outer Space, and, perhaps the world's first topless horror film, Orgy of the Dead. Although few may count Wood among the best American cinema has to offer, Glen or Glenda certainly places him among its most memorable.

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Release Date: 04/18/1995
UPC: 0081227220938
Original Release: 1953
Rating: NR
Source: Rhino

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Bela Lugosi Scientist
Daniel Davis [Edward D. Wood, Jr.] Glen/Glenda
Dolores Fuller Barbara
Lyle Talbot Police Inspector Warren
Tommy Haynes Alan/Ann
Timothy Farrell Dr. Alton
Conrad Brooks Actor
George G. Weiss Actor
Donald Woods Actor
Charles Crafts Johnny
Connie Brooks Banker

Technical Credits
Edward D. Wood Director,Screenwriter
Susan Olney Executive Producer
Barry Sandrew Executive Producer
Bud Schelling Editor
Harry Thomas Makeup
William C. Thompson Cinematographer
George G. Weiss Producer
Ben Winkler Sound/Sound Designer

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Glen or Glenda 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read somewhere that this film ''runs only an hour but it feels like three.'' Despite that indisputable fact, it's still highly entertaining. Two stories in one, it's about a man who secretly dresses like a woman and wants to tell his fiance. The other is about a serviceman who wants to become a woman via surgery. The dialogue is outrageously stilted and nonsensical, and some of the surreal dream sequence borders on S&M porn. But just that shot of Ed Wood Jr. passing by a woman's dress shop (shown over and over and over) with deep longing in his eyes is well worth the viewing investment.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's not my favorite Ed Wood movie--that would be PLAN NINE. But GLEN OR GLENDA is definitely worth seeing...a whole bunch of times. It's got Bela Lugosi as 'God', who also doubles as one of the movie's TWO narrators, and a higher percentage of stock footage than any other picture I can think of. It also pretty impressive acting performance by Ed Wood himself, who actually makes you believe he wants to wear women's clothing. Oh, that right! He really DID want to wear women's clothing, so maybe it's not THAT impressive after all. But still, the sight of Ed, all dolled up in a skirt, heels and an angora sweater is really an indelible movie moment you won't want to cheat yourself out of.
ReverendSteve More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a movie biopic of the charismatic enigma that was Edward D. Wood Jr, then look no further. This is Ed's life, thinly veiled as an exploitation film cashing in on sex change headlines. Ed wrestled with transvestism and with his own lifestyle growing up. When he had a chance to make a movie, any movie, he twisted and turned the plot to essentially be two sties - one being the sex change shmaltz he was obligated to discuss, and two being his own life story with him as Glen. He wrote, dirested and starred in it because it was HIS LIFE he was putting onto the screen. Tim Burton's film is entertaining and inspirational but for a TRUE, honest, heartfelt look at who Wood REALLY was, all you need is to look at Glen or Glenda and think of the savior of bad films and Woodites (Ed Wood-followers) everywhere, Mr. Edward D. Wood Jr!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago