Film Noir Classics Collection, Vol. 3

Film Noir Classics Collection, Vol. 3

Director: Anthony Mann, Fred Zinnemann, John Cromwell
Cast: Frank Miller



Warner Home Video's Film Noir Classic Collection, Vol. 3 cuts across two film libraries now owned by Warner, its five movies drawn from RKO, and, surprisingly, MGM, which was the least invested in film noir of any of the major studios -- though when they made a movie in this genre, they succeeded admirably. In this instance, the major MGM entry is Anthony Mann's Border Incident (1949), one of the darkest crime films of its era. Using the 1974 reissue edition, it has been transferred beautifully and is given the best presentation that the movie has ever had on the small screen; even the most darkly lit scenes present useful picture information in a fine full-screen (1.33:1) transfer, and the audio is clean and sharp as well, if not quite as loud as one might like it, but that's overcome easily enough. The one major feature, other than a trailer, is a commentary track by NYU professor Dana Polan, who is more verbose than useful, often explaining the obvious and just about as regularly digressing in dubious ways. (He also gets one important fact that he goes out of his way to cite, wrong: the comic strip Terry and the Pirates did not cease publication a couple of years before Border Incident was produced, as Polan states -- it was still being published in the 1960s.) Much better and more informative and entertaining is Vivian Sobchack's commentary track on John Farrow's His Kind of Woman; a wonderfully stylish if not too clearly plotted noir classic from the RKO library, it's fun to watch on its own terms, and Sobchack manages to join the fun on her commentary while still providing a ton of fascinating information. Also, the movie is complicated enough in its plot to justify the 34 chapters -- one only wishes that there were a trailer as well. Robert Montgomery's Lady in the Lake (1946) has one of the most unintentionally funny trailers you'll ever see, pushing a supposed innovation -- the subjective camera -- that, MGM assured the public, was as important as the introduction of sound. The gimmick really didn't work, though it was diverting at times, and the movie does bear a close look as a fascinating failure. Giving it a close look is easy here, in what has to be the best home-video transfer that it has ever received. Even more successful is the joint commentary by scholars Alain Silver and James Ursini, who have written more than their share of essays on Raymond Chandler and film noir. Their observations tend to be direct and factual, and deal with what we're seeing and hearing. They also a great job of framing the movie in historical terms; the best observation comes near the beginning, when it's explained how this movie runs counter to the documentary-style crime films that were just starting to manifest themselves at the time. John Cromwell's The Racket (1951) is a somewhat lesser part of Robert Mitchum's output at RKO, with some unusual attributes, but it gets a first-rate commentary track from film noir scholar/enthusiast Eddie Muller, who provides a fun, rambling, wide-ranging series of observations, as engaging in its style as any track of its kind ever done; he's having as much fun watching this movie as we are, and it's infectious listening to him work. The full-screen (1.33:1) transfer is fine, clean, and sharp throughout and with good sound to go along with it. Nicholas Ray's On Dangerous Ground (1951) comes complete with its original trailer and a commentary track by Glenn Erickson. He's a little stiff compared with some of the other scholars represented in this set, but that's in part owing to the pacing of the movie, which doesn't lend itself to a loose-limbed commentary; he does his best, which is considerable, to deal with what he must to tie together the movie's many facets. The movie looks great, the full-screen picture appropriately dark but filled with detail, and the audio has been given a fine account, bringing out the finer details of Bernard Herrmann's score. Erickson doesn't neglect Herrmann's music, either, which was an essential component of the movie's structure and content. The sixth disc is the most unusual, comprised of the documentary "Film Noir: Bringing Darkness to Light," hosted by author James Ellroy and featuring observations by directors Sydney Pollack, Paul Schrader, Christopher Nelson, and Frank Miller, among others. This is as good an account of the movie genre as has been committed to film (as opposed to the printed page), delving into the ins-and-outs of the field and its development and later decline, the cinematographers, editors, and composers, as well as the directors who made their names in the field, and the literary roots of the genre as well. The selection of clips is also extremely generous, and the 68-minute film would make the disc worth about 30 dollars by itself, but the makers have also loaded this disc up with a quintet of entries from MGM's short series "Crime Does Not Pay," which are not only superb vest-pocket crime thrillers but contain the early work of directors such as Joseph Newman, Roy Rowland, Fred Zinnemann, and Joseph Losey. Each of the six titles comes packaged in a slim individual slipcase, and each one is adorned with distinctive cover art. Each disc also opens automatically to a cleverly designed and easy-to-use two-layer menu that offers simple access to all of the special features on the disc.

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Release Date: 07/18/2006
UPC: 0012569761247
Rating: NR
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Time: 9:17:00

Special Features

Closed Caption

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Frank Miller Interviewee
Addison Richards Frank J. Maxwell
Byron Shores Actor
Christopher Nolan Interviewee
Ida Lupino Mary Malden
Marsha Hunt Actor
Ricardo Montalban Pablo Rodriguez
Robert Mitchum Dan Milner,Capt. Thomas McQuigg
Robert Montgomery Philip Marlowe
Audrey Totter Adrienne Fromsett
George Murphy Jack Bearnes
Jane Russell Lenore Brent
Paul Everton Actor
Robert Ryan Jim Wilson,Nick Scanlon
Wolfgang Zilzer Otto Kestler
Howard Da Silva Owen Parkson
Hugh Beaumont Clements,Pete
Lizabeth Scott Irene Hayes
Lloyd Nolan Lieutenant Degarmot
Matt McHugh Albert Perkins
Vincent Price Mark Cardigan
Ward Bond Walter Brent
Charles Kemper Bill Daly
George Lessey Actor
James Mitchell Juan Garcia
Tim Holt Bill Lusk
Tom Tully Capt. Kane
Anthony Ross Pete Santos
Arnold Moss Zopilote
Charles McGraw Thompson
George Cleveland Actor
John Hamilton Frank Carter
Leon Ames Derace Kingsby
William Talman Johnson
Ray Collins Welch

Technical Credits
Anthony Mann Director
Fred Zinnemann Director
John Cromwell Director
John Farrow Director
Joseph Losey Director
Joseph Newman Director
Nicholas Ray Director
Robert Montgomery Director
Roy Rowland Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Film Noir Classics Collection, Vol. 3: Border Incident
1. Credits [1:04]
2. Border Murders [4:48]
3. Covering the Circle [3:37]
4. Crossing Outside the Law [4:50]
5. In His Hands [4:16]
6. Follow the Gringo [2:39]
7. Police and Snakes [4:42]
8. Death in Transit [2:05]
9. Higher Demands [5:42]
10. Clay Pigeon [2:29]
11. Torturing Jack [6:29]
12. Parkson's Visitors [4:12]
13. Dealer's Choice [1:05]
14. Man in the Tower [5:37]
15. Talking to Himself [3:10]
16. Pickup of a Pickup [5:16]
17. Saving His Neck [4:25]
18. Kansas City Tip [2:27]
19. In Death's Path [3:12]
20. Calling the Cops [5:46]
21. Amboy's Upper Hand [3:00]
22. Canyon of Death [4:29]
23. Fighting Back [3:05]
24. Quicksand Rescue [4:06]
25. Coda and Cast List [1:30]
Disc #2 -- Film Noir Classics Collection, Vol. 3: His Kind of Woman
1. Credits [1:14]
2. Three Locales [4:40]
3. Milner's Mess [3:28]
4. Destination Mexico [4:06]
5. Five Little Miles From San Berdoo [3:00]
6. Fellow Passengers [3:35]
7. Morro's Lodge [4:37]
8. Trying to Be Sociable [3:40]
9. Cardigan and Other Players [4:15]
10. How Ignorant Are They? [4:24]
11. Pair of Gamblers [2:55]
12. Mixed Reviews [3:02]
13. You'll Know [3:21]
14. Bringer of Luck [4:10]
15. Ironing Things Out [3:41]
16. Fools Try the Impossible [1:31]
17. Meeting the Mrs. [2:49]
18. Beautiful Dinner Ruined [3:28]
19. The Patsy [4:37]
20. Out of His Precinct [5:10]
21. Body on the Beach [2:43]
22. No Time for Histrionics [4:48]
23. Hunting Ground [4:07]
24. Aboard Ship [3:26]
25. Gone to Heaven [2:48]
26. Learning the Hard Way [3:48]
27. The Drop on Thompson [3:30]
28. Man's Work [4:52]
29. Abandon Ship [3:23]
30. The Sea Ham [4:28]
31. Lights Out [2:16]
32. Boat Battle [3:36]
33. Bullet for a Bad Man [2:13]
34. Handy Thing to Have [2:04]
Disc #3 -- Film Noir Classics Collection, Vol. 3: "Lady in the Lake"
1. Yuletide Credits [1:38]
2. Through My Eyes [2:18]
3. Marlowe's Price [7:39]
4. Don't Try to Be Cute [4:15]
5. Knockout Punch [3:10]
6. Certain Kinds of Cops [4:28]
7. Lady in the Lake [4:16]
8. Everything or Nothing [4:14]
9. Lady at Lawery's House [4:33]
10. Shower Surprise [2:44]
11. Death of the Party [9:48]
12. Hard-Hitting Truth [4:48]
13. Christmas Eve Reprieve [7:19]
14. Dugan's Tip [3:06]
15. Marlowe's "Accident." [4:13]
16. Handy Bystander [3:59]
17. Reaching for the Phone [3:26]
18. Her Christmas Wish [7:01]
19. Only Way Out [8:16]
20. Mystery Woman With a Gun [5:18]
21. Lethal Lovers [5:12]
22. Scarily Wonderful [:37]
Disc #4 -- Film Noir Classics Collection, Vol. 3: On Dangerous Ground
1. Credits [1:17]
2. Roll Call [3:41]
3. Search for Suspects [4:31]
4. What's With Jim? [3:21]
5. Real Cute Encounter [4:26]
6. Making Bernie Talk [3:31]
7. Brawley's Warning [3:49]
8. You Must Like It [2:12]
9. Gangster With a Badge [2:03]
10. Out-of-Town Case [3:17]
11. Suspect's Trail [3:41]
12. Off the Road [2:56]
13. Woman of the House [4:46]
14. Blind Truth [3:31]
15. Lonely to the Touch [4:52]
16. Confession [4:30]
17. Hiding Place [4:05]
18. Cornering Danny [3:28]
19. Death of a Kid [4:30]
20. Sister's Prayer [3:59]
21. Mary's Eyes [5:40]
22. Reaching Out [3:22]
Disc #5 -- Film Noir Classics Collection, Vol. 3: The Racket
1. Credits [1:05]
2. Crime Commission [2:52]
3. Nick Knows [5:10]
4. Higgins' Accident [5:05]
5. McQuigg's Reputation [3:11]
6. Nice Work, Johnson [5:49]
7. Getting Personal [6:09]
8. Danger on Their Doorstep [1:55]
9. Rooftop Ruckus [4:27]
10. Pressure Above and Below [3:40]
11. Collar at the Club [4:45]
12. When I Say It, Do It [3:08]
13. Prominent Names [3:58]
14. Nick's Business [3:55]
15. Holding Onto Irene [2:36]
16. Johnson's Visitors [4:06]
17. Plan of Attack [2:43]
18. Station Shooting [5:47]
19. Killed on Duty [3:16]
20. The One I Want [2:51]
21. Unafraid Witnesses [4:06]
22. The Old Man's Orders [3:38]
23. Silencing Nick [1:51]
24. Justice Machine [2:27]
Disc #6 -- Film Noir Classics Collection, Vol. 3: Film Noir: Bringing Darkness to Light
1. Introduction [2:26]
2. Into the Darkness [2:19]
3. What It Is. What It Ain't [3:57]
4. Birth of a Bad Dream [7:34]
5. Life's Cheap. Then You Die [6:05]
6. The Guy Pulling the Strings [2:57]
7. Masters of Darkness and Light [8:30]
8. Cut to Black [4:00]
9. Lullaby for the Damned [6:10]
10. Method Behind the Madness [8:44]
11. Caught in a Web [8:03]
12. Can't Cheat Fate [2:07]
13. Final Fade Out [4:35]
1. Women in Hiding [21:46]
2. You, the People [21:18]
3. Forbidden Passage [20:41]
4. A Gun in His Hand [18:57]
5. The Luckiest Guy in the World [21:07]

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