Christopher Reeve: Hope in Motion

Christopher Reeve: Hope in Motion

Director: Ian A. Hunt, Matthew Reeve, Stuart Watts
Cast: Christopher Reeve

DVD (Wide Screen)


The afternoon of May 27, 1995 marked a deeply tragic turning point for the late Christopher Reeve. On this fateful day, Reeve's globally-publicized equestrian accident left him completely paralyzed from the neck down, a quadriplegic who required extensive breathing assistance. Yet ironically, only during this darkest of all hours did Reeve's capacity for strength fully flower - as a crusading advocate for stem-cell research, the founder of the UCI Reeve-Irvine Research Center for spinal cord injuries, and, astonishingly, one who found ingenious ways to continue his work as a director, producer and occasional actor, in his ten remaining years alive. For much of the world, Reeve began to personify unbridled possibility whenever and wherever determination is present. Reeve's son by Gae Exton, Matthew Reeve, originally conceived a series of three documentaries observing his father's journey back to full recovery; though Chris's death in late 2005 made this an impossibility, Matthew shot and edited a great deal of the footage into two halves, one entitled 'Hope in Motion' and a second entitled 'Choosing Hope.' The home video release Christopher Reeve: Hope in Motion incorporates both; the footage, of course, begins with Reeve's terrifying accident and subsequently witnesses his tireless crusade for stem-cell research, his stunning ability to regain partial control over his muscular movements and his first steps back into the realm of film and television - all in spite of the debilitations that stood in his way. The program features extended interviews with Reeve, Brooke Ellison, Jesse Billauer and Jim McLaren and also works in a bonus featurette about the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/06/2007
UPC: 0829567041727
Original Release: 2007
Rating: NR
Source: Virgil Films
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Time: 1:42:00

Special Features

Interviews with: Christopher Reeve Brooke Ellison - Harvard graduate class of 2000, author of The Brooke Ellison Story, developed for TV moie directed by Christopher Reeve, New York State Senate candidate 2006, quadriplegic since age 11; Jim MacLaren - Motivational speaker, winner of the 2005 Arthur Ashe Courage Award, amputee and quadriplegic; Jesse Billauer - motivational speaker and founder of, top rated surfer, quadriplegic; Featurette about the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Christopher Reeve: Hope In Motion
1. 6th Anniversary [7:48]
2. Keeping the Body Fit [9:16]
3. Stemcells: A Promising Approach [12:38]
4. A Crushing Blow [7:53]
5. Keeping Spirits Up [12:55]
1. Unwavering Will [11:45]
2. Pioneering Operation [11:39]
3. The Paralysis Act of 2003 [14:35]
4. Failing Health [7:31]
5. Improving Health [5:02]
6. Tomorrow [2:11]
1. On This Date How Do You Feel About Life & Your Injury? [3:01]
2. What Has Been the Most Difficult Thing to Cope With Since Your Injury? [1:44]
3. What Do You Miss Most in Everyday Life? [:50]
4. What Is Your Current Medical Condition? [5:09]
5. What Needs to Be Done For You To Walk Again? [2:54]
6. How Much Independence Do You Have & How Much Do You Depend on Others? [3:05]
7. How Do You Stay Motivated? [6:53]
8. How Has Your Accident Impacted Your Family? [7:38]
9. How Is Your Relationship With Your Wife? [3:18]
10. How Do You Feel About the Critiscism Against You? [2:42]
11. Have You Noticed a Difference in the Way People Treat You Since Your Injury? [1:53]
1. What Were Some of the Emotional Challenges You Had to Deal With Immediately Following the Accident? [1:08]
2. Did You Suffer Anger or Denial? [1:31]
3. Do the Doctors Have Any Hope for Your Condition? [1:04]
4. What Is Your Daily Routine? [1:36]
5. How Do You Handle the Logistics of Getting Around? [2:23]
6. How Have You Been Able to Maintain Hope? [:44]
7. Did the Accident Bring Your Family Closer Together? [2:22]
8. What Advice Would You Give to Your Caregiver? [1:30]
9. What Were Some of the Emotional Challenges You Had to Deal With in the Years Since the Accident? [1:36]
10. Are There Any Little Things That Drive You Crazy? [1:06]
11. What Is Your Social Life Like? [1:32]
12. What Advice Would You Give Others With Spinal Cord Injuries? [2:06]
13. Have You Found Any Organizations That Are Helpful? [2:20]

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