Director: Robert Young Cast: Robert Lindsay, Michael Palin, Julie Walters



A timeless British satire about power, corruption, and madness set during the turbulent Thatcher years, G.B.H. earned nine BAFTA awards nominations in 1991, and features wonderful lead performances by Robert Lindsay and Michael Palin. The 7-episode miniseries follows an epic power struggle between an unassuming schoolteacher (Palin) and a corrupt, ambitious politician (Lindsay). It begins innocently enough: a politician calls a strike, the headmaster of a local school inadvertently sabotages it, and the men are soon caught in a power struggle. In his BAFTA-winning role, Lindsay is brilliant as the corrupt, egomaniacal Labour party leader Michael Murray. Palin is similarly superb as the principled, mild-mannered Jim Nelson. They are unlikely but inexorable foes, and as their conflict escalates, so do the risks. Nelson suffers from debilitating anxiety attacks. Murray hides a tormented past, and the arrival of a beautiful woman (Rome's Lindsay Duncan) further complicates matters. With a BAFTA-winning soundtrack by Elvis Costello and Richard Harvey, this richly woven, acclaimed production skewers its Thatcher-era setting. Veering from drama to farce, it’s a darkly humorous tale of good versus evil, the progress of madness, and the ultimate cost of revenge. The miniseries aired on the UK’s Channel 4 in 1991.

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Release Date: 02/23/2010
UPC: 0054961828999
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Acorn Media
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 9:48:00

Special Features

Episode 1:; Commentary by Robert Lindsay, Michael Palin, and Peter Ansorge; interview with writer Alan Bleasdale; biographyof Elvis Costello; and cast filmographies

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- GBH - Disc One
1. It Couldn't Happen Here: Murray's Turn [11:28]
2. It Couldn't Happen Here: Department Changes [9:12]
3. It Couldn't Happen Here: Headmasters [8:23]
4. It Couldn't Happen Here: Reckonings [10:59]
5. It Couldn't Happen Here: Taking the Fight [12:53]
6. It Couldn't Happen Here: Day of Action [9:54]
7. It Couldn't Happen Here: Hero for the Press [10:01]
8. It Couldn't Happen Here: Threats and Promises [10:48]
1. Only Here on a Message: Anxiety [12:28]
2. Only Here on a Message: Generosity and Grief [9:51]
3. Only Here on a Message: Second Opinions [8:50]
4. Only Here on a Message: Need to Know [7:55]
5. Only Here on a Message: Finding an Anchor [10:22]
6. Only Here on a Message: Education? [9:14]
7. Only Here on a Message: Weaknesses [11:56]
8. Only Here on a Message: Recollection [8:32]
Disc #2 -- GBH - Disc Two
1. Send a Message to Michael: People Watching [10:36]
2. Send a Message to Michael: Crossing Over [10:40]
3. Send a Message to Michael: Listening [8:05]
4. Send a Message to Michael: Histories [13:12]
5. Send a Message to Michael: A Joke and a Secret [8:06]
6. Send a Message to Michael: End of Term Gifts [9:36]
7. Send a Message to Michael: The Last Straw [16:04]
8. Send a Message to Michael: Finding Eileen [13:32]
1. Message Sent: Lost and Found [10:02]
2. Message Sent: Observing the Enemy [9:01]
3. Message Sent: Inside Weller's [12:21]
4. Message Sent: Barbara's Wish [8:33]
5. Message Sent: A Guilty Conscience [8:48]
6. Message Sent: Important Messages [11:10]
7. Message Sent: The Other Shoe Drops [12:07]
8. Message Sent: Itching for Action [8:56]
Disc #3 -- GBH - Disc Three
1. Message Received: Exposure [11:30]
2. Message Received: A Warrior? [7:27]
3. Message Received: Threatening Failure [11:23]
4. Message Received: The Holiday Kickoff [8:49]
5. Message Received: The Get-Together [13:02]
6. Message Received: Brutalities [8:25]
7. Message Received: Past Things [7:53]
8. Message Received: Calming the Crowds [12:12]
1. Message Understood: Location Change [9:07]
2. Message Understood: The Intruder [11:01]
3. Message Understood: Cid for Nelson [8:05]
4. Message Understood: Shameful Michael [14:31]
5. Message Understood: Powerful Information [7:53]
6. Message Understood: Raining and Ranting [6:45]
7. Message Understood: Trying to Leave [6:11]
8. Message Understood: Coming Clean [9:27]
Disc #4 -- GBH - Disc Four
1. A Message Policy [10:35]
2. Can't Do It Alone [8:16]
3. At the Labour Club [12:53]
4. A Total Riot [11:16]
5. Full Disclosure [7:29]
6. A Safe Place? [9:39]
7. What's Next [6:32]
8. Unbelievable [9:36]

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